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10+ Good Excuses to Help You Get off the Phone Immediately

10+ Good Excuses to Help You Get off the Phone Immediately

Everyone has experienced that moment at which they needed some excuses to get off the phone immediately, whether it’s after getting bored or needing to change between calls.

Finding the right excuse to use can be difficult, especially if you do not want to hurt the other person’s feelings.

Here are some of the excuses to get off the phone that you can use, whether you are speaking with a friend, a colleague, your partner, or your parents.


Good Excuses to Get Off the Phone Immediately: When it’s your friend


01Something urgent has come up.
“I am sorry Jane, but I have to cut you short. Something urgent has come up that needs my immediate attention.
I have enjoyed having this lengthy conversation with you, and I hope we can do this again soon. I will try to make it up to you the next time we chat.
Have a lovely evening. Please say hello to your husband Joe for me. Bye.”
Telling your friend that something has come up is a great way to end a phone call without sounding rude or annoyed.


photo of woman using silver laptop with her child playing on grass field talking about something urgent over the phone
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02I am receiving an important call.
“I am sorry, Joe, but I think I am getting a call from my supervisor at work. It appears to be quite urgent.
Let me pick it up and hear what he has to say. If I get a chance to call you back, we can pick up this conversation from where we left it.
It was great hearing from you today, and I really enjoyed hearing all of your stories. Until next time, have a good day.”
You can excuse yourself from a call by saying that you are receiving an important call from your boss or colleague.


03My phone has no more battery.
“Shoot! Why do I always forget to charge my phone? I don’t have a charger on me. My battery life is hanging on the balance here.
I’m on my way home. I will call you back as soon as it gets plugged in or has enough battery power. Goodbye. Don’t let tonight’s game go by without watching it!”
This is a great excuse to use, and your friend will be understanding enough not to let your phone die on both of you.


smartphone no battery charge charging port and charger lightning cable

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04 I’m feeling unwell.
“My girlfriend brought some Mexican food for dinner yesterday, and it seems like my stomach is about to act up. I am sorry, but you will have to excuse me right now before things turn from bad to worse here, man.
I will have to call you back after this, if I feel better; otherwise, have yourself a good day. Ciao.”
A toilet break is always an understandable excuse that you can use if you have to hang up the phone immediately.


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Good Excuses to Get Off the Phone Immediately: When it’s your partner


05I’m feeling tired after a long work day.
“Sorry love, I feel quite tired after having one of the longest days at work. My boss gave me a lot of work, and I also had to drive to the suburbs to visit some clients.
A nap would work like magic for me and surely help me feel better. I promise to call you as soon as I wake up, baby.
I love you, bye.”
This is a good excuse to use on your partner when you need to end the call immediately. Your partner will not get mad at you for needing to get some sleep because of fatigue.



06I have a last-minute work meeting.
“Hey darling, I had to take part in a video-conference call for a meeting; we have meetings at work at the very last minute. I apologize for telling you this on such short notice, but I must attend this virtual meeting.
The meeting might take a while, but I promise that I will make it up to you as soon as I can. Goodbye, my love. I will call you later.”
You can use the excuse of a meeting to get off a call with your partner. It works perfectly because it won’t raise any eyebrows.


man wearing black holding his hair last minute meeting for work problem lenovo thinkpad laptop
Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on unsplash


07I have urgent chores.
“Baby, I just remembered that I have to do the laundry and wash the dishes before my mother arrives for her visit. She will get cross with me if she finds that I have not finished the chores before her arrival.
I wish that we could talk for a bit longer, but I have to get going before she comes through that door. I will call you back as soon as I finish.
I love you.”
Your boyfriend/girlfriend will understand if you have urgent chores to do, especially if it’s due to a parent’s visit. This is a good excuse to get off the phone quickly.


08My parents need me.
“You called me at the most inopportune moment, honey. I’m sorry. My parents just called me to join them in a virtual call. I need to be in the living room downstairs now.
So, I think it would be best if I called you back when I am free from my family obligations. I will call to wish you a good night before bedtime. I hope that is okay with you.
You can use the excuse that you are around your family or needed by your family to get off the phone. You can hang up on the call that you no longer find interesting.


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Good Excuses to Get Off the Phone Immediately: When it’s your parents


09I have poor cell reception.
“Hello, I cannot hear you mom! What are you saying? Hello! I think my phone is acting up again, and I’ll have to get a new one very soon.
Hello! [play with a candy wrapper close to the phone’s mouthpiece if you are pretending]. I am sorry mom, but I cannot hear you! [hang up the phone].”
This is a perfect excuse to use, whether it’s true or pretend. I It will make your parents believe that you have poor cell reception or that your phone is broken.


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10 Someone is at the door.
“I see someone walking up the driveway, and he/she will soon be knocking at my door. I will have to get the door to see who it is.
Maybe, it is the mailman, but I will have to make sure that no one else walked up the driveway. I will call you later, mom/dad.”
Going to get the door is a great excuse that you can use to get off the phone with your parents.



11 The dog needs a walk.
“Dad, I have not walked [dog’s name] today, and I think this is the perfect time to take him out before the weather changes for the worst. Please say hi to mom. You can call me back a little later.”
Your parents will understand if you let them know why you need to hang up the phone. Walking your dog is a perfect excuse to use.


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12 I heard a big noise!
“[drop something loud in the back] Did you hear that loud noise in the background? There must be something that has fallen, and I will need to have a look. Speak to you later,
Thanks for calling.”
This is a good excuse to get off the phone quickly without letting your parents worry too much about your safety.



Unfortunate situations often happen while we are at home, forcing us to drop the calls that we were having with our loved ones.
These great excuses to get off the phone will come in handy if you are looking for some inspiration to get off the phone quickly.
You can tweak these ideas to fit your situation, especially if you don’t want to continue talking to the person on the other end of the line.