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40 Best Instagram Captions for the Friends in Your Life

40 Best Instagram Captions for the Friends in Your Life

These days, social media is an excellent way to express your appreciation—on the internet—for the friends in your life. Instagram is a popular platform for connecting with friends and a good photo with a stunning caption is all you need to convey your love for your friends. Until you hit a road block in coming up with the right Instagram caption for a friends’ photo, that is.

If you find yourself at a loss for new Instagram captions for friends’ photos, try one of the captions below.


Instagram captions for friends for best friends


01Out here #wildin with my good friend @Ali_Shea like tomorrow isn’t coming, bitches!!!!! If you know @Ali_Shea you know she is the coolest, most loyal person ever, so am pretty #lucky!!


sunlight sunset teenager best friend golden hour sisterhood girl laughing
Photo by Maria Foto on reshot


02My best friend and long-time confidant @LiamP (third from left) is all smiles today cuz it’s his birthday!!! We don’t deserve you, Liam!! #YoureTheBest.


03From last night’s dinner with the coolest guys in this town—my best friends @JamieADimon and @LancashireBulldog. We’re all smiling at one of Jamie’s bad jokes.


04Me and my super sexy bestie @PeeKaBoo last night at #Keisha’s concert. Don’t we look too gorgeous for the ‘gram? I believe we do!!


music festival lights party

Photo by meow mellow on reshot


05That’s my best friend James @Lnd1245, the coolest, most loyal person in the whole world.


06Me, and my #bestfriends4eva Georgie and Liam on our very first outback adventure—Down Under in 2004! Hey @Geor_gie and @LiamLemon, can you believe it’s been a decade?


07If everyone had friends as goood as @JuniperMoon, the world would be a much funnier, much more whimsical, and more interesting place.


08That’s my best friend, Patrick, who also happens to be my husband, the father to our kids, and also my #MCM. Color me lucky y’alll!!!


daddy and kids watching on laptop while sitting

Photo by Darby S on reshot


09Us—me, my bro @Vagrant_yglesias, and my other bro @LadOnFire in 2010. We’re all grown up now, no longer school boys! Hahahaha!


10The world’s best person, @Lombardolian came to see me today, and I am so excited about it. He also brought #Scrabble, my #fav!!!!


11My #BFF and all-round super talented individual, @Katy_Merry is playing #TheArcadian this weekend, September 2019 in VA. So excited!!!!!!!



12This guy, @ShepLA, taught me what true friendship is back when I first met him in 2016. Easily the best pastor ever!


13Shout out to my long-time friend, @KareemAbd12, who’s receiving an award from the Society of Doctors Ontario this weekend!! You deserve it, sir.


medal honor athlete blue polka dots
Photo by ricco on photo-ac


14Me and my favorite person, @LiLiDee last night, which also happened to be my birthday!


15If you had 1 million dollars, what would you buy? Me? I’d buy this girl everything she asks for IMMEDIATELY. Because friends don’t come as wonderful and as loving as @Li123455 anymore.


Instagram captions for friends who you couldn’t live without


16To ten years of knowing each other’s full names, ten years of fighting roadblocks together, ten years of group phone calls on Thanksgiving. Hey, @Barb and @Andy, here’s to ten years of true friendship.


woman between men facing mountains

Photo by Ba Phi under pexels license


17Have you ever had a friend that makes you feel better about yourself every day? That’s @FerestaLA for me. Best person I’ve ever met.


18This guy, @YummYumm has been there for me, through thick and thin, through summer and all manner of storms. #Friends4Eva


19Lemme introduce my two best friends, my two ride-or-die gals, @LaShondaT and @LaGraBa, who’ve been here for me through the worst. Every day I just thank God for putting these people in my life.


three women posing for photo

Photo by Adrienne under pexels license


20I never knew what #truefriendship meant until I met this guy, @grabby early last year. Now I know that true friendship is a lot of work. 😊😊😊


21Me at the Savoy last night with the mighty trio, @QuavenzhaneQ, @HarryStyleFan, and @YoYoMa. I didn’t know true friendship still existed until these 3 happened. #LotsofLove


22There is fame, there is money, booze, women, cars, even the dopest mansions in this world. And then, there is the #truefriendship I have with these guys.



23Many times, when everyone else was too busy, when no one wanted me around, Frank Jones @OilyDoily was always there. I know what #RealFriendship means.


24I know how the joke goes, but if I was asked to choose between this guy, @LamaRR, and my life, I’d choose this guy. Because he’d do the same for me.


men s black denim pants wall
photo by Marlene Leppänen under pexels license


25You can never know the importance of friends in your life until your family, your workmates, and the world itself want nothing to do with you. So, I am forever thankful to @LiBelI and @ArthurMillerBiggestFan for showing me #WhatFriendsAreFor.


26Today marks the 2nd anniversary of our becoming friends, me and @JaniceDobson. Dear Janice, I am so thankful for your friendship.


27About last weekend at the #Hive with the best friends I could ever have, Trina and Lance. Drinks or dance – it’s not enjoyable w’out you guys. Need U – Always.


music alcohol and so many smiles

Photo by Hayley on reshot


28Hey, @LilBoo, this is me appreciating your friendship all these years. Your love, your energy, your generosity, that’s more than I deserve.


29These guys, @Huynes, @JILLHArworth and @BilboLlama. They gave me the ideas to make me what I am. You jus’ need them day ‘n night. #FriendsEver


30That’s my dawg, @BillBooBoo and today’s his birthday y’all. This guy deserves all the best cuz he’s my best friend who completes my life all round, period.



31I haven’t seen these guys in 2 years, but we talk every weekend. They’re the definition of true friends, through and through.


32I saw Arthur, my dog, lying half-dead in a ditch. Now, he’s my bestie, and I am not sure if I can go on walks without him or eat without him. #IamALuckyMan


33Give me #diamonds, give me #gold, and I’ll choose these #PricelessFriends anytime. Simply because they inspire me to #Be.


three men sitting on veranda
Photo by Toa Heftiba Sinca under pexels license


34Come to #PoetryNight every Thursday at Café Bleu and you’ll find these four guys, every month, every year. You guys rock my world. Best #friends in this lifetime.


35Me and my very best friends, @Book and @Bake out for a walk. Naturally, @Book isn’t thriving outdoors. Life is so good when I walk and talk with them.


Instagram captions for friends for reminiscing about friends who have passed


36That’s Maggie, my wonderful friend, the only person I know who didn’t judge me. Today marks 3 years since she passed. I just #missher so much.


two women doing exercise

Photo by Luis Quintero under pexels license


37Currently in a sad mood, missing my friend, Roy (in the photo), who was nearly a brother to me.


38My very good friend, Ryan Guzman, killed himself 4 years ago in 2014. I miss him terribly. Please, whenever you can, call your friends and see how they are doing. #RIP


two men standing beside each other

Photo by Brett Sayles under pexels license


39Andrew Simpson, 1987-2017. RIP, Andy. I loved you and I still love you.


40Every 3rd day of August, I just can’t stop thinking about my friend, @GuzAndy, who died in a fire 3 years ago. #FreshWound #MissHer



There is nothing like true friendship when you find it. For Instagram users, The Gram is the place to tell the world about your friends and what they mean to you.
Don’t worry if you can’t find the right Instagram captions for friends to post, one of the templates above should do just fine.