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25 Creative Ways to Say “Take Care”

25 Creative Ways to Say “Take Care”

At the end of a conversation, or spending time with someone, it’s customary to send well wishes by saying something like “take care”. But do you plan to say this every single time or are you interested in learning other ways to say take care?

If you’re a non-native English speaker, learning other ways to say take care will give you a variety of conversational terms and phrases to improve your language skills.

For native speakers, learning other ways to say take care will help you adjust accordingly, whether it is a formal or casual conversation.

Here are 25 other ways to say take care that you can use next time:


10 other ways to say “take care”

In usual day- to- day situations, it’s normal to tell a friend, co-worker, family member, or even a stranger to take care after an interaction.
This shows that you are not harboring any bad feelings, you liked the conversation, you care about his/her well being, and so forth.
Here are 10 other ways to say “take care” that may be used in general situations:

01“See you around!”
This is good to use with strangers, but you may also use it with a friend. It is good to use after a brief introduction or talk, as a way to show that you like him/her.


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02“Don’t be a stranger!”
It is good to use this phrase with someone you just met, or haven’t seen in a very long time. It means that you had a pleasant interaction and look forward to meeting with him/her again.


03“Go home and put your feet up.”
It is good to use this with a co-worker or someone you know that is hardworking. It is a way to say take care of yourself after all he/she has done.


04“Stay out of trouble mister/miss!”
Use this phrase as a joke with friends, or with someone who legitimately gets themselves in trouble like a teenager. It means that you are concerned for his/her safety, but not in the sense that you foresee danger.


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05“Have a great rest of the week!”
You can use this with anyone, but it’s perfect for someone you know you won’t see again that week. It is good to use in emails, or with strangers.


06“All the best!”
You can use this at the end of a positive conversation that contained good news with a friend, or with a co-worker who is working on someone big. It is one of the best other ways to say “take care” when something specific is happening.
It could also be used when something big is coming up for someone that you already knew about, like someone is having a baby soon, or is starting a new job soon.


07“Get home in one piece.”
This phrase is commonly used between people who share intimate relationships. It means that you are wishing the person safe travels on the journey home.


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08“Be/Get well!”
You can say this if you notice the person is a little under the weather, for example, is looking pale, or is coughing/sneezing. You may also use it in general with friends and family members.


09“Alright now, take it easy”
This is a good one to use with older folk, or with someone who isn’t well; for instance, a friend with a sprained ankle or someone recovering from surgery.
It can also be used with someone who tends to work a bit too hard sometimes.



10“Smell you later!”
This is a joke that can be shared with loved ones. It means “see you later” and isn’t as formal as “take care”, which can feel awkward in certain situations.


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8 ways to say “take care and be safe”

Saying “take care and be safe” is more common these days, especially with the pandemic affecting billions of people worldwide.
It’s clear that scientists are scrambling to find the most effective treatments and prevention, so the best we can do is try to avoid exposure.
The effects are clear, but some people need a nudge in the right direction or a reminder that everything will be okay.
You can share these kind words, or use any of these other ways to say “take care” to share kind thoughts:

11“Remember to wear your mask!”
As crazy as it might have sounded just two years ago, this is a common phrase used by people to tell each other to stay safe. It is a caring thing to say since it can stop people getting sick.


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12“Stay healthy, and remember, 6 feet apart!”
This is good to say in the pandemic as experts recommend keeping socially distanced to slow the spread of the virus. This is one of the most caring things you can say.


13“I hope you’re remembering to wash those hands!”
Say this to someone younger than you, like a younger sibling or any youngster who might not be taking the threat of the pandemic very seriously.


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14“Everything’s fine over here, you just focus on staying healthy.”
This is good to say when someone who is unwell is troubling themselves with your affairs. This redirects their attention and shows that you care about what he/she has going on more.


15“Stay sane and healthy”
This can be used in an email as a closer or over a Zoom call since we can’t have much face-to-face interaction right now. It is an acknowledgment of the fact that many people are having a difficult time coping and that you are wishing him/her well.


16“Looking forward to seeing you soon!”
This is good to say over a phone call, text or social media since a pandemic forces people to live with restrictions. This shows that you hope he/she makes it through okay and you can be together again soon.


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17“My thoughts are with you”
It is good to say this to someone who has a sick relative or friend, or if they are sick themselves. It means that you are actively thinking about his/her situation and that you wish him/her well. You can also use this with a co-worker who you don’t know very well, but you have knowledge of an unfortunate situation he/she is in.


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18“Hang in there, you’re in the right place”
This is good to say to someone who is in quarantine, isolation or hospital. It means that they should continue doing what they are doing to stay safe, or until he/she feels better.


7 ways to say “take extra care of yourself”

When does it call for you to say “take extra care of yourself?”
Well, if a person is known to be a bit of a klutz or is prone to mishaps, you can use it then. You can also use it during a pandemic with people who are at high risk of exposure, i.e. essential workers such as nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, pharmacists, and so forth.
You may also use it if you know the person is stressed out or going through a lot.
You can use these other ways to say “take care” to emphasise your concern and good biddings:

19“Safe travels! Remember to wear your seatbelt!”
This is good to say to someone who is going on a long journey. It doesn’t necessarily mean he/she is a bad driver.


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20“It’s getting kind of dark, so hurry home”
This is good to say when you live in an area that is no stranger to crime. This is good advice to ensure he/she stays safe.


It is good to say this when someone is going on a trip, or when they are about to do something risky.


22“Don’t do anything silly!”
Use this when the person isn’t the smartest cookie in the jar and finds him/herself in trouble when you aren’t around to look out for him/her.



23“Stay out of trouble!”
This can be used as a joke among friends, but it is best used with someone who actually gets into a lot of trouble.


24“Watch your six!”
This is military talk for watching your own back. It is especially useful for people who perform high-risk jobs like cops or firefighters.


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25“Feel better soon!”
Use this when someone is already sick and is feeling hopeless. This positivity will not heal him/her, but it will lift spirits.



It’s important to note that when you use these other ways to say “take care”, you need to make sure you use them in the right context. Otherwise, it may be taken the wrong way.
Avoid using intimate alternatives with people you aren’t well acquainted with, like a boss or co-worker. In some cases, just saying “take care” is fine.