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40 Ways to Say “Congrats on your Maternity Leave” to Your Colleagues

40 Ways to Say “Congrats on your Maternity Leave” to Your Colleagues

Having a child is one of the greatest gifts a woman can experience. When your colleague gets pregnant and is about to go off work, use the moment to say “Congrats on maternity leave”.

Maternity leave is an important time for a parent to create a bond with their child, and recover from childbirth. You may not end up seeing your colleague again before the baby is born, so send her off with congratulatory messages at the start of maternity leave.

Use whichever of these messages that speak to you the most.


How to personalize your message of “Congrats on maternity leave”

Though any of these 40 messages can be used to say “Congrats on maternity leave”, we recommend using the ones which seem the most personal and you can relate to. This way, it makes it seem more genuine.
This is how you can go about personalizing your message:

01Share words of wisdom
If you have gone through this process yourself, use this opportunity to give her advice, especially if she is a first-time mom. This can help to soothe any anxiety and make her feel like she has a village behind her.


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02Thank her for her hard work and dedication to the company
As the boss, or a long-standing employee, you’ve watched her grow and blossom at the company. Show your gratitude in your congratulatory message and acknowledge her hard work.


03Encourage the decision
Women, especially career women, sometimes have a hard time balancing family and work because having a child forces them to slow down. Remind her that she is making a good choice by taking time to care for her child, for both health and happiness.


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04Wish for a happy and healthy pregnancy
Everyone wants a safe pregnancy and delivery, and for pregnant mothers to be happy. Don’t forget to reinforce your support and send good vibes her way.


10 congratulatory messages and some words of wisdom about taking maternity leave

Pregnant women rely heavily on the advice of more experienced moms to guide them through their pregnancy and raising their children. If you have the experience, offer words of wisdom for her when she is taking maternity leave.
Here are 10 messages you can use to say “Congrats on maternity leave”:

01Congratulations on entering the world of motherhood! I welcome you with open arms and a shoulder to lean on whenever you need someone to talk to. You’ve got this!


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02The best thing I can tell you is to sleep when the baby sleeps, and welcome the help. Besides that, congratulations on your pregnancy and I’m here if you need me!


03This is a joyous occasion and I want you to make the most of being able to get a full night’s sleep before the baby comes. Congrats!


04My favorite thing about this is that I know when you come back, we will be able to have play dates and spend some mom time together. Now go pop that baby out and keep being the rockstar that you are.


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05I wish I had a wonderful group of people around me when I was pregnant. My promise to you is that I’ll be that person I wish I had and help guide you through it all. Congratulations expecting momma!


06Your baby has a whole team of aunts and uncles already fighting over babysitting duties! We’re all here for you, for whatever you need, and can’t wait to meet baby [insert name of the baby].


07You’re almost at the finish line, which means it’s almost time to meet your precious baby boy/girl. I especially look forward to helping take care of him/her and giving you a well-needed break.


08It will be rough in the beginning, but after having 3 kids myself, I know it’s all worth it. I pray you will find that balance, and if you ever stumble, I’ll be here to keep you from falling.


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09My favorite part about being pregnant was finally going on maternity leave. Milk this opportunity to get all the foot rubs and takeout in the world, or else you’ll regret it!


10I know you will make an excellent mom because of how you are with my kids. We can’t wait to meet the baby and welcome him/her into our family!



10 congratulatory messages and expressions of gratitude for her hard work and dedication while at the company

Even though she will be gone, her legacy at the company stands, and her hard work and dedication are obvious. A great way to send her off on maternity leave is to express your gratitude for everything she has done for the company.
Use any of these 10 messages to say “Congrats on maternity leave”:

11If we had to pick our best employees out of a lineup, you would be my first pick. You’ve mastered this industry, and now, you’ll master motherhood!


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12Thank you for giving your time to grow our company. Now it’s time to grow your family and prosper. I know you can do it!


13Don’t worry about work. We’ve got everything covered here! You made it so we don’t have to worry about the little things. Now go relax and get ready to have that baby!


14You have been a wonderful asset to this company from the beginning, and any child is lucky to call you mom. Soon we’ll have mini-yous running around in power suits ready to uphold mama’s legacy!


15Congratulations on your pregnancy. This is the time to rest and gear up for childbirth. When you’re ready to come back, you can pick up where you left off!


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16No one can compare to your contributions and dedication to this company. We are forever grateful for everything and look forward to seeing where this new chapter in your life takes you.


17If there’s anybody who can do the mom thing and still be a beast at work, it’s you. There’s no doubt about that. Congrats on your pregnancy.


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18Congrats on your maternity leave! You more than earned it!


19I hope your baby takes after you because your strong work ethic and ingenuity come around once in a lifetime. If that baby is anything like her mama, the world had better watch out! Congratulations on your pregnancy!


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20As you go on your maternity leave, on behalf of the whole company, I would like to express our gratitude for all your hard work. You have never let us down, and we are so happy that you have the chance to experience a life full of joy and the blessing of a child. Congratulations to you and your family, and all the best for you and your baby!


10 congratulatory messages about encouraging mom to take time off to care for her child

Creating a strong bond with a child, even before delivery, is important for both mother and child. It’s difficult for a woman to do that if she’s constantly focusing on work, and she may feel overly stressed and guilty.
These are some messages you can use to encourage her decision, and say “Congrats on maternity leave”:

21Congratulations on your maternity leave. Use this time to go into full mommy mode and enjoy the time you get to spend with your bub.


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22Before you know it, your newborn will turn into a toddler, then you’ll have a raging teenager, and in the blink of an eye, an adult leaving for college. You made the right choice to be with your baby and be a part of all the important moments in his/her life. Good luck!


23You can never get back a moment once it goes, and if you’re busy with work, you can miss so much. Enjoy the time you have with your new baby and your family, and put them first.


24Even though this is a competitive space, we all understand the importance of family and creating beautiful moments. There will be room for you to come back, and when you do, you’ll recognize that this was the right choice.


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25Congrats on your pregnancy! Use this time to build a strong bond with the baby and get to know the newest addition to your family.


26Everything falls into place once you finally have your baby look up at you with a heart of love. Congrats on your maternity leave and being with your baby.


27I just heard the news. Congrats on maternity leave and expanding your family. I know this bonding time will do everyone a lot of good.


28No job is as fulfilling as being a mom. You will learn a lot more about yourself and your baby during your maternity leave than any book can teach you. I’m so excited for you!


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29Have a wonderful maternity leave! These are some of the most precious moments in your pregnancy journey, and I’m happy you can spend them with the ones closest to you.


30Now that you are on maternity leave, you can create a lifetime of memories with your partner and your new baby. Congrats on everything!



10 messages to wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy

Well-wishes are always welcomed during pregnancy. It’s important to try to keep up the spirits of an expectant mother in anticipation of her baby.
When you just want to wish her a healthy and happy pregnancy, share any of these messages:

31There’s no greater joy than bringing a child into this world. I am so happy you and your spouse are able to experience this. Congrats again!


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32I hope you enjoy a happy maternity leave, and I look forward to seeing you and your baby as soon as possible! Congratulations!


33I am wishing for all the good things and joy during your maternity leave. May you have a healthy and happy birth, and experience the greatest gift there is.


34My husband/wife and I are thinking of you during this time. I know this maternity leave will give you the time you need to prepare for your baby’s birth and a lifetime of laughter.


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35I’d say cheers to maternity leave, but the only thing you’ll be serving up is milk! Until we can have a night out again, accept my warmest regards and best wishes for your pregnancy.


36Wishing a happy maternity leave to the newest mommy at the office.


37Sending love and light to you during your maternity leave. I can’t wait to see those ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes!


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38Your pregnancy and maternity leave will be filled with happiness and excitement. I’m proud of all you have accomplished so you can create the type of life you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family.


39I am praying for a safe and healthy birth and a cheerful maternity leave. Enjoy your time away from work.


40I can’t wait for ‘bring your kid to work day’ so I can meet that little boy/girl. For now, let’s focus on a healthy delivery and happiness when your baby is born!



Maternity leave is great because the mom can kick her legs up and await the arrival of her prince/princess. Show your love and support during this time by saying “Congrats on maternity leave”, and continue to spread the joy!