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11 of the Best Excuses to not Video Call Someone

11 of the Best Excuses to not Video Call Someone

Okay, so let’s say you agreed to video call someone on Skype or Zoom, and for some reason, you don’t want to anymore. You’ll need good excuses not to video call someone after making an appointment or agreement, otherwise, the person might get offended.

Alternatively, you get a Facetime or Whatsapp video call, but you just don’t feel like taking it. If you don’t have a good excuse, your friend may feel hurt, or feel like he/she did something wrong.

This is a serious dilemma and your excuses must be convincing otherwise it will make you look bad. So, what do you do?

Well, all you need to do is read the rest of this post for some excuses not to video call someone. Here are 12 of the best excuses:


2 excuses when you already agreed but aren’t in the mood anymore

Sure, you already agreed to the invitation and set a time, but if you’re not in the mood anymore and you don’t feel like sharing the real reason, well, here are 2 excuses not to video call someone:

01Diarrhea/stuck on the toilet
Everyone gets the runs sometimes, and boy, it’s not pretty. We all know how painful and horrible it can be to be hunched over on the toilet suffering from diarrhoea from something you ate.
So, when the time comes for the video call, here’s an example of what you can say to get out of it:
“Hey, I went out to this new Indian restaurant today and boy it did not agree with my stomach. Can we do this some other time?”


woman wearing sweater holding her aching stomach
Photo by buri on photo-ac


Headaches/migraines are painful aches in the head that can be anything from annoying to completely debilitating.
This is a good excuse to use because having a headache can seriously affect a video call, especially if it is a serious conversation where you need to be at your best. Here is an example of what to say:
“Man, my head is killing me. I don’t think I’ll be able to make the meeting today. I’m sorry about that.”


3 excuses not to video call someone when you really want to talk to someone else

Okay, it might sound messed up, but sometimes you really want to talk to one friend instead of another, or your partner instead of your cousin. It happens.
And so, what? Are you going to hurt someone’s feelings by saying “I don’t want to talk to you”?
Nope. So here are 3 excuses not to video call someone in this situation:

03Family emergency
Family emergencies can take different forms, whether someone has been injured or is sick in the hospital, or when your son poops his pants at school and you have to go get him.
But one thing is certain, everyone knows that family comes first.
So, here’s what you can say:
“I’m sorry but my mom is on the other line saying something has happened to my brother. We’ll have to talk later!”


photo of woman using silver laptop with her child playing on grass field talking about something urgent over the phone

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04Have a work/school Zoom meeting
Let’s say you want to talk to your partner instead of your friend- would you want him/her to feel like you’re putting them last?
Nope; so you say that you have a work/school Zoom meeting. Since everything’s online nowadays this is a completely believable lie.
Here’s what you can say:
“Hey, sorry I missed your call but I’m getting set up for a Zoom meeting in 5 minutes. Talk later!”


woman in blue denim jacket using macbook pro talking with someone

Photo by Matilda Wormwood under pexels license


05Late for something
When you’re running late, you have no time to sit in front of your computer or hold your phone while you get dressed or prepared.
If you say you’re running late, the person will understand that you do not have time to talk, especially video call.
This is an example:
“Hey, I don’t have a ride to my doctor’s appointment so I’ll have to catch the bus. This is a bad time.”



4 excuses when you get a video call from someone unannounced

Don’t you just hate it when someone calls unannounced in the middle of something, like when you’re catching up on your favorite show or watching the game? Man, that sucks.
Here are 4 excuses not to take a video call during these times:

Ring, ring, ring, there goes the video call. You ignored it, but they see you online. What do you say?
Well, say you just got out of the shower and you have no clothes on. Surely, they wouldn’t answer a video call when dripping wet or naked.
Here’s how you can say it:
“Sorry, I just took a shower and I’m drying my hair.”



07Out running errands
Okay, ring ring again, but this time, you declined the call because you’re out and don’t feel like taking a video call in public. What do you say?
Easy, just say you’re out and busy doing errands and you can’t talk. This is what you can say:
“Hey, you picked the worst time to call! I’m out running errands today.”


woman waving her red hair photo gray background
Photo by George Bohunicky on unsplash


Okay, so it rings and you’re home, but you still decline it anyway. What do you say this time?
Easy again! Just say you’re eating and you can’t talk right now. They’ll assume your mouth is too full, or you’re around family and friends, so they won’t feel hurt.
This is what you can say:
“Hey, can you give me a few minutes? I’m having a quick bite.”


If you watch the phone ring, you’ll have to say something eventually or when you go back online. The perfect excuse is not hearing the phone ring, and if your ring tone volume isn’t loud, you won’t be able to hear it while you sleep. Foolproof!
“I just saw your missed call. I was taking a nap. What’s up?”


woman tired sleepy eyes leaning on the table while using laptop

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2 excuses to use when you hung up and they call back

When the connection is poor, or you pretend it is, it feels like the perfect way to get out of video calling someone, doesn’t it? But what if they call back?
Don’t fret. Here are 2 excuses not to video call someone when they try to call back:

10Phone/laptop died
This is something that happens all the time and is totally believable since phone and laptop batteries run out all the time.
This is what you can say:
“Give me an hour or so to charge my phone. Stupid thing just died on me!”


man wearing black holding his hair last minute meeting for work problem lenovo thinkpad laptop

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on unsplash


11Internet down
When it’s something outside of your control, there’s no way anyone can feel hurt or offended. If your internet is down, video calls are out of the question, and they are a real drain on data.
This excuse is good because there’s no way to disprove it unless you’re online somewhere else. If they keep calling, just plug out your router and take a nap!
Here’s an example of what to say:
“I’m not sure what’s happening with my internet, it keeps going in and out. Maybe we should postpone this meeting.”



Voila. 11 of the best excuses not to video call someone that are so convincing that there’s no way he/she can feel sad or offended. Which excuse is your favorite?