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Happy 4th of July Wishes Expressing Freedom and Patriotism

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Happy 4th of July Wishes Expressing Freedom and Patriotism

To celebrate the 4th of July, we partake in various festivities that can include fireworks, parades, and BBQ feasts. But 4th of July is much more than that.

On this day, we remember the fight it took for our country to reach independence and it is important to acknowledge and respectful. Therefore, we’ve assembled a list of quotes and wishes for a truly happy 4th of July.


Happy 4th of July wishes about patriotism


01Happy 4th of July! May we remember always that our country is known as the land of the free, where every single person has an opportunity to strive and succeed. Hope you have a monumental Independence Day!


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02Today we celebrate freedom and express our gratitude for the liberties we hold so dear. Happy 4th of July and may you cherish your freedom forevermore!


03Happy 4th of July to you and your family. Our Independence Day is a true gift from God, and we ought to cherish it every day, not just today! Bless you!


Photo by Josh Willink under Pexels License


04Happy birthday to America and Happy 4th of July! More than ever, we celebrate independence, resilience and the bravery of those who fought for every woman, man, and child that was to come after them.


05We wish you a happy 4th of July. It is a day to remember not only the vast power freedom gives to each man, but also the responsibility and the awareness of how precious this gift is. Happy Independence Day to you and your family.


06With love in our hearts and courage in our minds, we gather today to celebrate the Independence Day of beloved America. May she live to see many more days.


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07Today we must reflect on all that makes this country such a monument to freedom. With our fight comes great responsibility, a responsibility to keep this dream of our forefathers alive for many centuries. Happy Independence Day!


08Celebrate our Independence Day with gratitude and responsibility. Remember the effort needed to achieve our independence and enjoy the fireworks. May this day bring joy to you and your family.


09Enjoy this day and reflect upon the gifts America bestows upon us. We’re a land of opportunity because we never stop fighting for our God-given rights. Every day is a fight, but let this day be a celebration. Happy 4th of July!


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10Remember that this day allows us to pursue our dreams and model our lives the way we want them. Without the Declaration of Independence, there is no freedom. Let us celebrate the founding fathers and the 13 colonies that started it all.


Happy 4th of July wishes about motivation, opportunity, and freedom


11Every great American became great because they had the opportunity to do so. Today we celebrate this gift! May you and your family have a blessed day.


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12Cherish the opportunity you have. Think of how important freedom is and don’t forget to love one another!


13The American Dream exists because of our freedom that rests on the shoulders of men and women who gave their lives for the independence of our country. Happy Independence Day!


14Remember those who have fallen, encourage those who are yet to rise and appreciate those who serve! Countless men and women have given their lives to preserve the freedom and let our Star-Spangled Banner fly ever high. Use this day to celebrate their sacrifices and as motivation to make our country even prouder. God Bless you and may you enjoy today’s festivities.


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15May you have a blessed day, and may your lives be rewarding because of the opportunities America gives us. America doesn’t discriminate against those poor and unfortunate. Instead, it gives us all an equal chance to distinguish ourselves through hard work, determination, and education. Happy Independence Day and have a blessed year.


16Let no man dispute the greatness of America. Here, every man can succeed with hard work and determination. Happy 4th of July!


17Today, let’s remind everyone of how important freedom is. By cherishing it, we will only make its foundation even stronger than ever before.


Photo by Spencer Imbrock under Unsplash License


18Freedom rests upon our shoulders. It’s a small weight to bear for each of us, but a great gift from God to our people. Bless you and your family!


19Let’s take today as an opportunity to celebrate the opportunities our great forefathers gave us. Happy Independence Day and God Bless You!


20Never forget that our opportunities in America are infinite. Happy Independence Day and may you forge your own destiny!


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Happy 4th of July address for sacrifice and duty


21Use this day to celebrate this blessed duty we have, the duty of preserving freedom and making sure its flame never dies.


22Celebrate our independence and remember the sacrifice each and every one of our Founding Fathers gave to the dream of liberty. May you live a blessed life, and may you be ever proud of The Star-Spangled Banner.


Photo by May under Unsplash License


23Happy Independence Day! May you carry your holy duty with pride, and may you never stop fighting for freedom.


24Remember the sacrifice everyone gave so that America can be free and that our flag can fly high. Happy Independence Day to you and your family! Cherish this holiday and make it a memorable one.


25All of us have a duty to uphold the right and liberty to freedom and maintain it on a daily basis. Today, we celebrate the duty we all have!


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26By chasing our dreams and forging our own destiny, we do our duty of maintaining a free and proud America. Happy Independence Day and never forget where you come from!


27Our sacrifice may not be monumental, but the results of our collective loyalty are. Today we celebrate this cause! Happy 4th of July!


28Your family and your children are living proof of the hard work we invested in making America as amazing and free as it is.


Photo by Jonathan Daniels under Unsplash License


29Celebrate this Independence Day by remembering the sacrifices that led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and our growth into this magnificent country. God bless you and everyone in your life!


30Remember every life that our countrymen gave. Remember every veteran and every person who contributed to defending our freedom and fighting for it. The spirit of America is alive in every man, woman, and child who are proud to live under the flag of this great country. This day is a celebration, and may you enjoy our glorious freedom with those dearest to you.


Use these 4th of July quotes to make this glorious day even better for those around you. Spread national pride and remind everyone to be proud of the Star-Spangled Banner with the wonderful 4th of July quotes and wishes. Have a safe and blessed day, enjoy the time with your loved ones! Happy 4th of July!


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