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20 of the Best Things to Say When Someone Gives Birth

20 of the Best Things to Say When Someone Gives Birth

For those who need to know more about pregnancy, there are resources on everything related to it, from dieting to useful exercises. However, something that you can never find is what to say when someone gives birth.

If you are a husband, friend, or sibling to a soon-to-be mom, you must be wondering what you’ll say to her as her labor pains start. Below, we have some solutions for you.

You can check out all of these wonderful samples below of what to say when someone gives birth.


What to say when someone gives birth: when it’s your wife


01Hey baby, you are doing so well right now that you have me feeling like the world’s best soon-to-be father.
I know that I must have told you this hundreds of times during these last nine months, but I am really grateful that you agreed to do this with me. Thank you for going through this process for us. I love you, baby.


man kissng woman s stomach pregnant woman
Photo by Andre Adjahoe on unsplash


02Honey, can you imagine giving birth to triplets or quadruplets with this pregnancy instead of the one baby that the scan showed us? Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing to have multiple babies at once? I’d be scared, thrilled, and excited all at once.
We would come back home with three or four kids, and our lives would change forever!


03It just crossed my mind, Elise. We are the luckiest people in the world. We are going through this together and experiencing it as a couple.
I know that it hurts for you at times, but it just makes it all the more magical for me to know that you have enough strength for both of us!
By the way, you’ve never looked more beautiful than you do right now.


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04Emma, I just need you to know that everything is planned out for your journey to the hospital. You can be sure that you’ll have a safe delivery.
For your comfort, we have a plan B for everything. You don’t need to worry about anything. You can just rest and chill out until the time comes to go to the hospital.


05Hey darling, you know how the final lap in athletics is considered to be the sweetest but the hardest too? This part of your pregnancy feels like it’s our final lap.
With all of those pelvic exercises, all of that food, and all of that planning in advance, it’s time to wrap it up. You are going to finish the race wonderfully. I just know it!


06Babe, if you need anything, you can just tell me. I have put together all of the things that I think you might need, whether it is milk or a hotfoot massage.
I have to admit that it’s mostly food that I have brought, and it’s because I don’t want you or the baby feeling hungry or weak on a day like this one.


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07Hey babe, I know that you’re probably worried about one of two things right now: giving birth or shitting on the delivery table. You shouldn’t be worried about either of those things.
We can’t know the future, but I’m sure that you’re going to be an amazing mom. Anyone with even half the amount of kindness that you have would make a terrific mom. As for labor, you’re in safe hands with Dr. Gupta.


08Jenny, babe, can I be honest? From where I am standing, you look like a professional athlete instead of a first-time mom who is going to soon be in labor.
You look so ready, like you’ve practiced this for weeks or something. It’s oddly comforting to see you in this light. Honestly, I am digging your sexy mom attitude right now. 


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What to say when someone gives birth: when it’s your friend 


09Hey Winnie, do you know what I am thinking about right now? How cool it would be if we were pregnant together right now.
I am sure that my belly would be bigger than yours, especially thanks to my annoying ability to easily gain weight.
We would be mommy twins, and our kids would be birthday twins too. So, there would be an extra bonus! I’d buy us matching onesies for the kids too!


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10Hey Mia, I hope that I am the first to say this because it’s true: you are looking gorgeous and luminous right now. Labor sure does seem to be agreeing with you.
Oh, by the way, you are the only person I know who’s going to give birth on the exact same day as the CT scan suggested. 



11Hey Coral, this is me wishing you all the best with the delivery from Minnesota.
Just so you know, I am already curating a series of resources that you will want to know about, especially if you plan on losing the baby weight. I am sure that you’ll want to shed the extra weight as quickly as possible.
So far, I am eyeing two popular diets, and I’m also considering a Jillian Michael’s workout plan. What do you think about doing them with me?


12Meg, I have this feeling that you’re one of those lucky women whose labor pains will last a mere few hours, then you’ll have your baby. I hope that’s what happens so that you don’t have to go through any unnecessary pain.


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13I don’t know why, Ruth, but you make me feel like getting pregnant right now. I guess that it’s related to how nicely your pregnancy has turned out for you from day one. Happy labor pains’ day.
It has been amazing to watch you grow a new life in your belly just like that. So far, you’re giving off very inspirational vibes.


14Hey girl! How are you feeling right now? You don’t need to worry; I am here if you need anything.
Oh, by the way, this is the time to consider whether you’ll want more kids in the future.
They say that it’s the labor pains that help a woman to decide if she can go through it all over again, especially if she was planning for more than one kid.  


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What to say when someone gives birth: when it’s your daughter, sister, or family member


15Hey Tina, I may not be there with you right now, but I wanted you to know that I am praying for you and cheering you on from my hotel room in Cincinnati.
I want you to go work it like the professional that you are. You know that you deserve this miracle, right? You totally do, and you need to remember that! I’ll be on my knees, praying until I know that everything has gone well.
Good luck, sweetheart.



16Hey Ellie, it’s true what they say. Pregnant women fart way more than every other woman – just joking!
Anyway, I am feeling really proud of you right now. I just can’t wait to become an uncle to this baby.
You’re doing this so effortlessly, like someone who has super powers or like someone who is from outer space. Honestly, you’ve never been cooler than you are right now.


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17Hey Erica, my dearest sister, how can I get you to reveal the sex of your baby right now? It won’t be long before we get to see him or her, and he or she can no longer change from the inside.
So, you should probably tell us right now. Or, you can tell me alone, and it can be our little secret for a short moment.


18Hey sis, have you ever thought about how amazing and meaningful this moment is?
I have been thinking about it, and I believe that you are experiencing a blessing that only a few women get to enjoy – the blessing of being someone’s biological mother.
It’s like you’ve been chosen as the most-worthy candidate, and you definitely deserve this child.


19Michelle, baby, you’re doing wonderfully. This reminds me of when I had you in 1991! At least, nowadays, medical care for expecting mothers has improved significantly.
All that I am thinking of now is how great I felt when I first held you in my arms. I feel so lucky to see you get to have the same good luck that I had.


woman kissing the baby

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20Hey there, sweetheart. I am just writing to say that I dreamt of you having a big beautiful family in the future, and I am sure that it was a sign of good things to come.
Also, I am here for you, Minnie. I’m here for anything that you need during this magical time in your life.



Not everyone is great at coming up with wonderful and chummy phrases of comfort or humor for a pregnant woman who will soon go into labor.
Therefore, it’s important to learn what to say when someone gives birth so that you can be useful or kind when needed.
You can start learning what to say with some of these timeless phrases provided above.