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35 Cool “Happy Hump Day” Instagram Captions for Wednesday

35 Cool “Happy Hump Day” Instagram Captions for Wednesday

Midweek is the perfect time to appreciate yourself by posting some Wednesday Instagram captions.

You can take pictures at the most random places, and you can have a lovely caption to show that your dreaded week is almost through.

Get inspiration for your “Happy Hump Day” with our list of cool ideas for Wednesday Instagram captions below.

If Wednesday is your favorite day of the week, these captions are just the thing for you.


Wednesday Instagram Captions: For motivation at work


01It is always dull in the middle of the workweek, but we need to always remember that having a positive attitude and the right vibes can help change the entire day. #Wednesdaywidsom


colleagues laughing man woman office laptop
Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash


02The best day of the week is finally here. We made it through the Monday blues, and we’re looking forward to having an awesome weekend.


03Practice breeds mastery, and mastery breeds strength and knowledge. Do not play small. Instead, I want you to think big, make your moves, and do it BIG this #Wednesday.


04The secret to having a great #Wednesday is feeling good in what you choose to wear. You can put on your favorite dress and say goodbye to wacky Wednesday.


05Every job has its ups and downs, you know? It is another #Wednesday. I cannot really complain about it. #feelingblessed #stillemployed


06Your strength and commitment will help you achieve your goals. I want you to go out and motivate others to be a better version of themselves this #Wednesday.


paper office paperwork woman strong glasses work

Photo by oleg Avhimkov on reshot


07When desire meets knowledge, the action takes place. So, I don’t want you to be afraid of just setting work goals. I want you to go out and achieve them! #Wednesdaymotivation


08#Wednesday is the day of the week on which you can show that you genuinely love what you do.


For the vibe at school on Wednesday


09Today is your day, happy people! I hope you are all going to make the most of this day by having fun, unleashing the beast within, and winding down an awesome week! #Wednesdaymotivation


10What can I say about Wednesdays? It’s not as exciting nor as depressing as Friday and Monday. All you need is some positivity to get you through the week, and I’m setting the mood to have an awesome weekend.


11The sun’s out and the sky is blue. I have nothing to do on a Wednesday afternoon. This is the perfect hump day to get into a bikini and go to the beach.


beach summer swim blonde tan saltwater nantucket

Photo by camilleconover on reshot


12Nothing is going to ruin your Friday more than realizing that it is still Wednesday. Nothing is going to make you feel better more than knowing the weekend is almost here.


13It is going to be an exciting Wednesday with my classmates. A #positivevibe and some glasses of our favorite wine with my besties is going to be all that we need.


14You know, I guess it is true what they say: #Wednesdays are much more fun when you do not have classes or exams to worry about.



15The proposed plan for this awesome Wednesday is to eat, sleep, and repeat. I might even catch a game later on or watch some #Netflix and chill.


16I have got that feel-good vibe for school this perfect #Wednesdaymorning. It’s time to keep on believing and unleashing the best of me before the weekend.


teachers to teach and elementary school students
Photo by acworks author on photo-ac


17Being awesome flows in my blood, and I am not going to wait for anyone to make my day. I will not wait for anyone to make this Wednesday awesome for an awesome person like me.


Wednesday Instagram Captions: For humor with friends


18No parties, early bedtimes, and staying indoors are the things that every #Wednesday needs. I am doing it all!


19So far, the best thing about today is the fact that it is #WineWednesday. I know that I am always down for a glass of [wine name] every Wednesday night.


20Can we extend taco Tuesday to Wednesday? That way, we get to stretch the taco days to two day, which means more enjoyment for everyone! #tacoTuesday #tacoWednesday


21Having a rough day at work on Wednesday? I don’t want you to worry because if a martini cannot make your day any better, then it is not worth fixing!


pic woman man drinking toss wine cocktail v2

Photo by Gregory Hayes under Unsplash


22Avoiding people who call today “hump day” is the only way that you will get through this day! #HappyWednesday #mybeautifulpeople


23Wednesday, for me, always feels quite weird. It has all of the blues of a Monday morning, but I have the hype and vibe of a Friday evening.


24Oh wait, there goes the camel again. I guess that is why people love calling Wednesday a happy “hump” day.


25Wednesdays without rain must be really weird. As Demetri Martin put it, a no rain Wednesday is a dry hump day. I could not agree more!


26It is quite misleading to call Wednesday a “hump” day when you are about to leave work, and no one has humped you even once. #HappyWednesday


27Do you want a day that almost rises to the occasion to an awesome day like Friday? Well, it is hump day, so you can grab a glass of wine and join in on the celebration.


04 woman holding two glasses of wine

Photo by Lesha on reshot


28Having national holidays on a Wednesday would make our weeks even better. #longweekend


Wednesday Instagram Captions: To motivate others


29Change does not require perfection, but it needs you to put in some effort every single day. I may be tired, but I show up every day and put in the effort. #Happywednesday



30You first have to love yourself before you start loving someone else. You are responsible for your happiness, so you should live a happy life and enjoy this day! #Motivationwednesday


31Knowing your worth, and telling the difference between what you deserve and what you are getting, is the perfect way to start this happy hump day.


32The only difference between Wednesday and Monday is that you are closer to the end of the week, so you don’t have to hide that smile. You can go out and have some fun.


three smiling woman holding wine
Image from under Pexels License


33Getting the perfect balance in life is everything. Knowing your purpose in life is even better. Have a #HappyWednesday, and I hope you enjoy this journey called life.


34Happiness is a matter of enjoying all of the little things in life. Wednesday might have thrown a big middle finger at you, but you need to keep on pushing! You need to make them wonder how you still have a smile on your face.


35#HappyWednesday! Keep your head high and your chin up. Stay strong and keep smiling because you are halfway to having a weekend of a lifetime.



After a very poor start to the week, Wednesday can signal that you are halfway to the weekend.
To commemorate another hump day, people light Instagram up with photos that come with the best captions for this day.
Crafting Wednesday Instagram captions is not an easy feat, but you can achieve it. You can get some inspiration from the captions above. You can tweak them to suit your needs before posting.
Go ahead and share these captions! You can show your friends what you love about your Wednesday, “hump” day.