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20 Heartfelt Congratulations Messages to Contest Winners

20 Heartfelt Congratulations Messages to Contest Winners

Who doesn’t love a good contest? It is a time when people compete for a chance to show that they’re the best at what they do and vie for a chance to be winners.

If you’re putting on a contest for the first time, you may have already realized that it takes quite a bit of planning, from the announcement of the contest all the way through to saying congratulations to the winners. So don’t be afraid to look for help!

Your congratulatory messages to the winners should make them feel special, and you should also thank them for taking part in your contest.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to write the congratulatory messages to the winners, here are some examples that can help you out. They can even be useful if you have a friend or colleague who won a contest recently.


Congratulatory Messages to Winners of a Music Contest

After your judges have selected a winner for your music contest, you can use any one of these congratulatory messages to the winners to bring them joy and show your appreciation for their participation.

01As the [insert your title] of [insert company name], on behalf of the entire team, I wish you a hearty congratulations on receiving first place in our annual [insert contest name] music competition.
You have thoroughly earnt it with your beautiful rendition of [insert song title].


woman raising her hand while singing
Photo by Taylor on unsplash


02Congratulations to [insert contestant name] for emerging victorious in this year’s talent show. Your performance of [insert song name] by [insert artist] left everyone in the auditorium with goosebumps. Continue to shoot for the stars!


03Congratulations on winning the [insert contest name]. Your powerful voice, command of the stage, and connection to the audience is what landed you this new record deal. All the best with your career and future ventures! I can’t wait to see what you come out with!


04No one was able to come close to the notes you belted out for the audience and the judges. Once you touched that stage, it was clear who the winner was going to be. I just wanted to say congratulations again. You earned it!


group of musicians singing

Photo by Jo Jo on unsplash


05I can say without reservation that you have the makings of a superstar! Congratulations on winning the songwriting competition. Having someone play the piano while they performed a song they wrote was a real treat. You are a triple threat and excelled in all three categories. It is no wonder you came out on top.


Congratulatory messages to winners of a performing and visual arts contest

It is sometimes hard to choose only one winner for a performing and visual arts contest since there are often so many amazing, unique talents on show.
If you have multiple winners, use any of these congratulatory messages to the winners to show your support.

06Congratulations to our three winners of this year’s art showcase. We had hundreds of entries from artists all over the country, but you three managed to set yourself apart from the rest with your amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces.


multicolored cyclops painting photo

Photo by Mr TT on unsplash


07Congratulations on winning the dance competition. Your unique talent is sure to find you fame and fortune before too long. Never stop moving that body!


group of people dancing

Photo by Ardian Lumi on unsplash


08Well done on winning the school’s annual talent show! Your creativity and skill know no bounds. I anticipate seeing you on the big screen in a couple of years!


09The Best Painting Award goes to you for your mastery of [insert painting technique]. For some people, that takes years of practice, but you’ve managed to make it look so easy. We look forward to seeing more work from you in the future. Bravo!



10The decision to name you the best actress in the class of 2020 was unanimous. No one could dispute your talent and dedication to your craft. Congratulations on this award! We look forward to hearing your name honored again on larger platforms.


woman dancing in front of men playing drums
Photo by Samuel Fyfe on unsplash


Congratulatory messages to winners of an innovation contest

If the contest is related to any kind of invention or innovation, you can use any of these 5 congratulatory messages to the winners to express your gratitude and send your regards.

11It is with great pleasure that I bestow upon you the [insert award name] for innovation. This prestigious award has been held by many of the world’s greatest inventors, and today you have a place amongst those ranks. You should be extremely proud of yourself. Congratulations!


white robot in front of brown wall

Photo by Alex Knight on unsplash


12My warmest congratulations to this year’s winner of the [insert award name], [insert winner’s name]. Your app reflects your skill and genius, and it appears as though coding is like second nature to you! It is sure to be a hit when it is released in the coming year. We’re looking forward to using it daily!


13Congratulations on being the youngest ever recipient of the [insert award name] for new inventions. This invention can help to change the world of recycling as we know it! You are on your way to greatness, young man! Keep up the good work!



14As members of [insert committee name] committee, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your participation in our [insert contest name] competition. Kindly accept this letter as an acknowledgment of your ingenious creation and talent. Well done!


silver iphone x earthquake frequency
Photo by Balázs Kétyi on unsplash


15Congratulations on winning this year’s web design award! Thank you for submitting your work on time and for all the creativity and effort you put into it. You deserve this award and so much more!


Congratulatory messages to winners of an academic contest

If you are in charge of an academic contest for students of any age group, you can use one of these congratulatory messages to the winners to express your pride.

16We are proud to award [insert winner’s name] with the district’s [insert award name], for the best and brightest aspiring physicist of 2020. While the news of you winning was not a surprise for us, we at the school wants to express our gratitude for representing us so well. Keep up the good work!


people inside stadium

Photo by Samuel Pereira on unsplash


17Congratulations to our first winner of the Best Junior Author Award. Thank you for taking part in our contest. Your raw talent and impressive writing skills will bring you loads of success in the future!


18Congratulations to the [insert school name] debate team for winning this year’s tournament. Your hard work, attention to detail, and debating skill set you apart from the rest. To the coaches of this team, well done! To the debaters, excellent job!


people in conference

Photo by Evangeline Shaw on unsplash


19I’d like to express my thanks on behalf of the entire student body for your participation in the Mathletes this semester. We all knew our Math Club had the best brains in the county! Congrats on the win.


20Congratulations to the winners of this year’s science fair. I find comfort in knowing that our future rests in the hands of such brilliant minds!



With these samples, saying congratulations to winners has never been easier. You can easily customize them to your liking to make them more personal and heartfelt. Your winners are sure to appreciate them!

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