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30+ of the Most Egg-cellent Instagram Captions for Easter

30+ of the Most Egg-cellent Instagram Captions for Easter

Easter comes with fresh beginnings that you celebrate with loved ones. Taking pictures to capture each moment is something you would not want to miss. Finding the best Instagram captions to accompany them is not always easy.

You may accompany these pictures with the following egg-cellent Easter Instagram captions to help you engage with your audience.


Easter Instagram captions for the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure associated with bringing Easter eggs filled with sweets and chocolates. The following Easter Instagram captions help you describe the cutest holiday mascot.

01Springing through Easter with the hairiest hare is the greatest feeling. I love the touch of their smooth fur on my skin, cooling my nerves. ”


brown and black rabbit on green grass on daytime
Photo by Aswathy N on unsplash


02“Waking up to bunny kisses from your loved ones is all we wish for this Easter season. Wishing you all a happy weekend.”


03“One of the things I am happy about is the fact that I found some bunny (buddies) to care for.”


04“Every bunny wants to live life to the fullest each day. They are all traveling across the world before old age hits hard. “


05“No bunny’s best friend denies them a shoulder to lean on this festive season. #Easterfriends are the best when they stay loyal. ”


cute girl with blue eyes holding a black rabbit on top of gray wood surface

Photo by Anastasiya Gepp under pexels license


06“I cannot wait for the ear-resistible spring. #easterbunny #happyeaster


Instagram captions for Easter eggs

After creating a DIY Easter egg or buying one and making it look perfect, you may want to share its picture with the world.
Accompany your photos with the following egg-citing Easter Instagram captions.

07“Brown yolks and striped white shells make Easter more colorful. It introduces spring as the rainbow season full of decorations indoors.”


08“Bunnies crack eggs on Easter but spill chocolate to our advantage. It is both a loss and a gain in equal measures.”


woman in white touching a black rabbit looking at the egg

Photo by olia danilevich under pexels license


09“Let this be the season of happiness, multiplying like rabbits and bearing fruit to bring egg-citment and cheer #happyeggstar


10“It is the season for cracking shells and discovering what lies beneath. #chocolatelover


11“At the beginning of spring, let us do away with doubtful thoughts as we try to maintain an egg-celent hope-filled life.”



Captions for Easter chocolate

Easter chocolates come in great shapes and sizes to suit your liking.
Take pictures of the egg-shaped or bunny-shaped chocolates at Easter and use the following Instagram captions to engage your followers.

12“When Easter arrives, we know that calories are calling especially for the lovers of white chocolate. The milk chocolate lovers also suffer these consequences.”


cute plush toy rabbit behind the chocolates on top of round wooden board
Photo by Junior REIS on unsplash


13“The Birmingham chocolate factory better be ready to pay for my loyalty as their customer this spring. I am now on the 50th chocolate.”


14“The medieval twist on the eve of Easter got me lucky. I happened to have the chocolate egg when the clock struck midnight.”


15“The beginning of new life starts with a taste of candy and bite of a bar of chocolate to ensure you stay in the season.”


16“I cannot wait to see chocolate springing out from fountains and taps as people make merry of this beautiful season.”


different colors of eggs basket wooden box hays wooden rabbit

Photo by
Євгенія Височина on unsplash


17“Hail to the king of Easter this year…Why did I not carry the bars of chocolate to the event? I would have been crowned king of Easter and not #Simon.”


For the Easter holiday

You cannot miss taking a picture while celebrating fresh beginnings during Easter with family and friends.
Caption these pictures with the following Easter Instagram captions to share with your followers.

18“Easter is never fun when you spend it alone. Always enjoy this holiday with your peeps as you celebrate and feast.”


people holding silver spoons with colored eggs on top of table

Photo by cottonbro under pexels license


19“What more could you ask for this spring than an egg-stravagant Easter full of cheer and merry-making. Tag your friends and enjoy it.”


20“There is no harm in dying your hair like Easter eggs. I am the perfect example to show you that it is the right decision.”


21“Have a Good Friday full of blessings, hope, and love as we await the resurrection and beginning of new life.”


22“It is yet another year that Easter has officially sprung. I am waiting to have an egg-stra special season full of fun and joy.”


girl in yellow top and white pants with rabbit ears headband jumping on top of bed

Photo by cottonbro under pexels license


23“Luck strikes only once in a blue moon. I bet this year my Easter egg will make me the luckiest this year.#Easterluck”


24“My fluffy bunny clothes were the perfect props as an Easter bunny. I looked cuter than a baby and more like a red panda.”


25“It is a spooky season in candy stores. Every-bunny is buying lots of candies and coming out with goodies for kids.”



26“Should we or should we not mash the mellows this time round? I choose not to deny myself the sweetness of chocolate.”


27“Easter without jelly beans at a party is not considered as a holiday for feasters like you and me.”


woman in black floral top playing with candies while sitting on the grass
Photo by lucas souza under pexels license


28“The numbers say it on Easter as opposed to Halloween when it comes to the amount of candy consumed. We better call it the #candyseason.”


Easter Instagram captions during a pandemic

The pandemic has come with restrictions that has included interactions. You may celebrate Easter while keeping safe and commemorate it using pictures captioned using the following examples.

29“Better stay safe indoors with my chocolate Easter bunny and live to see tomorrow.”


30“I would rather not hop around this Easter but instead do a virtual party with friends and family living abroad.”


macbook pro displaying a meeting with lots of people

Photo by Charles Deluvio on unsplash


31“When life gives you cocoa, make chocolates. But when it puts you in a lockdown, quarantine until it is safe to go out and mingle.”


32“Let us all enjoy our solid chocolate bunnies watching the Easter festivities of the years before. #NostalgicEaster



Spring comes with lots of cheer and Easter festivities that you need to capture for commemoration. Share these pictures on your Instagram to help you share your experiences with people across the world.
Do not forget to use the above Easter Instagram captions to add some icing to the cake.