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25 Different Ways to Say Good Morning at the Start of Your Day

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25 Different Ways to Say Good Morning at the Start of Your Day

Cheerful greetings come in many forms, and good morning is one of the most popular ways to greet people at the start of your day, whether it be your friends, your colleagues, or even a stranger on the street.

This article will take a look at 25 different ways to say good morning that will work in every context. Let’s go!


Different Ways to Say Good Morning Between Friends

Saying good morning can be fun and special between friends because there’s no need for formalities. Here are 10 different ways to say good morning to your closest friends.

01“Rise and shine!”
Rise and shine is a popular English saying. It’s a light and easy-going way to say good morning to a friend.


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02“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey.”
This is a popular American phrase used for greetings and is a playful way of demanding your friend get up, have breakfast, and get ready for the day. This can be very fun to use with friends via text by replacing the words “eggs” and “bakey” with their emoji counterparts.


03“Look alive!”
This is a British phrase from times of war, which means to perk up and pay attention. This is perfect to use on a friend who is slow to get going in the morning.


04“Wake up, sleepyhead/sleeping beauty.”
This is an endearing way to say good morning to a friend who sleeps in late via text.


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05“What’s shakin’ bacon?”
This is a popular phrase that means, “what’s up?” This quip adds a little fun to your good morning by playfully referencing bacon—very common breakfast food.


This is an informal and fun way to say “hello” and can be used at any time of day, including the morning. It is light-hearted and playful.


07“Look what the cat dragged in.”
If your friend is looking tired and a little worn out from a sleepless night, you can use this phrase to say both good morning and “wow, you look horrible” jokingly, of course. It can also be used with a friend who has arrived late to an event.


08“Let’s get this bread.”
This is a popular slang term used among young adults, which means you’re ready to wake up and go to work. This is an encouraging way to say good morning to a friend who isn’t feeling very motivated on a particular day.


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This is a shortened form “how do you do” used primarily in the mid-west and southern states. Saying it with an accent is sure to add a few giggles to your morning.


10“What’s cookin’, good lookin’?”
This is a popular American expression that can mean “what’s up” when said to an attractive person. Alternatively, this can be a funny way to ask what is on the menu for breakfast.


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Different Ways to Say Good Morning to a Colleague

Saying good morning to your colleagues at work is a great way to start your day. However, sometimes, a plain “good morning” feels like a step in a boring routine. Here are 10 different ways to say good morning which will add a little color to your day.

11“Pleasant morning we’re having.”
This comment is usually said in reference to the weather, especially when it has been particularly rainy or cold lately, and the day is warmer than expected. It is a good way to get a conversation started.


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12“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
This is a polite and introductory way to greet and say good morning to a colleague you’ve just met. It’s simple and will make you seem friendly.


13“Mozel Tov.”
This is a Jewish expression that often means congratulations. You can use it after a colleague has delivered a project or gotten a promotion.


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14“How’s your morning going?”
This is a general question that inquiries about your colleague’s morning, whether it has been bad or good. This question shows that you care about the people around you.


15“How are things with you?”
This is another general phrase that inquires about one’s health and wellbeing. It is great for use on a Monday morning after the weekend with a colleague you’re especially close to so that you guys can catch up.


This a short and quick way to say “hello.” This is a perfect fallback to use with a colleague that doesn’t talk a whole lot.


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17“Good day, mate.”
This is an Australian greeting that we became familiar with from references in pop culture. It is a perfect greeting to use with a close colleague so that things in the workplace won’t feel so tense and serious all the time.


18“Top of the morning to you.”
This is a British expression that means “hello.” Use this phrase one morning to show your colleagues your comedic side. Add a British cockney accent with a little imaginary hat tip, and you are sure to bring down the house!


19“The early bird catches the worm.”
This is a well-known idiom that can be used to lightly joke with a colleague who has a habit of running late.


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20“Good day to you.”
This is a formal way to start your mornings with colleagues, especially in more professional settings. This is an ideal greeting simply because it is a replacement for the plain old good morning.


Different Ways to Say Good Morning to Strangers

When approaching and meeting strangers in your day-to-day life, it is important not to come off as rude or unapproachable. We should be polite and try to keep conversations light. Here are 5 different ways to say good morning to strangers that also serve as great conversation starters.

“Hello” is a classic greeting that can be used at any time of the day. It shows that you are interested in a conversation, and not just saying good morning for the sake of politeness.


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22“How are you doing?”
This is a great conversation starter and is a simple question that asks how the person is feeling, especially if they don’t appear well. Asking this question makes you seem kind and caring.


23“Nice day.”
This is usually a comment on the weather that can also be used to wish someone a good or successful day. Although brief, it can encourage a little bit of small talk on the part of the other party.


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24“Hi there.”
This expression is commonly used to announce to someone that you are talking to them or trying to get their attention. You can use it to announce your presence to a stranger who may not have seen you.


25“How do you do?”
This is a formal greeting for a stranger you meet in a place of business. You can use it to politely introduce yourself and follow it up with a firm handshake.



Now that you’ve got 25 different ways to say good morning in several different situations, you’re armed with all that you need to go out and start making friends.
Say goodbye to boring conversations by adding variety to your vocabulary. Most of these greetings can be used interchangeably across the board, just be careful about which one you’re using in a highly professional environment. And remember, have fun!

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