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35 Cool Instagram Captions for Your Birthday

35 Cool Instagram Captions for Your Birthday

Instagram has recently become the place to post cool birthday photos. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you get to show all your friends how fantastic your life is. One way to make your birthday photos stand out on the platform is by adding cool Instagram birthday captions to each photo.

Below we offer a list of 30+ Instagram birthday captions you can employ for different scenarios.


Instagram Birthday Captions for Birthday Party or Dinner Photos


01Happy 30th #birthday to me!!!! My guys and girls all came out to celebrate this special day with me, and I am so filled with #love and #happiness right now.


san diego summer pool
Photo by Nathan on reshot


02I am crossing the 30 year mark today, and I am having a mixture of emotions: happiness, hope, fear, doubt about the future.
But I’ve got the best #friends, the coolest #parents, and the #bestwife anyone could wish for, so I am sure I’ll be fine. Happy #birthday to me!


03Me and my crew last night: These guys @markp, @yuri_theo, and @lacapri have been there for me since day 1, and I am forever in love. Peace and love. #friends4eva #dinnerwithfriends #birthdaydinner


04Thank you guys, @bree_sharwa, @hubris, and the whole gang for showing up for me last night, and for being there for me always. Love you lots.


05It’s my BIRTHDAY y’all!!!! As you see the party is heating up already. I’ll be updating my wall every few hours. #BirthdayBaby #SoExcited #ItsMyBirthday


summer party pie beverages

Photo by Александра on reshot


06That’s me and my mom, my dad, and my best friends in the whole world: @bobo and @elcigar catching up over dinner at the Sheraton last night. It was wonderful to have them all with me on my special day. #stillhangover #happybirthday


07Hey guys, just woke up from last night’s birthday party, and I am sooo HUNGOVER!!!! #AboutLastNight #BirthdayBoy


08Looks like my mom brought her best smile and my friends, @hilda_res and @45cakes, can’t stop cracking me up on my #Birthday!!! Oh btw #CafeLounge is so cool.


pretty girls white balloons

photo by Bailey Woodyard on reshot


09Having my birthday dinner at #Nobu, and it’s willldddddd. Just see how excited everyone is. (Did you know my friend Art could smile?) Thank you @ArtHuman, @JuleStyne, and @ZsaZsaGabor for showing up.


10I don’t throw parties, I mix ‘em up. See me and my crew last night, it was my #birthday, and we had dinner at the #Carlyle like whaaaaat!!!!! I’ve got the dopest crew in this town ma-effers!!!!



11This birthday party is wild AF. My people @GagaSuperFan, @LorenzosOil, and the rest are already sooo excited, and we haven’t even cracked the weed bags yet.
Send in those birthday wishes and light this m*therf*cker uppp!!! #ItsMyBirthday #SoHigh


12Hey guys and girls!! Today is my birthday, and I am sooo excited. Sorry I can’t disclose my age but I feel #SweetSixteen all over again. Send in those BD wishes already. Love you lots.


girl yacht balloons
photo by Jonathan Borba on unsplash


13Spent my birthday at home with my one and only @KarenDuBois and our babies, Kara and Henri. Nothing like #family to make you feel #special and #loved. Thanks for all the wishes. #ItsMyBirthday


14Scenes from my birthday party at #ThePalace last night with @ArtHuman, @GregorianCalendarMan, @LouiseLinton, and the one and only @JohnCenaOfficial who made a surprise appearance and flexed for us!!!!


15You guys!!!! Y’all knew it was my birthday today? Cuz it is, and I am so excited. The #birthdayparty is already going on at the #LAMuseum we’re having wild fun. Wish I could invite y’all.
Cake by @BuffCakesLA. My dress by @LaureenFashions. My makeup by my bestie @shanafromSNL, and shoes from @TheDresserLA.


inflatable unicorn pool party woman

Photo by Masha on reshot


Instagram Birthday Captions in response to birthday wishes


16Hey guys, still feeling happy, flustered, and even excited about my birthday party yesterday. Thanks for all the #goodwishes and love.


portrait blue celebration happiness girl party music festival woman happy festival happy girl

photo by Michelle Cella on reshot


17Y’all!!! Today is my birthday!!!! I’ve already seen all your wishes, and I am feeling so much love right now. #SoBlessed #TooHappy


18Hey guys, thanks for all your birthday wishes! I am reading them and just feeling overwhelmed with #love and emotion. @LurikWof, you’re the best brother anyone could ever have.


19These are my wishes for my birthday this year: total happiness, finding love, fighting negative energy. Thank you all for keeping in touch with me on this special day. #LoveYa


birthday girl twenty five

Photo by Kawamura Mot on reshot


20Guys, I’ve seen all your birthday wishes, and I feel really loved right now. As for my best friends, @Capernaum and @Ierling, I don’t know what I’d do without you guys. All my Love!


21Guys, thanks for all these cool, thoughtful, and kind birthday wishes. We had fun at dinner last night with my wife Katie (left), and we really appreciate you all.


22There’s something surreal and beautiful about having #friends from all over the world wish you #HappyBirthday. I am really grateful for all of you, and I wish the best for you, too.


hotel bar champagne friends bubbles cheers bubbly

Photo by chuckflwrs on reshot


23Guys, just got back from my #birthday party at the #Ritz, and I am so happy. I’ve seen all your BD wishes, too! They’re so lovely and thoughtful.


24I am tearing up right now. I just finished reading all the #goodwishes for my #birthday, and I am just floored by all the #love. I don’t deserve this. Love you all xoxo.


25Guys, thank you for all my sweet #birthdaywishes. Y’all actually beat my parents to it!!!! I feel lots of love.



Instagram Birthday Captions about gifts


26See what I got for my #birthday, y’all!!! A brand new limited edition #SamsungS9!!! @LeeHowash, you’re the best friend anyone could ever have. Thank you!. #SoExcited.


gift hot tea pink box
Photo by Michelle on unsplash


27Guys, don’t judge my handiwork, but this is the #gift I am taking to my friend Jillian’s 40th BD party. I am not sure it works. What d’yall think? #unsure #birthday


28For my dream #birthdaypresent, I left a series of clues around the house for the last two weeks. Seems like my wife actually connected the dots!
Look what she got me!!! An all-expenses-paid trip to the #OlympicGames2020!!! I just love my wife, Katie, so much!


29Guys!!! See what my #bestfriends4eva, @markharmon and @triciadixie, got me for my 40th birthday. I couldn’t be happier! #feelsoloved


watch silver Pierre Ricaud

photo by Marek Prygiel on unsplash


30I thought he’d forgotten all about my #birthday (😥😥), and then the UPS guy gave me this 👆👆👆 an hour ago. I am so 🤗🤗🤗🤗 right now and so in #love 😍😍😍😍.


31Hey guys, just opened all your #presents, and I am quite floored by all of them. Also, for all those birthday wishes, I am so thankful, right now. #ThankYou very much.


32I wish everyone had a wife as thoughtful as my Kate. See what she got me for my birthday???!!! #MyWifeIsBetterThanYours #Beau



33Look at that mountain of #birthdaypresents just waiting for me to crack into. #LuckyMe #ItsMyBirthday #excited


close up of christmas decorations
photo by under pexels license


34Mirror, mirror on the wall, what shall I find in this box? Chocolates, coupons, or a big BirchBox? #birthday #presents #superexcited #wishmeluck


35After a wonderful night at #CafeLombardi for my #birthday party, it’s time to open the presents. I am so exciteddddddd!!! #WishMeLuck!!


Concluding thoughts

Not everyone finds it easy to create Instagram birthday captions for their photos, and we understand that. But there’s a solution that’s proven to work – caption templates.
We hope that the 30+ caption templates above can make it easy for you this year. Just tweak them up and make your followers jealous.