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25 Heartfelt Happy Birthday Wishes to a Dad from a Daughter

25 Heartfelt Happy Birthday Wishes to a Dad from a Daughter

Is “happy birthday, Dad” the best way to say happdaughter? Not really. It’s just the easiest way.

There are hundreds of messages that convey the sentiment with more feeling. Depending on the relationship between father and daughter, you can be more or less creative. Use the examples of “Happy Birthday to a Dad from a Daughter” below to inspire something other than “happy birthday, Dad”.


Happy Birthday to Dad from a Daughter: Wishes for When Dad is Far Away


01Dear Dad, I know I can’t be there with you, but I think of you every day, especially today, on your birthday! I am so happy for you, and I wish you all the best this year. Happy birthday, Daddy!


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02Hi Daddy, happy birthday to you! They say 55 is the charm (or something like that), so you’ve finally hit the jackpot. Go, have all the fun possible. I wish I could be there to hug you and say all this in person.


03Dear Dad, I know a number of people that can’t speak to their dads anymore, so I am really thankful that you’re still in my life, especially today on your birthday.
I may not be there with you, but in spirit, I’ve never left. Happy birthday, Daddy.


04Hey Daddy, I am sending you my most heartfelt, love-filled wishes for your birthday. It’s so depressing that you’re so far away on your big day, but still, here’s to a lovely 60th anniversary of life. Thank you for everything. I love you.


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05Hi Dad, I know you haven’t been well recently, but nevertheless, happy birthday. I’d hop on the next flight to be there with you if I could, but sadly I can’t.
Still, I am grateful and proud to be your daughter. To a wonderful year, Dad!


06Hello Dad, and happy birthday from Jared, the kids, and I. We are very excited for you, and although we can’t be there to celebrate with you, we still wish you the best birthday celebration ever.
Tommy suggests you ride a giant stuffed horse.


07Dear Dad, I hate to be so far away on such a great day, especially seeing as you never once, in my life, skipped my birthday. But it’s unavoidable, so I’ll just post my good wishes with this note. Happy birthday, Dad.


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08Hi Daddy, happy birthday. Thank you for everything these past 40 years, and I am so sorry I couldn’t be there with you today. I’ll always love you.


09From your little bunny, straight from London, happy birthday, Dad! I wish you only the best this year, and I am so grateful, every day, to have you for a father.


10If there is one thing I will be forever thankful for, it’s the fact that you’re in my life, Dad. Over the years, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of your love, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Have a great birthday.


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11Hey Daddy, happy birthday from your little girl. I wish I was on the east coast with you right now. Take care of yourself, have fun, and I love you.


12To the best dad in the whole world, happy birthday! I wish you the best birthday ever. I am still mulling over the best present to send you, but expect it soon. All my love.



Happy Birthday to Dad from a Daughter: Wishes to Express Gratitude


13Every year on your birthday, I think of you and remember all the things you went through to make our life—mom and Jim and me—a happy, idyllic, and fulfilling one, even against the worst odds.
Those memories always make me want to celebrate the blessing that is you, Dad. So thank you. I love you.


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14Hey Dad, Debbie here. I am sending you all my best wishes for this great new year of your life. Have fun, go skiing, take new risks, have a drink or two. You know you deserve it.


15Hey Daddy, thanks for always spoiling me and loving me and looking out for me all my life. Thanks for making me your special girl and for being so selfless all these years. I am eternally grateful, and I wish you a happy birthday.


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16Dear Daddy, happy birthday to you. Consider this my most heartfelt ‘happy birthday to dad from daughter’ wish ever, because I can’t stop thanking God for allowing us to spend time with you every year. Have fun, and all the best wishes.


17Dear Dad, as you celebrate your 55th year, I can only be grateful because of the time I’ve been lucky to have with you.
There have been lows, sure, but the highs we’ve shared together are my life’s highlights. You know I love you! Happy birthday again!


18Hey Dad, now that I am older (and wiser, I hope), I look back at all the decisions and sacrifices you made because of me, and I just feel grateful. Thank you, Dad, I love you. Happy birthday!!


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19Dear Daddy, on your 70th birthday today, I am feeling rather privileged, proud and nostalgic and appreciative.
I have always felt so loved and so treasured, and that’s because of the love you and Mom have always shown me. So, thank you, Daddy, and happy birthday!



20To my wonderful, amazing, heaven-sent dad, happy, happy, happy birthday! I know you haven’t been in great health recently, so I am praying that you get better soon. I love you so much, Dad. Thank you for my life.


21Dear Dad, you always were, and still are, the best example a girl could have of empathy, strength, assertiveness, courage, respect, and kindness, and I am proud to be one of the children you passed those traits onto.
Today, on your 60th birthday, I celebrate you. Happy birthday, Daddy.


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22Happy belated 70th birthday, Dad! If last year was good, I hope this year turns out to be even better for you, Daddy. I strongly believe that, for being such a fine, caring and loving man all these years, you deserve only the best.


23Hey Daddy. A unique thought crossed my mind last week—so many people don’t have fathers anymore, or fathers they can count on at all, and yet those who have them don’t appreciate them enough!
Today and always, I appreciate you, Dad. I love you. You’re just the best. Happy birthday!


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24Hi Dad, it’s Lori. Happy Birthday! I am so excited for this new year, plus the thought of being with you and sharing all that it brings.
Keep being the amazing, loving, and thoughtful man you’ve been all along for Mom and I. I love you lots!


25To my lovely father, happy, blessed birthday. I may have never mentioned it, but I can’t imagine my life without you in it, and I hope I never need to.
You’ve been my rock always, and I pray for only the best things to come to you this year.



If your father’s birthday is coming up and you want your happy birthday to Dad from a daughter message to be unique and fresh instead of the usual happy birthday note, we have a solution for you.
The 25 examples above are perfect to use directly or to serve as inspiration for your own message. Get crafting, and good luck!