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12 Professional Responses to a Sick Day Mail



12 Professional Responses to a Sick Day Mail

Falling ill is unpredictable, and it may strike when working, making it necessary to send a sick mail. You may also be in a situation where you stand in for a sick colleague or reply to an employee’s request for a sick day.

You have to use the right words and ways to frame them in order while you reply to sick mail using these examples.


Reply to sick mail from a manager when the employees apply for a sick leave

An employee may have fallen ill and needs time to seek medical attention or rest. Reply to their sick mail following some of these examples when you receive sick leave.

01Dear Mr. Christopher,
Thank you for informing us about the need for you to go on sick leave on March 10, 2020. Your reason for taking it was that you had a mild toothache that could not allow you to focus at work.
I give you a two-day leave starting from March 11-12, 2020. I am hoping for your quick recovery.
Take care.


dental treatment boy client boy dentist
Photo by acworks author under photo-ac


02Dear Miss. Lillian,
You humbled the Silver Premium Businesses fraternity with your uttermost concern for our health and well-being. Your step of taking leave to prevent the spread of the contagious virus is so selfless.
Due to this, the leave is without a definite ending date until the doctors clarify your healing. You may reach out to me in case you are strong enough to work remotely.
We wish for your quick recovery.


03Dear Mr. Arthur,
I received your sick day request attached with a doctor’s note in May 2020. I have no reason to doubt that you suffer from food poisoning.
To my best knowledge and based on the doctor’s opinion, it is fit that I grant you a three-day leave starting from May 6, 2020 until your full recovery.
Let us meet again when you are healthy and have energy. I wish you a quick return to health.


04Dear Miss. Esther,
I am glad of your willingness to continue answering customer questions from home while on sick leave. If we find it necessary to seek your opinion, then we shall forward their inquiries to you.
Do this during your one week leave from August 20-26, 2020. I hope that you heal from mild fever and headache to come back and offer your great services.
Kind regards from Joan Dillon


woman lying on bed while blowing her nose sick window
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license


05Dear Mr. Liam,
We received the notification sent in our email today morning about your illness. Thank you for including the doctor’s prescription and note in the mail.
Your dehydration is out of hand, and we should grant you a three-day leave until you feel better. It is to start being effective from today, October 15-18, 2020 as per the company’s regulations.
We look forward to seeing you healthy.



Reply from the employees when the manager applies for sick leave.

You may need to reply to sick mail from your boss after they feel unhealthy and cannot work. Use the following examples to write them good mail when they apply for sick leave.

06Dear Miss. Janet,
It was sad to hear that you are suffering from cramps that caused you to be away on leave. We hope that you find fast healing and return to lead us in achieving sales targets.
If there is anything you would like us to do while you are away, please let us know.
NEEMA fraternity


woman black afro sitting on the sofa sickening day
Photo by Karolina Grabowska under pexels license


07Dear Mr. Collins,
Your absence is in high measures ever since you started experiencing mild symptoms of a cold. We hope to see you soon since your sick medical leave is due in three days.
We all wish you a quick recovery to come back to work and continue showing us the right paths to take. Let us know if there is anything you would like any of us to cover while away.
The Art Café fraternity


08Dear Mrs. Gian,
We are glad that despite being ill from the contagious flu, you saw it right to leave us under the leadership of Mr. Seed. Your consideration has put us in a better place in business, especially at the state meeting.
We wish to see you soon, fully healed, energetic, and active to join us in building the finance firm. We thank you for reaching out and feeding us with essential information to help us move in your absence.
TCAP Firm fraternity


womain in sweater blanket sick taking medicine teddy bear table gray background
Photo by 4330009-under CCO License


09Dear Mr. Zack,
We hope that each day brings you healing as you try to fight food poisoning. While you are away, we lived up to your goals and won [the name of the award].
We hope to see you soon to celebrate our victory and your healing. Not all this could be possible without your constant communication offering us advice on the best way to go.
Fame Beauty fraternity.



10Dear Miss. Leon,
We write to wish you quick healing from the persistent coughs you had during the last working week. You needed to take leave and have a doctor check because it was getting intense.
We thank you for asking about how we fair on while you are away on leave. We appreciate your presence hard work amid your struggles.
the Dentine fraternity.


the man pours mixture for cough in a measured glass
Photo by Nina P. on reshot


Reply to sick mail from HR when the employees apply for sick leave

When a member of your workforce applies for sick leave, you should reply to it as a good HR. Use the following examples to guide you on the best way to respond to the mail.

11Dear Miss Sonia,
I like to notify you that I received your request for sick leave because you are suffering from a high fever. It is going to take four-days leave from Sep 2, 2020.
Thank you for reaching out on time. I hope you heal soon to come back and do the best you always do.
Kind regards,


sick person wearing a blue sweater holding a thermometer while lying on bed
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch under pexels license


12Dear Mr. Smith,
I am so sorry that you have to experience unhealthy conditions due to the flu. It has to lead me to grant you four days’ leave starting from Feb 13-17, 2020.
I appreciate your willingness to telecommute while on sick leave. I wish you a quick recovery.



Sending a reply to sick mail to your colleagues or employer is not easy. You may not have the right words in mind to frame and the best way to write them.
Worry no more because the above examples guide you on the best way to respond professionally to a sick day mail.

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