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Magic Words to Describe Food on Your Next Instagram Post

Magic Words to Describe Food on Your Next Instagram Post

With the advent of social media, people post pictures of their meals on Instagram and other platforms. However, somewhere in the process, the words ‘delicious’ and ‘awful’ have taken over. They are two of the most overused words to describe food – to the point that they’ve lost all meaning. They’ve become a ‘go-to’ words.

Many people also blog about food and share their recipes and secrets online. If you’ve been using delicious and awful too often to describe food throughout your culinary experiences, retire them and try some of these on your next Instagram gourmet post:


Alternative words to describe food that’s ‘delicious’


01“A well-prepared delectable meal with great presentation and an interesting flavor I’ve never experienced before.”


01 Three cooked shrimp arranged on a white plate
Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash


02“This was a meal that I can compare to ambrosia, the food of the gods. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.”


03“This appetizing dish was prepared with great care and attention to detail. The presentation and the taste were both perfect.”


04“A divine combination of different meat and vegetable elements came together to create this innovative dish.”


04 A plate of meat and vegetables

Photo by Katherine Chase on Unsplash


05“This meal was a gastronomical experience that left me full but still wanting more. The chef outdid himself.”


06“This heavenly dish was lovingly prepared. A great deal of time was spent preparing this meal, and it was time well-spent.”


07“This was without a doubt one of the most luscious dishes I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing. I’d certainly eat it again.”


07 Flat lay photo of cooked meal and sauce platter

Photo by Martin Widenka on Unsplash


08“A scrumptious meal put together with a few basic ingredients that still delivered a unique taste and flavor.”


09“This zesty dish satisfied my desire for a spicy meal with a piquant taste.”



10“An appealing choice, this dish did not disappoint. It met and surpassed my expectations.”


10 grilled meat with vegetable topping
Photo by Tae In Kim on Unsplash



Alternative words to describe food that’s ‘awful’


11“The dish tasted bitter, and it left an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth.”


12“I found the meal to be briny, and it seemed as if no one had tasted it before serving. If they had, they’d have found it to be too salty.”


13“The only word I can use to describe the taste of the meal is caustic. The flavor was too sharp and bitter for my liking.”


13 Person holding a half eaten burger

Photo by Jérémy Stenuit on Unsplash


14“The food was bland as if little or no seasoning of herbs and spices had been added to it.”


15“By the time the meal was served, it was dried-out which ruined the entire taste of it.”


16“I thought the dish tasted gruesome. The combination of ingredients did not make sense, and the overall effect was an unpleasant experience.”


16 Sea food bowl with oyster shell

Photo by Chuttersnap on Unsplash


17“The lack of preparation and presentation left me underwhelmed. The recipe was a disaster, and the food tasted appalling.”


18“The noxious odor produced by the dish when it was served carried through to the taste as well. I would recommend steering clear of it.”


19“The food had been scorched during the preparation phase. Despite the chef’s best efforts, the flavor of the food was compromised due to this.”


19 Three fried eggs on a fiery pan

Photo by Jarosław Ceborski on Unsplash


20“The pungent taste of the garlic dominated the dish, drowning out all the other flavor elements. I’d recommend reviewing the amount of garlic used.”


Magic words to describe food: meat dishes


21“The steak was mouth-watering and left me wanting more.”



22“The joint had been roasted to perfection and was falling off the bone.”


22 Cooked ribs and vegetables on a plate
Photo by Jarosław Ceborski on Unsplash


23“The succulent meat retained a lot of its flavor and tenderness.”


24A lip-smacking experience. The steak was excellently prepared.”


25“The preparation of the meat was such that it created the feel of a gourmet meal.”


25 Flat lay photo of grilled meat beside bread and vegetables

Photo by Rawpixel on Unsplash


26“The meat had been charred just enough to add a whole new dimension to the taste.”


27“The peppery taste of the seasoning used to prepare the meat added to the taste sensation.”


28“The marinated meat was a superlative experience. The ingredients used to make the marinade made for a sumptuous meal.”


28 Closed up photo of meat with marinade sauce

Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash


29“It was easy to detect that the meat was ranch-raised. This alone added something special to the taste.”


30“The sizzling steak was well-presented by a chef with an eye for detail. It was a delight to my taste buds.”


31“The steak had been aged-to-perfection, giving it a wholesome flavor that only aged meat can achieve.”


31 Dinner plate with slices of tender beef

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash


32“The prime meat was prepared lovingly and was a taste sensation I’d easily eat again.”


33“The meat was seared prior to the preparation of the meal. This added to the melt-in-your-mouth taste.”


34“It was clear that prime grade meat was used to prepare this dish. It made for a better flavor.”


34 Raw meat and green leafy plants on wooden surface

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash


35“The steak was served rare/medium-rare/medium/well-done just as I had asked for.”


Powerful words to describe food: seafood


36“This award-winning clam chowder recipe was a wonderful taste experience.”


37“The prawns were sautéed in a chili and coconut sauce which lent them a taste I’ll never forget.”


37 Cooked prawns on bamboo stick

Photo by Andres Medina on Unsplash


38“The spicy elements in this seafood dish were what made it a meal I’d eat again and again.”



39“The batter that covered the fish added to its palatable qualities.”


40“The wild-caught salmon was a melt-in-your-mouth meal I was pleasantly surprised by.”


40 Salmon fillet and vegetables presented on a chopping board
Photo by Yakynina Anastasia on Unsplash


41“The fish was fresh which always makes a seafood dish more delectable.”


42“Once covered in a unique-tasting batter, the fish was crispy-fried to perfection.”


43“The tart sauce served as a condiment and made the entire seafood dish a delight to eat.”


43 Three women enjoying a dinner together

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash


44“The prawns were well-seasoned and an absolute delight to eat.”


45“The lobster was flavorful and gave the dish an edge over any of the others I’ve tasted.”


46“The decorative elements and attention to detail in the preparation of the sushi made it look almost too gorgeous to eat.”


46 Well presented sushi board with a clear beer mug

Photo by Fabio Alves on Unsplash


47“The extravagant sauce coating the fish was a sheer delight. The combination of ingredients gave it the final touch that would lift any seafood dish.”


48“The fish had been fermented to a degree of perfection I haven’t often experienced.”


49“The cuts of fish had a juicy quality about them which made them even tastier.”


49 Baked fish prepared on top of vegetables

Photo by Patrick Browne on Unsplash


50“The dressing used on the tuna salad was tangy and gave the salad a unique flavor.”


Professional words to describe food: dessert


51“The creamy texture made this dessert rich in the best possible way.”


52“The fruity taste added to the dessert by using fresh fruit was worth effort given the taste.”


52 Chocolate pudding with strawberries on top

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


53“The artistic approach to making this dessert gave it a pleasing aesthetic which was surpassed only by the flavor.”


54“The opulent dessert was an absolute winner. It might not be pleasing to the figure, but it was enormously pleasing to the palate.”


55“The velvety texture of the cake used in the dessert was remarkable and made it a melt-in-your-mouth taste sensation.”


55 Person eating off a cake slice using a fork

Photo by Ting Tian on Unsplash


56“The pastry used in making the dessert was buttery without using too much butter, which is an accomplishment.”



57“This chocolaty confectionary creation left me wanting at least another two servings!”


58“The body of the dessert had the right balance. It was moist without being soggy.”


58 A few slices of chocolate cake with berries on top
Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash


59“This bakery-style confection dessert made my mouth water just looking at it. It promised to be tasty, and it delivered.”


60“This decadent dessert was full of rich hazelnut-flavored filling which made it the perfect way to end a meal.”


61“The liqueur used in the preparation of the dessert gave it a sumptuous flavor sensation that hit the right spot for me.”


61 Slice of oozing pudding

Photo by Jennifer Schmidt on Unsplash


62“The dulcet combination of fruit and honey made the dessert well-worth the wait.”


63“The tantalizing smells emanating from the kitchen had me well-prepared for a divine dessert. I wasn’t disappointed at all.”


64“The combination of whipped cream, chocolate mousse, and ice-cream made for a luxurious dessert.”


64 chocolate being poured on creamy dessert

Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash


65“It was a great idea to offer our party a platter of bite-sized, assorted desserts. We enjoyed all of them.”



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