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20+ Creative Ways to Say “Safe Travels” to Someone

20+ Creative Ways to Say “Safe Travels” to Someone

“Safe travels” is a term that has a literal meaning. One way of wishing someone “safe travels” is to say “have a safe trip” or “travel safely.”

Other ways to say “safe travels” include “have a safe journey” or “travel well.” Here are 25 other ways to say that you hope travelers are safe and enjoy the journey.


Wishing family members “safe travels”

Saying goodbye to the family can evoke plenty of emotion.
You will miss the family member who is traveling but you also want to wish them well, express your love, and express your desire for them to return safely.
The following phrases are less common than “safe travels” as they express more emotion and show the closeness of the family bond.

01“I hope you have an incredible trip and make plenty of amazing memories. You deserve the chance to see some memorable sights and broaden your horizons.”


airplane window seat view flight sky and field
Photo by Tove Liu under pexels license


02“I am a little jealous but I hope you have an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime trip with all kinds of enlightening experiences.”


03“It is hard to see you go but have an unforgettable trip and come back with some incredible stories to tell. May only good things happen to you on your journey.”


04“I am proud of you for going on such an adventure. I know you will love it and that it will be transformative for you.”


person holding a paper airplane

Photo by Sebastián León Prado on unsplash


05“You have always been adventurous. Enjoy every moment; I will be looking out for your Instagram posts so I know where you are and what you’re doing.”

All of the above phrases talk about making memories and enjoying the adventure.
They encourage family members to make the most of the opportunity but they also express love, appreciation and a sense of anticipating their return.

Other ways to say “safe travels” to a close friend

When close friends go traveling, you often wish that you could go with them.
At the same time, you want them to have the very best travel experience and come home safely so you can find out all about their adventures.
Close friends often travel together and if you’re the one that’s left behind for some reason, here are some other ways to say “safe travels” to your close friend.

06“I know you have wanted to take this trip down memory lane, and you have been saving up for it for some time. I hope you have a meaningful trip and come back safely.”


road travel city transportation airplane airplane roof fly wing wing engine flight air houses motor

Photo by Jeremy Irish on reshot


07“It’s time to make sure your Instagram game is up to speed because I want to follow your journey. I know you will have great fun.”


08“Your dream has always been to travel the world. Have an unforgettable time and experience the thrill of each moment.”



09“Do some crazy things you wouldn’t think of doing at home and have a blast. I’ll try not to have too much fun while you’re away! I look forward to sharing experiences when you return.”


woman in white shirt waving her hand on airplane
Photo by Osman Yunus Bekcan on unsplash


10“I will miss you but I want you to enjoy every aspect of your trip. You are so lucky to have this opportunity. I have always admired your courage and no doubt it will lead to some amazing adventures.”


Wishing a work colleague “safe travels”

When a work colleague goes traveling, what you say will depend on how well you know the person. When you know the person well, you can be more lighthearted, whereas if it’s someone you don’t know as well, your tone will be more formal.
Whether you want to wish a colleague a safe journey in person or you prefer to write a card or send an email, here are some other ways to say “safe travels” to a work colleague.

11“The office won’t be the same without you. I will keep your plant watered and your desk organized. I look forward to hearing all about your trip when you come back.”


Person holding iphone capturing image of the plant

Photo by cottonbro under pexels license


12“I will be your eyes and ears at work while you’re gone. Let’s get lunch when you come back so I can hear all about your trip and I will catch you up on what’s been happening in the office.”


13“Enjoy the conference and make the most of being away from work for a while. Of course, if you have too much fun we will hear all about it ☺”


14“Best of luck on your trip. We will miss your cheerful presence at work and we look forward to your safe return.”


person flight attendant in purple red uniform standing inside the airplane

Photo by Kelly Lacy under pexels license


15“You deserve a break after working so hard. Relax, have fun, and come back rested and refreshed.”

As you can see, some of the above suggestions are more formal than others. If a colleague is a close friend, you can use the phrases that are more intimate and light hearted, such as looking after a plant or catching up on office gossip.

How to say it to someone who is afraid of flying

Do you know someone who is afraid of flying and about to go on a flight? Many people have different levels of fear when it comes to flying and some are unable to fly at all because they have such a big fear of flying.
A fair number of people have at least some trepidation when it comes to flying. Helping to cheer them up with some humor or reminding them that flying is safe can help them to overcome their fear and set off in good spirits.
Here are some other ways to say “safe travels” and let those afraid of flying know you are thinking about them and you wish them well for the trip.

16“As you fly, may God guide your pilot so you come back safely. I will miss you but I know we will have a great reunion when you return.”


17“I know you have a fear of flying but it is a fear worth conquering. I am proud of you for facing your fear, realizing that life is short and that there’s a whole big world out there for you to explore.”


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Photo by Jason Toevs under pexels license


18“Remember that flying is the safest form of travel! I wish you a safe flight free of any turbulence. I am sure you will manage very well; let me know once you’ve landed.”



Wishing someone traveling in a pandemic “safe travels”

One of the main reasons we travel is because we love to explore and have new experiences.
During a pandemic with many countries around the world in lockdown, travel of all kinds has been impacted and people are less willing to travel.
As people are beginning to travel again, they are experiencing some changes. There are all the safety protocols they have to follow that can be tiresome. However, there are far fewer people traveling, so that has certain advantages.
Expressing “safe travels” to someone traveling in a pandemic carries more of a sense of urgency than when you are just wishing someone a pleasant journey. However, people also tend to joke a little as a way of coping in difficult circumstances.
Here are some ways to say “safe travels” during a pandemic, It is often better to emphasize the positive rather than the negative aspects of traveling.

19“I know you will do everything you can to ensure your safety. Have a relaxing time and enjoy a well-earned rest.”


man person looking up to the flight schedule
Photo by Erik Odiin on unsplash


20“After months of total lockdown, you must be looking forward to stretching your legs now you are able to fly again. At least you’ll have some space inside the plane (hopefully!)”


21“These may be difficult times to travel but an advantage could be the lack of crowds. You may just have a better journey than you expect.”


22“Have a stress-free journey and enjoy looking out of that plane window while I’m taking virtual reality tours to satisfy my wanderlust.”


white airplane flying over the city

Photo by jet dela cruz on unsplash


23“One of the advantages of flying in the pandemic is that no-one is likely to notice how afraid you are of flying when you have your mask on.”


A final word

Travel used to be a perilous affair full of danger but today, the most you usually have to deal with is delays, lost luggage, obnoxious fellow passengers or turbulence.
“Safe travels” is a term that’s evolved to mean more for the trip itself than the transport to get there.
As you can see from the examples above, there are many other ways to say “safe travels.”