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30+ Cute Ways to Say Goodnight to the Man of Your Life

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30+ Cute Ways to Say Goodnight to the Man of Your Life

You should make your man feel special all of the time, even when you’re just telling him “goodnight.” Saying “goodnight” to your man after a video call or text is boring and played out.

You may need some cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man, and it could be a fun way to spice things up in your relationship. By using cute ways to say “goodnight,” you’re sure to send him to bed with a smile on his face, and he’ll have the memory of you in his head as he doses off.

We’ve compiled a list of cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man for four different scenarios, and we explain why they’re great to use.

Here are 30 of our top picks for cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man!


Cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man after a date or a good day together

After a lovely date or spending a good day together, you can send him off to bed with one of these cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man:

01“Hey, I just finished eating the leftovers from our date, and now, I’m getting ready to go to bed! Thanks for taking me to that restaurant. I’ve been wanting to go forever! Goodnight, my love.”
This is a cute way to say “goodnight” to your man because you’re showing appreciation for the date, and you’re letting him know how much you enjoyed it.
Saying this will make him feel good about what he did, and it will encourage him to continue being a good and thoughtful boyfriend/husband.


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02“Thanks for today; it was amazing! I didn’t want it to end, but I know my dreams will be full of moments with you later. Night-night!”
This is a cute text to send because you are saying that your man’s actions had such a meaningful and lasting impact on you. You are saying that he’ll probably enter your subconscious to make your dreams just as amazing as your day with him was.


03“Being with you today made me so happy. I wish I didn’t have to go to bed, and that way, I could spend more time with you. Goodnight cutie.”
This is a cute text to send after spending a day together because you’re letting him know how much the day together meant to you. It’s also cute because you’re longing for more time with him.


04“I’m still so excited about everything that we did today. I’m having so much trouble falling asleep. Haven’t gotten a text back, so I figure you’ve passed out. Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!”
This is a cute text to send because it shows that you’re like a little kid again, and you’re still excited about your day. It’s also good to say because you are being understanding, and you’re not getting mad that he’s not responding immediately.


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05“Goodnight handsome. I’m about to dose off, but I wanted you to know that tonight was one of the best nights of my life.”
This is a good message because it is common courtesy to say “goodnight” if you’re tired instead of leaving the person hanging. It is also good because you’re letting him know how much you enjoyed your time together.


06“The only thing that would make today more perfect would be if I could fall asleep in your arms. Sweet dream my love.”
This is a cute message because it is another way of saying that you had a good time. It’s also cute because you want to spend more time with him.


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07“You looked so handsome tonight. I bet you’re even more handsome when you’re sleeping. I’ll dream about that, so goodnight.”
This is a cute message because you’re giving him a compliment about his appearance. It’s also cute because you’re saying that you’ll be thinking about him through the night.


08“All I can think about now is our next date. I have so many ideas! I’ll probably fall asleep thinking about them, so good night.”
This is a cute message because it shows that you’re excited about the next date, and you’re looking forward to it.


09“Who knew that you were such a great dancer? Maybe, you can teach me a few moves the next time I see you. For now, goodnight.”
This is a cute way to say “goodnight” because you’re complimenting his talent and also flirting a little. This is one of the cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man that you can customize.
You can change it to other talents/skills, such as playing a specific instrument, creating art, playing sports, cooking, etc.


10“Goodnight baby, I hope that you enjoy the rest of your night.”
This is a cute and simple way to say “goodnight” after a night out. It’s good to use when you’re too tired to elaborate in your message.
It’s useful when you’ve just had a long conversation, and there’s no need for a whole “goodnight” paragraph.


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11“I can still feel your goodnight kiss on my lips. I hope you fall asleep thinking about mine.”
This is a good way to say “goodnight” because it’s flirty, and it shows that he’s on your mind.


Cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man when you haven’t seen him in a while or miss him

It’s okay to let your man know that you miss him. This way, he knows that he’s on your mind and that you care.
Here are 11 cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man when you haven’t seen him in a while or when you just miss him:

12“Goodnight my love. Instead of counting sheep tonight, I’ll be counting down the seconds until I’m back in your arms.”
Instead of counting sheep as a way to fall asleep, you’ll be counting the seconds until you’re together. This is cute because it shows that you are longing to be with him again.


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13“I’m about to fall asleep, but I want you to know that I’ll be dreaming about when I finally get to hug you tight again.”
This is another way to say that you are longing to be with your man again. It is cute because you are saying that you’d like to dream about him.


14“Whenever you miss me, you can look at the moon. I’ll be looking at that same moon too. Goodnight, Ronnie.”
This is a cute way to say that no matter how far apart you both are, you’ll feel less alone when you think about the moon together or at the same time.


15“I will put on our favorite song to help me fall asleep tonight. That way, I’m hoping that you’ll visit me in my dreams after I fall asleep. Night-night.”
This message shows that you’re thinking of him. It’s sweet because the song reminds you of the time you’ve shared together.


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16“I love snuggling under my covers at night, but I’d love it even more if you were under them with me. Sweet dreams.”
This message says that you feel incomplete without him, and you’re longing to have him by your side again.


17“Somehow this bed feels bigger when you aren’t in it, and the nights feel colder. Hurry back so that I can have a good night’s rest.”
This is good to use when your man is away on some type of trip. It is cute because it shows that you feel lonely without him and that you miss him.


18“Sweet dreams my love. You’re in my heart and hopefully in my dreams. I can’t wait for you to be in my bed again.”
It lets him know that no matter how far away he is, you’re still thinking of him, and he’s still in your heart. It’s also good because it shows that you’re looking forward to being reunited.


19“I know that it’s only been a day, but I miss you already. Please find comfort and peace in the fact that you’ll be the last person I think about when I go to bed, and you’ll be the first one I think about when I wake up.”
This message shows how much you miss him. It’s cute because you’re letting him know that he’s number one in your heart and mind.


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20“I’d give anything to fall asleep beside you right now, but we don’t always get what we wish for. Goodnight, Michael.”
This message shows how much you are craving to be with him. It’s good because it shows that you are disappointed by the distance.


21“I can’t wait until you’re finally home. With every night that passes, I miss you more and more. Sleep well.”
This message says that with each passing day, your longing for him continues to increase. It also shows that you’re excited to be with him again.


22“This distance sucks, but I’d have it no other way if this is the only way. You’re the only one for me! Sweet dreams.”
This message shows that your love means more to you than the distance you’re experiencing. It shows that you’re willing to wait as long as it takes to finally be with him.


How to say “goodnight” to your partner when you had a fight, but you still want attention

All couples argue every now and then. That’s no excuse to not say “goodnight,” and you can try to make up with your partner by doing this.
Here are five ways to say “goodnight” to your man when you’ve had a fight, but you still want attention:

23“Hey big head, I know that things aren’t great between us right now, but I kind of miss you. I’m going to bed now, but I hope we can talk about this tomorrow. Goodnight.”
This is a cute way to say “goodnight” because you’re open to addressing the elephant in the room, but you’re also letting him know that you miss talking to him.


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24“I love you, goodnight.”
This is a cute and simple text for when you guys had a heated argument, but you want to let him know that you still love him.


25“I hate it when we fight. It takes away from the time we have together. Let’s meet up to talk about this tomorrow, and until then, I’ll say goodnight.”
This message is sentimental. You’re also making an effort to fix things.


26“I know you’re mad at me, but you better be dreaming of me! Goodnight, sweetheart!”
You’re sort of bullying your way into his dreams, but you’re doing this in a funny way.


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27“I hope you know that I’m still mad at you, but I’m not mad enough to not say goodnight. So, goodnight. I love you.”
This is kind of a passive-aggressive way to express yourself. It can be taken in a funny way too. He may appreciate it because it’ll let him know that you’re still open to talking about the reason of the fight.


Cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man with an action

If you don’t want to use a text message or call him to say “goodnight,” you can use an action.
Here are five cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man with an action:

28Blow a kiss:
Instead of sending a cute “goodnight” text when your man tells you that he’s off to bed, you can send a video of you blowing a kiss. This way, he can feel your love without you having to say anything.


29Send a picture:
A great way to wiggle yourself into his dreams is by sending him a sexy “goodnight” picture.
You can be as creative as you want. Perhaps, you can send him something suggestive or a picture of you in his favorite T-shirt. If you’re not into lingerie, you can send him a cute picture of you in your cutest pajamas.


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30“Goodnight” GIF
Everyone loves GIFs. There are GIFs for every situation, and there are tons of “goodnight” GIFs to choose from. Since you’re aiming for something cute, you can send a cute GIF that will let him know how much you love and miss him.


31Singing in a voice note:
If you have a lovely voice (or even a horrible one that he thinks is funny) you can sing him a sweet lullaby, and you can send it to him in a voice note.
This may help him to fall asleep, or it may cause him to laugh hysterically. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.


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32Read him a poem/bedtime story:
If you want to say “goodnight” creatively, you can read him a nice bedtime poem or story in hopes of soothing him into sleep. You can give him good dreams using a good story.
He probably enjoyed it as a kid, and it will make him feel as though you care for him deeply. It will be nice and comfortable for him before he falls asleep.



Sending a cute “goodnight” text to your man will surely make his night special, and it requires little to no effort from you.
With all of these cute ways to say “goodnight” to your man, you’ll have something to say for every day of the month!
He’ll be left wondering what you’ll say next.

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