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25 of the Best Responses to “How Was You Weekend”

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25 of the Best Responses to “How Was You Weekend”

Every now and again, your colleagues or managers will approach you with small talk as a way of being polite or to pass the sometimes-daunting hours at work.

So, they’ll ask questions like how was your weekend to get a conversation going.

Only you know how your weekend was, but we’ve compiled a list of responses to how was your weekend so it can be easier to come up with one, especially for the introverts among us.

Here are 25 of the top responses to how was your weekend to describe your time:


Responses to how was your weekend when you just stayed at home and did nothing special

Some weekends, it’s understandable to want to just stay home and take time to yourself.
After all the hustle and bustle of the workweek can drain anyone and time will be needed to recharge in preparation for another week of work.
Saying “nothing” or giving an answer that seemingly brushes off the person who asked can be taken offensively and can jeopardize your working relationship by making things awkward,
So, here are examples of what you can say when you are asked how was your weekend when you spent it at home:

01“I bet it wasn’t as interesting as yours! I caught up on my favorite series and did a bit of cleaning, so pretty uneventful.”
This is a good response if you’re someone who takes the weekend to binge-watch your favorite shows and just laze about in bed.


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02“I just stayed at home this weekend. I was feeling a bit under the weather.”
This is a good response if you are someone who is known for going out and turning up on the weekends.
This says you took it easy this week and provides an optional reason for doing so.


03“It was good. I got some much-needed sleep and I’m ready to tackle this week!”
It is a good idea to use this response with a new boss or your manager. It shows that you are enthusiastic about your job.


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Photo by Jordan Vanderzalm on reshot


04“It’s been so busy around here lately I decided to take this weekend to unwind, you know?”
Use this response with a coworker or colleague with a similar workload who will understand exactly what you mean.
It’s a way of relating to and building a stronger relationship with your coworker.


05“I finally got myself some overdue beauty sleep and cheated on my diet! I deserved it after closing that big deal.”
This is a good response when something good happened at work worth celebrating and a coworker is curious about how you spent the weekend.


06“It was okay. I had some weird dreams, but that’s about it.”
Dreams in this sentence can be substituted with any regular or uneventful activity that happened, but the point is that this response says nothing out of the ordinary happened.


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07“Same old, nothing special, you?”
Use this response when you aren’t in the mood to talk about your boring weekend but wouldn’t mind listening to your colleague talk about his/her weekend.


08“It was nice and peaceful. My wife/husband and the kids were away for the weekend so I had a lot of time to myself.”
This is a good response when you just spent the weekend in your own company, not doing anything special.


09“Watched the game, did some chores, and took it pretty easy. How bout you?”
Again, you can substitute the game for another event, such as a series finale or premiere.
It is a good response that gives enough detail to show the other person you are interested in the conversation.



10“It was raining cats and dogs so all my plans got canceled. I just chilled out at home.”
Use this response when your weekend plans got ruined so you decided to stay home instead.
It’s good to use especially if you had told the colleague or manager about your plans.


words to describe rain woman on the street wearing gray sweater holding umbrella car lights
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How to respond when you chilled out with friends and family

A great weekend can involve chilling out with friends and family by going out on the town, having a game night, planning a movie night and so much more.
These weekends are generally more exciting and are when you make the memories that will last a lifetime.
Since weekends such as these can be spent doing different things, it’s better to give a summary of events than to potentially overwhelm your colleague or boss with all that information. So basically, short and to the point.
When you get asked how was your weekend after chilling with friends and family, here are some ways you can respond:

11“My girl/boyfriend and I rented a cabin/hotel room and did a romantic getaway. It was much needed!”
This is a good response whenever you spend an intimate weekend with a lover.


couple swimming falls smiling talking
Photo by Briona Baker on unsplash


12“It was fantastic! I spent it with some of my old college friends and we had a blast catching up.”
Use this when you’ve had an amazing weekend with friends. You may also include minor details of what happened during the weekend.


13“It was so relaxing. We went swimming in the lake and had a little bonfire.”
This is a good response to use when your weekend with family was more on the slow-paced side but was nonetheless enjoyable.


14“It was a riot! We all had too much to drink and passed out at Dan’s house!”
This is a good way to respond to how was your weekend when you had a very eventful weekend, whether it was drinking until you passed out, going dancing, or going to a concert.


friends celebration drink alcohol
Photo by acworks on photo-ac


15“It was lovely thanks for asking. We had a family game night and invited some neighbors over. You should come next time.”
This is a good response to use since family game nights are common on weekends. Extending an invitation shows that you see the colleague as a friend.


16“There was some good weather so we had a family picnic in the park. The kids had so much fun.”
This is another example of a weekend that was pretty laid back but was also very entertaining.


17“It was great, thanks for asking.”
This is a good response to use when you don’t feel like giving too much detail, especially when you aren’t close with the boss or coworker.
It’s also perfect when you aren’t in the mood for a conversation but you don’t want to come off as rude.


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18“I had a really good one. I hope you did too.”
Use this response when you aren’t prepared to tell your story to the person who asked, but you wish to answer out of politeness.


19“It was a well-needed mini family vacation. I should take them more often.”
This is a good response to use especially with your boss when you feel like you have a lot on your plate and you are relieved for time to yourself.
It sends a subtle message that maybe he/she should ease up a little.


20“It was pretty good actually. I spent the weekend with my partner’s family and got to know them a little better.”
Use this type of response for family-related weekend activities. It is a good response because it sends the message that you belong to a loving family.


foreigners three generations of family
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Responses about the weekend during the pandemic

Pandemic weekends are much different from regular weekends. Most of it is spent in quarantine and those brave enough to go out in public spend it at awkward social distances.
In most cases, the person already knows the answer, so this is generally a way to make small talk.
In some cases, such as that of close friends and family, it’s a way to check up on you and find out how you’re managing all the changes.
Here are 5 ways to respond to how was your weekend during the pandemic:

21“I spent it watching movies/playing [video games e.g. Switch Ringfit”. I mean, what else is there to do?”
This response is sort of a “whatever” response since many people are bored and can’t find interesting things to do at home.


22“It was okay I guess. I used the time to do a little redecorating.”
This is another response that expresses the same feelings everyone has about being stuck at home with not much to do.


boy in white tank top holding blue green paint painting a bird house with another kids
Photo by Rashid Sadykov on unsplash


23“Dreadful. I don’t think I can stay in this house any longer! It’s driving me mad!”
Some persons are very outgoing and are used to being on the move a lot.
It’s good to use this response when you are frustrated about not being able to move about freely.



24“It was perfectly fine. I’ve never been more peaceful”
There are some benefits to everyone being inside. It’s generally quieter especially if you work from home and if you appreciate this then this is a good response to use.


25“I can’t complain. I’m safe and sound inside!”
This is a good response to use to show coworkers that you aren’t frustrated and have accepted the protocols put in place since you know they benefit you and are for the greater good.



We know it can sometimes be tricky to come up with the right words, especially if you’re new or feel intimidated by the person who asked how was your weekend. We get it but relax, you are now fully equipped with 25 responses!
With that being said, your weekend can be boring sometimes, other times it can be very lively or plain uneventful.
With these responses, you’ll always have something meaningful to say when asked how was your weekend in a conversation with colleagues or your bosses.

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