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25 Other Ways to Wish Someone a “Happy Birthday”

25 Other Ways to Wish Someone a “Happy Birthday”

When you say happy birthday to someone, you not only make him/her feel important, but you also acknowledge his/her existence.

You can take some time out of your busy schedule to think about other ways to wish someone a happy birthday.

You should cherish your love for the person by using some other ways to say happy birthday in hopes of making him/her feel special.


Other ways to say happy birthday: things to text instead of saying “Happy birthday”

Short text messages explaining how you wish to celebrate that he/she is one year older can be another way to the person feel special. You can send the person these texts in the form of other ways to say happy birthday.

01“May all your wishes come true as you grow older.”
It’s possible that they want to achieve something while turning older. Wishing the best in all endeavors makes them feel appreciated as they grow older.


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Photo by MaggiePoo under Pixabay License


02“May this year be the greatest year you ever have in your life.”
You want to let them know that you want them to have a great year ahead as they turn a year older; you can make them feel appreciated by writing this message because it shows how much you value growth in life.
You are also wishing for them to have more successful years to come.


03“Spare some cake for me; do not get old and greedy!”
Joking about how they love eating on their birthday is a funny way of celebrating their growth; this is a good idea for an alternative way of saying happy birthday.
Asking them to spare some of their birthday cake for you can make them giggle, if not laugh at your birthday wish.
They sure can keep you in mind while eating the cake because of your funny birthday message.


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04“You deserve a spectacular day to turn a year older and bolder.”
You are wishing them to have a spectacular day while becoming another year older. It lets them know that you are thinking about their special day. They are likely going to feel that you want the best for them in everything they do as they get “older and bolder.”
It makes their day splendid; in addition, this is the best birthday wish for a friend or family member.


05“Gosh! I cannot believe that you are now so old. Soon, you’ll be getting wrinkles.”
It is a friendly way to wish them a happy birthday while making them feel older and more mature. Teasing them with this text message can make them feel happy thanks to your little joke.
They may stop to wonder why you make them seem too old. They may laugh at the idea of how they might look when they finally get wrinkles.


06“On this day [number] years ago, a beautiful baby was born.”
With this message, you can take them back in time to when they came out of their mother’s womb; even though, they may not be able to recall it.
You create an image of how they were born, and it may make them feel like your presence exists through your wish.


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Photo by Jonathan Borba on unsplash


07“You are aging too fast, so you should try taking it slow!”
You can create a joke about how they are growing so quickly. This is another way to say happy birthday. It is an exciting tease to show love and concern about their future; you are thinking about the time when they will have grey hair and weak bones.


08“Have a lovely turnover champ.”
By sending them this message, you are saying that they inspired you at one point in your life. Their actions have motivated you to think about them as a champion.


09“Celebrate good times and great aging moments.”
This message shows that you want their birthday to be great; you are telling them to enjoy and celebrate the good times at their birthday party or celebration.
It shows that you value them and want them to enjoy every moment of their new year of life.



Other ways to say happy birthday: things to say instead of saying “Happy birthday”

Break the norm by using other ways to say happy birthday to make people in your life feel special. You can ensure that you maintain the positive wishes by using the following examples.

10“Cheers to your new age and happiness.”
It emphasizes your appreciation for their aging process as you wish them a happy year to come. They end up enjoying a lovely turn over while being reminded of how much you care about them.


11“It is yet another year that we celebrate your turnover.”
When you use this message, they will feel valued as people in your life because you have been with them through most of their other birthdays too.
It is a way of appreciating their existence and showing them that you want to be present for their next birthday as well.


12“Old age is knocking at your door.”
You can use this message to tease them about getting old. You are saying that they are moving closer to having grey hair. It brings them to the realization that as the years go by, they are going to have more wrinkles.


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13“Enjoy the decreasing number of years left between your birth and death.”
This message makes them aware that the time is not on their side as they turn over another year. It is a way of telling them to live every year as if it were their last year to be alive.


14“Finally! You survived another year.”
It shows that you should celebrate how old they are in a comical but thoughtful way. You make their day and year better with this form of birthday wish.
You can add some jokes about their struggles during the previous year if you want to make them laugh; this message is good for making them think about how far they have come since their last birthday.


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15“Congratulations on staying alive.”
You can show them that you value their life. This message shows that you are happy that they have lived to see another year, and you want to celebrate their birthday.
It is a way of appreciating their life with you and wishing them a happy birthday at the same time.
The message motivates them to strive to continue living because they have someone who acknowledges their existence.


16“Happy new year.”
They are starting a new year when they add a year to their age, and that makes wishing them a happy new year a great option as an alternative to a typical happy birthday message. It is among the best wishes that can make their day feel great.



17“Make your special day memorable with some bad decisions.”
You can let them know that you want them to make their birthday as memorable as possible by supporting their actions for the day.
You are saying that they should be able to make decisions that bring them good memories for their birthday.
You are saying that they should live out what they planned to do when they turn a year older; they should make their dreams come true.


18“Recall how on this day, you escaped from the womb!”
They cannot remember how they were born, but they certainly cannot forget either so that’s why you can joke about it. The message makes them picture their birth process and appreciate how they came into existence.
It is a way of acknowledging that they were born to be a part of your life.


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Other ways to say happy birthday: doing instead of saying “happy birthday”

Actions work in equal measures; saying happy birthday can be less effective than actions that show the same sentiment.
You can use these examples of other ways to say happy birthday alongside doing something special for your friend or family member.

19Sing a song
Singing captures the person’s attention, especially if it’s soothing and pleases the person. Singing the person’s favorite song on his/her birthday can make someone feel cherished and valued.
They love the fact that you went out of your way to master the lyrics of their favorite song to make them happy.


01 man singing in karaoke

Photo by James Dominko on unsplash


20Give a toast
Toasting is a way of honoring a person’s existence without saying happy birthday. Raising your glasses of wine and making a toast to the person’s goodness and/or success so far can make him/her feel special.
You can give toasts to appreciate the person’s fun nature. You can wish him/her a long life in the process.


21Create a customized video
You can create customized videos that include images of the person from childhood until his/her current age. It may make the person feel nostalgic for the days when he/she was young. It can also show how far the person has come.
The person may feel touched by your efforts to resurface childhood pictures and to make a video; it may have been one of his/her top birthday wishes.


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22Send a card
You can send a card with a personalized written message explaining how much you value him/her and the things you like about him/her. You can include personalized photos or creative drawings to show how you feel.
You can honor the special day by reminding the person of other important days in his/her life when she/he was happy.


23Take shots
Taking shots with your friends to celebrate their birthdays can be fun; it involves them participating in the act of celebrating the day.
Saying a few words of appreciation to honor them before taking the shots can also make them feel loved.
You can do this if your friends love drinking; you can tap shots on the bar at the same time before drinking to make it truly memorable.


24Buy a gift
You can express your love for the person and honor his/her existence by buying him/her gifts that he/she may love. You can pick a gift that he/she wanted all year long and surprise them with it on his/her birthday.
The gift makes the person feel loved and appreciated. It shows your concern and attentiveness to the things that he/she likes.


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25Hug the person
You can make them feel special by hugging them on their birthday to make them feel happier.
It can be a relief for the person when your arms and embrace are comforting. You can show the person how much you appreciate his/her existence.
You can do this when the person least expects it. You can join in with some close friends and family to create a group hug.



Saying happy birthday is so common that it needs to be tweaked and improved at times. Thinking of other ways to say happy birthday is not simple because there are very few options available.
You can use the examples above to wish your friends and family members a happy birthday using any of these other ways to make them feel cherished on their birthday.