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40 of the Most Creative Instagram Captions for Prom

40 of the Most Creative Instagram Captions for Prom

Creating captions for Instagram is usually a breeze for most people. But, when it comes to specifics like Instagram captions for prom, a little more creativity is required.

Prom is a major milestone for many people, so it must be handled with care. If you have trouble creating your own captions, try one of the 40 example captions we’ve listed below.


The best Instagram captions for prom: about your outfit


01Me last night at prom in my dream #gown. Thank you @MollyDressersGA for the dress. I felt like a princess the whole night.


birthday wishes blow confetti
Photo by Amy Joy on reshot


02This is how my guys and I rocked prom last night—like the effing Beatles y’all. Crazy choice, but we loved it. The girls loved it too #AboutLastNight #PromNight


03Me 15 years ago today. It was prom night, and I was dressed like #Pitbull, who I was crazy about then. Damn, years do fly by. See that shiny head #LOL!!!!! #prom


04About #prom last night—who’s that gurrrl??? Yours truly! Someone said I looked so damn expensive and they were right!!!!! #promnight #fun


05My friend @Eve_Enza helped me choose this dress, and I loved it. I received compliments all night. #BFFs #grateful


woman photography red smiling

Photo by Efren Barahona on unsplash


06See your homeboy last night at #PROM!!! I had to go for the ultimate James Bond look, and I NAILED IT!!!


07I am still tired from last night’s prom but I had to share this. Didn’t know I’d look so stunning in blue! #Classy #Sexy #Prom #PromQueen


08What do you guys think of this gown I wore to #prom last night? I personally loved all that detail on the side. #glam #promnight



09See who I found!! None other than my #friend @Donald23456, who happened to be dressed exactly like I was. So we were literally #promnight #twins hahaha!


10This is how I descended the staircase yesterday, looking like the greatest icon of all time, #MarilynMonroe. My date, @Tree_Yt was soooo excited, and we had lots of fun.


woman wearing pink sleeveless dress
Photo by Magda Ehlers under pexels license


The best Instagram captions for prom: about life’s best moments


11Can you make me out in this photo? I can’t. We were having so much #fun last night at #prom. Hey, @Rod_Fr and @Mizz_Flavv, come see this ASAP.


excited and having fun with prom date

Photo by Matt Ruffino on reshot


12This is one of my best moments from #prom yesterday. Me coming down the staircase to my proud parents as Dad snaps a photo. More photos #comingsoon.


13See my #bestie, @Ira_Ferguson, and I getting crazy on the dance floor at #prom last night.


14About last night’s prom…we had so much…to drink… eat….to dance to….to flirt with…..#somuchfun!


15Yours truly chilling with my #4eva #team: Jake, Clyde, Em and Doll last night at #seniorprom. Best high school night ever!!


two open toe ankle strap heels

photo by Luka Brajkovic on unsplash


16Hey #fam, I had the most amazing #seniorprom last night. That’s one photo from my huge collection—me #laughing at my #bestie, Tina #jokes.


17I thought #prom would #suck, but I ended up having loads of fun. Don’t skip prom kids, don’t!



18With my best friends, Eve, Latimer and a shy 17-year-old now turned high-profile magazine editor @Lugh_Rt on prom night circa 1985. Denver, Colorado.


19Honestly, I didn’t want #promnight to stop. Case in point: see the fun we’re having in that photo!!


fun friendship dress formal friends best friend silly prom formal wear
Photo by Meghan Thompson on reshot


20Hey, @miketheslayer thanks for slaying the dance floor last night. I am still sore from all the laughing. #AboutLastNight #promfun #prom


21Who looks high? I do. Hey, prom was wonderful!!!! #DrunknotDrunk #LOLOL #Aboutlastnight


22My amazing date, @Rey_Uy, and me having some ‘squeeze’ time under purple lights at #prom last night. I’ve got so many memories already!!


23About prom last night, I have no regrets whatsoever. I had all the fun I wanted to have with @Titi, @WuUW and the one and only @Uh_What?


girls having fun jumpshot

Photo by Olga Reznikova on reshot


24Prom was as #magical an experience as I had hoped it would be. I had so much #fun!!


25I was super #psyched in this prom photo—the DJ was playing my all-time favorite—a #MileyCyrus jam. My #bestie Lana looks bored tho because she really hates Miley. #prom


26See my #prom partners here: me, @bff4yaand @ray_romano dancing to #DancingQueen by #ABBA at our prom last night.



27My friend @Glo_biggurrl snapped this photo of me dancing at our #prom in #2014. Someone looked quite hot lolol. #TBT


28Last night was crazzzyyyyyyy people!!! I haven’t had as much fun at a party as I did last night at #prom.


selfie nails makeup prom
Photo by jordan_clagg on reshot


29Backstage at the prom with my #pals. Long Live the #WildCats! #promnight


30I am pretty sure that’s me #dancing my feet off in this photo’s background. I could recognize that dress anywhere. #lastnight #prom #fun


The best Instagram captions for prom: about your date


31Take a long look at my one and only prom date, the #wonderful, the #amazing @TinaMaroney. Babe, you made our prom night special just by being you.


man and woman holding hands together

Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius under pexels license


32These two wonderful people, @Luda_C and @Eva_wannabe, were my #prom partners last night. My same crew through #highschool.


33Special mention for @Homeboy_ews, my prom date, for bringing all the fun and being a gentleman.


34Hey @beetho_ven, someone looked dapper!! About #prom last night #PromDate goals accomplished.


35My #promdate, @GavinN22, is better than yours! Damn right!!! @GavinN22 was a true gentleman the whole time.


two man standing in front of bmw

Photo by Steven Van on unsplash


36These are my #bestfriends/unwilling #promdates, Barry and Nina, and me at prom last weekend.


37Me giving my beautiful, wonderful and perfect #prom date, @jjjjj_eeee, the ultimate gentleman experience last night.


38Yea, you guessed it. This was #promnight 10 years ago, with my dream #promdate, Gloria Sanchez and me. How fast time flies.


holding hands roses man and woman

Photo by Blake Barlow on unsplash


39My out-of-this-world #promdate and I were the #bestcouple at #prom last night! Someone give this #couple an award!!!


40My #prom date last night, @LindyW and me. Lindy was a last-minute prom date after someone (I won’t mention his name) bailed on me last minute. Thanks, babe for always being my #true #BFF #truestory



Not all Instagram captions for prom work well, especially the common, overused ones. If you’re looking to get your prom photos more visibility, try a few unique captions with smart hashtags.
Create the best Instagram captions for prom on your feed with the inspring examples above, all tailored to prom dates, prom gowns, and prom night fun.