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15 Great Ways to Ask Your Doctor for an Emotional Support Animal

15 Great Ways to Ask Your Doctor for an Emotional Support Animal

If you suffer from depression, an anxiety disorder, or other common mental disorders, you may need to figure out how to ask doctor for emotional support animal.

Emotional support animals can provide you with the affection and support that you need to relieve the symptoms caused by various mental conditions.

These samples below will help you find the right words when figuring out how to ask doctor for emotional support animal.


How to Ask Doctor for Emotional Support Animal: For someone with ADHD


01“Dear Dr. [Name], as you know, my son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. He’s having trouble concentrating on his tasks as well as his studies. We are thinking of getting him a pet to help calm him down, especially when he’s being overly active.
While we were thinking of getting a dog, we’d welcome any recommendations that you may have regarding the best ESA for our son. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.”


Acknowledging that someone is suffering from an existing mental condition can make your case sound more genuine. Asking the doctor to recommend an ESA for you can help you get the perfect animal for your situation.


girl petting dog ADHD emotional support animal sitting on the grass
Photo by Annie Spratt on unsplash


02“Doctor [Name], my child suffers from ADHD, and I’ve seen how his condition can improve when he plays with our neighbor’s dog. He becomes relaxed and even starts concentrating on his tasks after these play sessions.
I’m thinking about getting him an ESA to help him with his condition, but I’d love your help. You’ll find the doctor’s diagnosis of our son’s condition to help you find the right ESA for us.”


You can describe how an emotional support animal will help your child’s condition and help him/her improve symptom management. You can provide the doctor with everything that he/she needs to make this happen.


03“I recently researched the benefits of emotional support animals for people with my condition.
I think that getting one of these animals could greatly help in terms of improving how I feel every day. It could make my performance at work better as well.
I’ve also kept a record of all the symptoms that I’ve experienced so that my condition was clear and identifiable. However, I would be very grateful if you could help me get an emotional support animal. It would help me cope better with my condition.”


Reading about the impact of emotional support animals before seeing your doctor can help you sound more confident about your request, when asking your doctor for an ESA recommendation letter.


woman in white and black stripe hugging her brown and white dog

Photo by Helena Lopes on unsplash


04“Doctor [Name], you diagnosed my son with ADHD, and it’s never been the same for us since then.
We are trying to adjust to this new normal with our child, but I must say that our [pet] has greatly helped us deal with the situation.
My son is always playing with our [pet], which always seems to help calm his nerves and improve his concentration on tasks at home.
Our pet needs to be recognized as an ESA, which can help improve our son’s medical situation and status.”


You should outline how your current pet helps to make you or your child feel better. Sharing these reasons with your doctor will help you get the animal certified as an ESA.


How to Ask for ESA: For someone with an anxiety disorder or depression


05“I work in a very stressful environment that always leaves me feeling tired. Whenever I come home, I find it difficult to relax. I find myself worrying too much about things that aren’t directly related to my life, which makes me feel depressed.
I went ahead and got myself a cat, and I feel like it’s helping me cope with my situation very well because my cat helps me relax with his/her soft fur and purring.
I would appreciate it if you could kindly help me get my cat recognized as my ESA.”


Listing all of your symptoms to your doctor will help your doctor find the right diagnosis for your condition. It will also help him/her understand the importance of the letter for an ESA status for your animal.


hairless cat cute looking on its owner young woman yellow sweater

Photo by Nick Bondarev under pexels license


06“Dear Doctor [Name], I have been your patient for the past year, and you’re aware that my condition has imposed certain limitations on me.
I would greatly appreciate any help that you could offer me to alleviate these difficulties. I would like to be able to live independently.
I am looking for an emotional support animal that’ll help me deal with my anxiety disorder and depression.
I would be grateful if you could help me by writing a letter recommending an ESA for me.”


Going straight to the point and telling your doctor why you need the ESA letter can work like a charm.
This can work if you’ve been the doctor’s patient for some time, and he/she believes in the therapeutic benefits of an ESA.



07“As you know, I suffer from depression, and I have an anxiety disorder; these conditions have made me incapable of going about my normal life.
We previously discussed the idea of getting an ESA with regards to it being greatly beneficial for my overall mental and physical health.
I went ahead and searched for some sample ESA letters that I believe can assist you. These sample letters can correctly capture all of the details regarding my condition as well as the reasons why I need an ESA.
I would be grateful for your assistance in this matter.”


You can provide your doctor or healthcare provider with a sample ESA letter which includes all of the necessary information.
This helps the doctor or physician effectively explain why a person with your condition needs an ESA.


woman looking outside the window batlling depression
Photo by Tiago Bandeira on unsplash


08“Dear Doctor [Name], I am currently bound at home due to chronic illness. I spend most of my time in bed.
My [pet] brings so much comfort, joy, love, and companionship to my life; he/she is my main source of emotional support.
There’s no doubt that he/she helps me greatly with my anxiety disorder and depression. For that reason, I would like to make her my ESA.
I would be grateful if you considered writing an ESA letter for my lovely pet.”


This helps by reinforcing the value that your pet has in your life and how he/she helps ease the symptoms of your condition.


How to Ask Doctor for Emotional Support Animal: For someone with PTSD


09“My pet has been a great help to my mental health since I was involved in an accident. She’s a great source of joy to me, and she uplifts my moods whenever I get flashbacks of this very bad experience that I had.
I am requesting for help to get an ESA letter for my pet; this would allow me to travel with her and bring her with me to my new home.
Any help that you could give me regarding this matter would be tremendously appreciated.”


Besides explaining your condition, telling your doctor why you need the ESA will allow them to assist you quickly and effectively.


girl uplift mood watching on the smartphone beside a cat having emotional support animal

Photo by Velizar Ivanov on unsplash


10“Dear Doctor [Name],
You’ll find in the hospital records that I was diagnosed with PTSD in [year] by [doctor who diagnosed you].
After attending meetings with people who have a similar condition, I have seen how much of an impact their ESA’s have had on their mental health. Most of them have also encouraged me to get one for myself.
It’s the reason why I would like to kindly request that you provide me with an ESA letter recommending the best pet to emotionally support me. I would be grateful for any assistance that you could offer me in this regard.”


You can use this sample if you’ve observed the impact of ESA’s on people who suffer from PTSD. You can use this sample if you don’t know how to ask doctor for emotional support animal.



11“After speaking to you in length about the trauma that I go through on a daily basis since my traumatic experience, I want you to know that I have considered your recommendation for me to get an ESA to help me deal with my condition.
You have truly been a great help to me, and I agree with you that an emotional support animal could be very beneficial for my mental health.
I’ve researched online and consulted with friends about getting a [pet] as my ESA, and I’ve found out that they can be great companions and comforting additions to a difficult situation.
Therefore, I would be grateful for any assistance that you could offer me in terms of writing an ESA letter for my situation.”


If you have a therapist, you can use this template to request an ESA letter. Also, you don’t want to forget to discuss the advantages of getting an ESA with this individual during your therapy sessions.


photo of person kissing a dog on grass field sunlight sky
Photo by Laura Stanley under pexels license


12“Dear Doctor [Name],
I have been under your care since [date], and I believe you’re intimately familiar with my history. You know the mental and emotional limitations that are imposed on me by my condition.
To alleviate these difficulties, I would like to request that you write an ESA letter for me.
I already have a pet at home that is the perfect candidate to assist me in enhancing my life and improving my ability to be emotionally independent. The presence of this animal is greatly beneficial to my mental health.”


This is a great sample to give to your current doctor. This sample also gives the doctor enough information to include in the ESA recommendation letter.


How to Ask Doctor for Emotional Support Animal: For someone who cannot have a pet by law


13“Doctor [Name], my disability and history of mental illness has brought about some limitations that include [list of limitations].
Alleviating these difficulties is not an easy task. Helping me fully use and enjoy my dwelling is not possible at the moment. I believe I need to get an emotional support animal.
For this reason, I am requesting that you write an ESA letter on my behalf so that I can present it to my landlord. He/she will not allow me to live with my pet at the moment. The presence of an ESA would greatly help me alleviate my symptoms.”


If your landlord doesn’t allow pets in the apartment/house, you can get an exception made if you have an ESA letter.
This sample message allows your doctor to include all of the benefits of having the ESA animal in your home.


old man in beige sweater with vest petting his german shepperd with red leash

Photo by Gustavo Fring under pexels license


14“I invite you to review and evaluate my current mental health condition. Please offer your assistance in getting an emotional support animal for me.
I currently find it difficult to manage my symptoms of anxiety and panic, especially when it comes to traveling without my pet.
I believe that my pet is a great benefit to my emotional health, and it would be better I were allowed to travel with my ESA.
Therefore, I would appreciate all of the assistance that you offer me when it comes to writing an ESA letter for my [pet].”


For individuals who are trying to travel with their pets, this is how to ask doctor for emotional support animal. You should mention the benefits that you’ll get from traveling with your pet.


15“I’m confident that, after reviewing all of my medical history, you’ll find that I am emotionally disabled due to a mental health disorder. I’m limited to participating in some of life’s most common activities, such as going to a restaurant or the store.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could prepare an ESA letter for me that would help me get an ESA.
This would surely help me in the treatment of my emotional health condition. The letter would also greatly help me in getting a proper house for both me and my [pet].”


This sample is effective in getting an ESA letter for your pet, especially if you’re looking for a new residence at the same time.


person with gray jacket and stripes black hat vermont flanel carrying a dog

Photo by Laura Stanley under pexels license



Emotional support animals provide comfort and affection. They can also help alleviate the symptoms of most mental health problems.
These samples above can help you get an ESA letter, especially if you don’t already know how to ask doctor for emotional support animal.