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How to Know if Your Partner Is Cheating : 6 Tell-Tale Signs

How to Know if Your Partner Is Cheating : 6 Tell-Tale Signs

Dealing with a potentially cheating partner can be quite challenging to deal with. There are so many risks involved. You might be wrong about your suspicions.
But what if you are right? Before taking any drastic step, you will have to be 100% sure about it. And better come with some proofs if you proceed to confront your spouse or partner with the cheating accusations.
According to marriage counselors, cheating can occur in unhappy and happy relationships. With that said, listening to your gut feeling is not a bad thing to do; especially, if you are sensing that something is off about your partner with how they have been behaving lately.
Do you still want to be sure that you are not in the wrong before approaching them? There are certain tell-tale signs of a cheating partner. Read on to know what to look out for.


01 – They dress-up differently

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If your partner has suddenly changed their dressing style and has started wearing drastically different clothing from what they used to wear, something might be wrong. You might also want to look out for a different haircut.
For instance, if your partner had been rocking the same haircut for ages but suddenly switched to a bold haircut, it could be a massive red flag.
They might be trying to impress the person they are cheating with. Your relationship is probably hitting rock bottom if your partner has been dressing up to hang out till late in the night with new friends or colleagues.
The best way to approach them is by asking how their night out with friends has been. If you detect that their explanations change as quickly as their clothes, they are possibly cheating on you.
Cheating partners are more likely to change the way they dress and look to appear more desirable to the person of their interest.

02 – They hide their phone

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Has your partner started acting shady whenever you sit near them?
Do they seem to panic whenever you pick up their phone?
Are they suddenly trying to keep you off from their laptop or phone?
If the answer is in the affirmative, then you might be dealing with a cheating partner. The reason for their shady behavior is that they want to hide their calls and text messages from you.
If your relationship isn’t new and you have had access to their phone or laptop, you will see them pulling back now. It might be a sign that there are new contacts in their phone or laptop that they are desperately trying to hide from you.
If you see that your partner is constantly checking their phone and deleting texts, they might be cheating on you.
With the help of SMS tracker, you can find ample proof before confronting your cheating partner. We recommend checking out the sms tracker review and see how you can benefit from it.


03 – Decreased Availability

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If you have been with your partner for a long time, you are well aware of each other’s schedules. If they aren’t where they used to be and do certain activities that were an essential part of their schedule, it can be another red flag of a cheating partner.
When your partner acts deceptive and doesn’t reveal the true whereabouts, they make excuses to hide the truth.
Another vital flag of a cheating partner is that they stop sharing what they did and how their day went.
If this is the case with your partner, it might be a good time to have them sit down and have a serious conversation with them.

04 – Lack of Intimacy

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Can’t you recall the last time you guys rolled around in the hay? Well, something is off with your partner. They are cheating on you and have found another partner for intimacy.
It is important to mention here that no matter how good a relationship is, most couples go through a period of dry spells. But if you find your partner showing a lack of interest to the extent that it has put massive distance between you two, cheating might be the root cause.
Your partner is fulfilling their need somewhere else; therefore, they don’t need you to satisfy themselves.
Interestingly, the exact reverse of this can happen with a cheating guilt-ridden partner who might start to show more interest in love-making. Cheaters do this to cover their guilt. Red flag alert!

05 – Sudden Increase in Expenses

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Have you lately been noticing unexplained charges on your partner’s credit card? Frequent drops in one’s account balance, retirement accounts, and savings can be a sign of infidelity.
There is a possibility that your partner might avoid answering with lame excuses if you were to ask about the sudden expenses.
We know how the honeymoon phase of any relationship works with the constant showering of expensive dinners, gifts, and rendezvous. Yes, you got this one right. Cheating is costly, where the costs can add up quickly.
If you start noticing a huge amount of withdrawn money, this is usually never a good sign.

06 – Impossible Confrontation

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What is your partner’s behavior when you confront them about the possibility of them cheating on you? Do they react angrily, or do they deflect the topic altogether?
Typically, talking about it would be the last thing on this planet they would want to talk about for a cheating partner.
Therefore, if you ever take up this topic and include it in your conversation, they will do everything in their control to switch to another issue.
If your partner is a narcissist, they might turn the tables on you by shifting the blame.
Whatever the case is, make sure to listen to your gut feelings. If your gut feelings tell you that your significant other is cheating on you, you are possibly right!

Final Thoughts

Suppose you learn that your partner is cheating on you. What would you do about it? Suppose you don’t want to confront them, especially if the relationship can turn abusive.
In that case, we suggest talking to a close friend or a therapist. Just don’t sit there, wallowing in despair and fear. Reach out to find support from family and friends.
Avoid self-blame. You haven’t done anything wrong. Everyone deserves a loyal and loving partner.