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28 Other Ways to Say “Nice to Meet You”

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28 Other Ways to Say “Nice to Meet You”

Truthfully, it gets boring when we said “Nice to meet you” in audio/video calls or face-to-face conversations. Surely, there must be other ways to say nice to meet you to people that are nice to meet for the first time.

If you need new ways to say this greeting, you’ve come to the right place.

There are plenty of other ways to say it while expressing the same emotions. Here are 25+ other ways to say nice to meet you in emails, in video calls, phone calls, or in-person.


13 other ways to say nice to meet you in emails

When you’re sending an email, especially a business/work email, you should observe certain email etiquette rules. This means that saying things like “nice to meet you” is not an option, and it is certainly redundant.
Instead, here are 13 other ways to say nice to meet you in emails:

01“Thank you for interacting with me.”
This is a good alternative to “nice to meet you.” Emails are more like interactions than meetings.
It’s good to use when you want to show gratitude for the person who is actually responding and interacting with you.


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02“The speedy response is much appreciated.”
You can use this instead of “nice to meet you” when you send a time-sensitive email, and the person replies quickly.
This allows you to accomplish what you had set out to do, and you can thank the person for that courtesy.
For example, if you need a document to meet a deadline and the recipient sends it to you just in time, you can this statement.


03“I am honored for the introduction.”
This is a good message to use when you were put in contact with the recipient by someone else who is an acquaintance to both of you.
It says that you are very glad to speak with him/her.


04“Let me start by saying how much I look forward to working with you.”
It is good to use this message with a new colleague/associate, especially when this is your first interaction. This is useful if the person has just started the job. It will make him/her feel more welcomed.


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Photo by Martine Savard under pexels license


05“I am very excited to be having this opportunity to interact with you.“
This is a good message to use in an email if you’re talking to someone who is a role model for you.
If you see this person as a mentor or source of inspiration, you can use this line to show that you are happy to meet him/her.
This is also a good welcome email to send to a new coworker or business associate.


06“Your reputation precedes you. I anticipate great things for this joint venture that I am about to propose to you.”
You can use this response when the person whom you have met via email is someone distinguished or well-skilled in his/her job.
A good example would be two Youtubers meeting for the first time to talk about a joint venture.


07“Warm greetings, I am glad we’re in touch.”
It is good to use this line when you have been wanting to speak to this person for some time.


08“Connecting with you has been a pleasant experience.”
You can use this line when you want to stay as formal as possible, but you wish to let the person know that you appreciate the conversation.


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09“This is going to be a productive interaction.”
It is good to use this line when it’s the first time that you are meeting someone; you can use it if you wish to accomplish something.
For example, you are reaching out to a scholar to find a solution to a specific problem.


10“I’m pleased to be able to interact with you.”
You can use this line when you have a high level of respect for the recipient of the email, and you wish to express this sentiment. You may also use it if the person has taken quite some time to respond.


11“I appreciate your correspondence.”
This message is good to use for someone who is extremely busy, but he/she has found time to answer your emails.

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Photo by Retha Ferguson under pexels license

It shows that you acknowledge that he/she has no time to waste, and you are grateful that he/she took the time out of a busy day to respond to your email.


12“Thank you for your response.”
It is good to use this line when you want to be formal in your response and acknowledge that you appreciate his/her effort.


13“I’m delighted to connect with you.”
This is one of the best other ways to say nice to meet you when you are trying to be a little less formal and more casual.
It is good to use this message with long-time associates, clients, or customers.


10 other ways to say nice to meet you in-person or in a video call

When you have a face-to-face conversation, whether in-person or via video call, there are still some etiquette rules to follow.
These rules are especially important because saying the wrong thing can easily turn a nice moment into one that is awkward or even sour.
You can save yourself from this embarrassment by using any of these other ways to say nice to meet you:

14“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”
This is a good line to say when the conversation is in-person. It is another way to say that you are happy to be in his/her presence.


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Photo by Styles66 under Pixabay License


15“Pleased to meet you.”
This is more formal than “nice to meet you.” It is more appropriate to use this line when the person is not a peer or a colleague.


16“Great seeing you.”
You can use this line when you make a new friend; this is a more casual way to say “nice to meet you.”


17“I am glad that we finally had this meeting.”
You can use this when you have spoken to the person over the phone or via email before, but you have not yet had the chance to speak in-person.
It lets him/her know that you appreciate the meeting.


18“Our meeting was long overdue, but it was definitely worth the wait.”
This is good to say when you have a good encounter with someone whom you have been waiting a long time to meet; it shows that you were looking forward to speaking with the person.
It lets him/her know that it was pleasant for you.


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Photo by Office Stock- under Unsplash License


19“I can’t wait to catch up with you again.”
It is good to use this line in casual settings with someone whom you don’t see very often. It may be that you don’t work with or do business with this person on a regular basis.
It shows that you thought the conversation was productive, and you wish to pick up where you left off at another time.


20“This was a lovely meeting.”
This is a good line to use when you want to indicate to others that the meeting was pleasant.
It can help to lift the person’s spirits in case he/she wasn’t sure about how things were going.


21“We’re going to make a great team!”
You can use this line to relieve the fears and anxiety of new team members.
It is also good to use to show that you have faith in your new arrangement with him/her (or them) because the meeting went extremely well in your opinion.


woman shake hands office
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


22“I am so happy that you’re on my team.”
This is good to use when you want to make your new team member feel welcome. It shows that you are glad to be working with this person.


23“Thanks for agreeing to meet with me.”
You can use this line when the person is very busy. He/she may be picky about who he/she chooses to respond to.
For example, you might use this line with a busy politician, businessman, or celebrity.
It also shows that you appreciate his/her time.


5 other ways to say nice to meet you over the phone

When speaking on the phone, you can simply choose to say goodbye and hang up.
However, in some circumstances, the correct gesture is saying something along the lines of “nice to meet you” to show that you enjoyed or appreciated the call.
Aren’t you tired of saying the same thing over and over again? If you are bored with this simple line, here are five other ways to say nice to meet you that will help you keep things interesting:

24“I’m happy to hear from you.”
This message is good to use when you want to let him/her know that the interaction made you very happy, and hearing from him/her was a pleasure.


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Photo by Vlada Karpovich under Pexels License


25“I wish this conversation wasn’t cut short, but we can always continue it another day.”
It is good to use this line when you have to say goodbye, but you want to let him/her know that it isn’t because of anything he/she has said.
It shows that you actually want to speak with him/her again soon.


26“It was fun chatting with you.”
This is a casual message to use when you want to let the person know that you enjoyed yourself while speaking to him/her. It shows that you may even hope to become friends with this person.


27“I appreciate the phone call.”
You can use this line when someone unfamiliar to you calls you for a reason that may even benefit you. It thanks him/her for his/her time.


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Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash


28“This was a lovely conversation. I hope that we can pick up where we left off soon.
You can use this line when you want the person to know that you want to speak to him/her again in the very near future because you enjoyed the conversation.



There you have it! Here are 28 other ways to say nice to meet you. Now, we shouldn’t catch you saying the tired and overused phrase “nice to meet you” ever again!

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