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20+ of the Nicest and Most Positive Words to Describe Elderly

20+ of the Nicest and Most Positive Words to Describe Elderly

Some of the nicest people around are the elderly folk in our community, such as our grandparents, great grandparents, and those 65 years and older.

You can use many positive words to describe elderly people that are age-appropriate and sincere.

In this post, we’ll share 20 positive words to describe elderly people based on their appearance, wisdom, personality, and life experiences.

However, before we take a look at those words to describe them, we’ll talk about the best words to properly refer to them.


What are the best words to call old people?

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Firstly, old people don’t generally appreciate being called “old people”. Who wants to be constantly reminded they are getting older?
Some more fitting terms are the elderly, senior citizens, mature adults, and the aged.

5 positive words to describe the appearance of the elderly

The first things you probably notice about an elderly person might be sagging skin, wrinkles, or a bent frame.
Take a moment to look a little deeper. Besides those negative things, what else can you say about how the elderly person looks?
Here are 5 positive words to describe elderly people based on their appearance:

Being older doesn’t mean one loses one’s fashion sense. Many older folk still get dressed up all neat and formal wherever they go since that was the norm when they were younger.
Back then, ladies wore fancy dresses and men wore suits as a sign of social status. Unlike today where active and streetwear, and more casual approaches are taken to everyday fashion.
So the next time you see an elderly person looking all trim and spruce, you can say something like this:
E.g. “Back in the day my grandfather was a big ladies’ man, and to this day he remains dapper, commanding attention everywhere he goes.”


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You can easily tell the difference between a nice elderly person, and a mean or grumpy one by the way his/her face looks.
Kind is a good word to describe the appearance of elderly folk who have a warm and welcoming appearance.
E.g. “Kids tend to love being around my grandmother because of her kind face and warm personality. “


You can also describe an elderly person’s appearance by the way his/her body looks. Older people sometimes get thinner as they age; a good word to use here is slender.
In this sense, you are saying that his/her appearance is graceful, especially when he/she is a picture of health and not just thin and wrinkly.
E.g. “She must have been a model back in the day. I can tell by her tall, slender frame and the way that she dresses.”


The word twinkling is used to describe the eyes of an elderly person. This means that their eyes are bright and full of life.
E.g. “As I looked into his twinkling eyes, I could tell he was content with where he was in life and he was happy with the choices he’s made.”


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While some older adults seem to let themselves go at a certain age, others make an effort to keep themselves looking and feeling youthful.
A vibrant elderly person is one who is full of life and energy, which is reflected in the way they look. For example, vibrancy in appearance can be shown by proper skin care, wearing fashionable clothing, and being active.
Here’s how you can describe an elderly person who is like this:
E.g. “She looks as vibrant and youthful as if she’s turned back the hands of time!”



6 positive words to describe the wisdom of the elderly

Elderly people have lived a full life and have learned a lot of wonderful life lessons along the way that can help the younger generation make better decisions.
If you have benefited from this wisdom, then you know exactly how it feels to gain that insight and knowledge.
Here are 6 words to describe elderly people in terms of their wisdom:

Endless is a good word to describe the wisdom of an elderly person that seems to have no end or limit.
This person knows a lot or a little about every topic you can throw at him/her, and you can always count on him/her to have a good answer.
E.g. “My grandma’s endless wisdom makes her one of the most respected women in our neighborhood; many people come to her for advice. “


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Experienced is a good word to use to describe an elderly person’s wisdom, especially when they are a career person.
For example, an experienced lawyer or experienced detective can provide useful insight to a younger person, which can only be gained from being in the field for many years.
E.g. “Though retired, my grand uncle still gets a lot of attention from up-and-coming politicians who rely on experienced people like him.”


Infinite is a good word to describe the wisdom of an old person who is ever-expanding. This person never stops being a student and is always willing to learn something new.
E.g. “As a professor, my grand aunt prides herself on her infinite wisdom and continues to explore new things.”


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The word seasoned refers to a person who has been in an area of expertise for a while and has countless accolades to prove it. It is good to use when the elderly person is renowned for a specific thing.
E.g. “I was honored to have the opportunity to learn from someone as seasoned as [insert name of person].


As people age, it can sometimes be harder to remember certain things. However, some older folk are very “sharp”, meaning they can draw on their wisdom just as quickly as they could when they were younger.
E.g. “I’m amazed that someone his age is just as sharp as he was in his younger days as a [insert name of profession]. He hasn’t missed a beat.”


Timeless is a good word to use to describe an elderly person’s wisdom because it means that the wisdom never ages. In other words, it is always relevant and one can always benefit from the lesson they had to learn.
E.g. “Having grandparents means you automatically have access to timeless wisdom, since no matter how much life changes, some things always stay the same.”


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Words based on the elderly person’s personality

Personality will vary from person to person, and there may be many different aspects of an elderly person’s personality that you appreciate.
Here are 5 words to describe elderly people based on their personality that you can use for the best senior citizens in your life:

The word cheery simply means that a person is jovial and optimistic. This makes others around them feel good and makes them a pleasure to be around.
E.g. “Her cheery spirit will be missed by everyone who came in contact with her.”


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An elderly person with a mature personality is one who is willing to listen and learn, can admit to their wrongs, handles situations in an amicable manner, and respects everyone.
E.g. “He was stuck in his boyish ways for many years, but in time he became mature and regained many lost friends.”


Grandparents are known for being incredibly caring and protective of their grandchildren. They provide a lot of encouragement and help out wherever they can.
Nurturing is the perfect word to use if your grandparents are like that.
E.g. “I’m so grateful to have such a nurturing grandfather who stepped up to the plate after my father’s untimely demise.”



Supportive senior citizens are those that are there for you no matter what and will help motivate you to reach your goals.
They help to reassure you whenever you have doubts, they are uplifting, and they like to help everyone.
E.g. “I can always count on Old Man George for his support whenever I have a baseball match. He’s like a coach and cheerleader in one!”


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The word sweet is good to use if the older people in your life are pleasant to be around and are kind to everyone they come across.
They are also very charming and generous.
E.g. “The sweet old lady that lives down the street has the love and support of the entire community.”


5 positive words to describe an elderly person’s life experience

While we are still young, we have a lot of things to experience in life. However, for the aged, it’s more like “been there, done that”.
We have a lot to learn from their stories and overall life experience. Here are 5 words to describe elderly folk and their life experiences:

A blessed life experience is one that you would want to have. This can be because they have many grandkids, have earned a lot of money, or have had the chance to witness certain things first-hand.
Whatever you consider blessed, here’s an example of how you can express it:
E.g. “When I think of where I see myself going in life, I look towards [insert name of person] and the blessed life experiences he/she’s had.”


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The word full can be used to describe the life experiences of someone who has seemingly seen and done it all.
Meaning, the person enjoyed their youth, traveled the world, made a lot of friends, and has a wonderful family.
E.g. “I want to be able to say I have lived a full life when I get to his/her age.”



You may describe a person’s life experience as insightful if you have gained wisdom from the stories that have been shared with you.
These lessons have made you look at yourself and the world around you differently, giving you a deeper understanding and appreciation of life.
E.g. “I never miss a visit with my grandparents because I yearn to learn more from their insightful life experiences to better myself and those around me.”


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A noble life experience is one that isn’t about being rich or poor. Instead, it is built on certain principles that are necessary for navigating life, and finding peace and happiness.
E.g. “Her noble life experiences helped me to understand that there is more to life than wearing fancy clothes and driving expensive cars.”


Everyone’s life story will differ, but if you come across one from a senior citizen that is unlike others you have heard, then a good word to use is “unique”.
This means that certain elements cause it to stand out, or resonate more deeply with you than others.
E.g. “Growing up as the son of a poor farmer in South-East Asia, he had a unique life experience that others couldn’t fathom because of how much he has had to overcome.”



Elderly people are an important part of every society and there is a lot you can learn from them.
These positive words to describe elderly folk can be used to show appreciation and admiration, and lets them know you respect and love them for who they are.