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How to Write a Consumer Complaint Letter for a Bad Product

How to Write a Consumer Complaint Letter for a Bad Product

It sucks to spend your money on something that eventually turns out to be a bad product. Expressing your displeasure without being malicious can be difficult. However, you don’t need to worry because we’ll give you a complaint letter example for bad product to use.

Each example of a complaint letter for a bad product will state the issue with the bad product in a respectful manner. It will likely get you noticed and dealt with swiftly.

There’s a bad product complaint letter example for defective products, faulty products, and poor-quality food. These examples can be used by anyone:


Key points to bear in mind before writing a complaint letter for a bad product:

When writing a complaint letter for a bad product, some things must be included for it to be effective. Before you take a look at a complaint letter example for bad product, you should consider the following key points:

01You should show urgency and disappointment, but you should be respectful.
When writing a letter of complaint about a bad product, your letter must use strong, yet respectful language to convey your level of disappointment.
A little-known secret: the way in which you approach a customer service person can influence how quickly you get a response.


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02You need to review the refund or exchange policy.
All reputable companies ‘provide goods’ or services’ policies, and they are made to address these types of situations.
It is up to you, as the consumer, to learn about the company before you write a letter. It makes no sense to demand a refund when there isn’t a refund policy in place.


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03You will need proof of purchase:
While the company likely has proof of your purchase, it is still up to you, as a consumer, to bring forth some sort of receipt or invoice.
This is needed to strengthen your argument, especially since some unscrupulous businesses may try to deny records of you ever having purchased a product or service from them. You may have more difficult if you made a cash purchase.
You may also attach photographs to show that there are no signs of physical damage to the product.


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Sample complaint letter example for bad product

Having trouble coming up with your complaint letter example for bad product? You can check out these five sample complaint letters for defective products, faulty products, and poor-quality food products:

Complaint email example for a defective product upon delivery

If a product is delivered to your home and is defective, it is not your fault. You should reach out to the company using this complaint letter example for bad product:

01To whom it may concern,
On [date], I ordered a [insert name of product] from your online store for which I paid [insert exact price].
After awaiting its arrival for nearly a month, I was disheartened when I attempted to use the product, and it would turn on then shut off unexpectedly. It did this within less than five minutes.
I browsed the user manual several times, and to no avail, there was no solution. Afterwards, I contacted tech support and still no solution.
I was given the case number [insert case number], and after three weeks, no representative of your company has reached out to me.
Though it is heart-breaking, especially to part with a product that I wanted for so long, I must request a full refund. The customer service I was shown has been subpar at best.
Attached, you will find photographs of the product as proof that there was no tempering. You will also find the receipt outlining the charges made to my account.
I would like to ask that you respond as soon as possible to my request. Please provide instructions on how to go about returning the product and receiving a refund in full.
Thanks so much,
[insert your name]


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A complaint email example for a defective product after using it for a week

Who buys anything to use for only one week? Your hard-earned money should not go down the drain like that. This complaint letter example for bad product will explain that:

02To whom it may concern,
When I bought the [insert name of product] on [insert date of purchase], I did not anticipate that it would become defective in a little over a week.
Unlike other products that I’ve bought from your company, it seems that I was sent a faulty product or a bad batch.
Since this is the first time that this has happened, I understand that errors may arise. I will not crucify the company for an issue that can be easily rectified.
I would like this issue resolved by sending a replacement so that I can get on with my intended use. I would like to put this unfortunate situation behind us.
I have attached pictures that I believe will be pertinent to any investigation that you may have to conduct. I am happy to send over the defective product for inspection as well.
Should you need to reach me for further information, you can reach me via email or on my cell: [insert cellular number].
Thank you for your wonderful service over the years and for future correspondence. I hope to resolve this unfortunate incident as soon as possible.
[insert your name]


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A complaint email example for a defective product that isn’t working at all

If the product arrives defective and does not work at all, then you must say something about it to the seller or manufacturer. This is one complaint letter example for bad product you can use in this situation:

03To whom it may concern,
My name is [insert name], and I am a frequent customer of your business. Unfortunately, I am also a disgruntled customer at the moment.
After years of purchasing products from your company, I have grown to trust and rely heavily on your products for my business purposes.
On [insert date], I bought a [insert name of product] from your [insert location] store in [insert city/state/town].
I was assured by the sales representative that this product was one of the most reliable products in the store, and if there were any issues, it would be covered by the warranty.
Though this is commonplace for sales representatives to say, it is quite odd that the product would not work at all once I tried putting it to use.
After emailing the store, I was told by the sales representative that I should have tested the product before purchasing it.
As you can imagine, it is quite unreasonable to expect such a large item to be tested in such a small space and in an inappropriate setting. I have written today to demand swift action against this representative and for an exchange of this defective product.
Attached, you will find the transcript of the email correspondence with the sales representative in question. You will also find proof of purchase for this product.
I await your timely response. Thanks,
[insert name]


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A complaint email example for a faulty product

Companies generally try their best to put out the best quality products, but faults/errors may happen. You can use this complaint letter example for bad product which outlines the faults of the product:

04To whom it may concern,
I purchased a [insert name of item] from your online store on [insert date of purchase] for a total of [insert name of product] inclusive of [insert name of upgrade or attachment].
When it arrived the first thing that I noticed was the following issues/faults:
[list fault number one]
[list fault number two]
[list fault number three]
Under the [insert name of Consumer Protection Act for Your State/Country], my purchase entitles me to reasonably fit products. These products are meant to suit the purposes for which they were advertised.
In light of the above faults, I would appreciate a replacement for the aforementioned product or a full refund.
Enclosed are the copies of my records which are related to the purchase of this product.
I look forward to your reply within 14 days. Please respond with a resolution to this problem before I am forced to seek third-party representation on this matter.
[insert name]


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A complaint email example for poor-quality food products

We go to restaurants to take the burden off when it comes to cooking. We also like to enjoy good quality food. When the quality of the food is not as expected, you can use this complaint letter example to express your disappointment with the food product:

05To whom it may concern,
I visited the [insert name of restaurant] on [insert date of visit] for a family celebration. Amid all of the excitement, our group was disappointed by the poor quality of the food delivered to us at the table.
Our first issue was with the speed of the wait staff. Despite the restaurant not being full, we waited nearly an hour for our appetizers to arrive.
When we received our chicken platter, we discovered that it was cold. Even worse, the chicken was raw on the inside. When we raised the issue with the waitress, she left to speak with the manager. Then, she simply brought us the bill without addressing the issues.
We paid the bill to avoid any commotion, but the entire experience left a bad taste in our mouths. It wasn’t from the chicken despite its rawness.
Since this restaurant has been a part of the community for a very long time, it would be unfortunate if reports of this nature were made to the public.
For that reason, my family and I have decided to give this establishment a second chance to right their wrongs.
If you are interested in proving to us that this was the right decision, do not hesitate to respond to this email. You can call my cellular phone: [insert phone number].
[insert your name]


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When you approach a business in a business-like manner, you are more likely to get your issue resolved as soon as possible.
Once you choose a complaint letter example for bad product, you should remember to customize it to your specific issue.
Then, you should attach all of the proof needed to show that it was the fault of the company and not yours.