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25 Farewell Messages to Your Loved One Before They Leave for the Military

25 Farewell Messages to Your Loved One Before They Leave for the Military

Leaving for the military is a big deal, especially since there’s a chance your loved one may not return. This is a stressful time, so knowing what to say when someone is leaving for the military can help ease their nerves.

When doing so, remember to be sensitive to the situation and not highlight the negatives of leaving for the military, such as being KIA or MIA. You want to be reassuring and express your gratitude for their service.

Let’s explore some ideas of what to say and how you can wish them the best on their military journey:


7 of the best messages to your good friend/family when they are leaving for military training

Military training involves long hours, sleepless nights, rigorous exercises and pushing the limits of the human body. Many candidates don’t make it because it takes a lot of physical and mental strength to get through it.
Your friend or relative will need your support now more than ever to get through it successfully. Here’s what to say when someone is leaving for the military training camp:

01“Your father would be proud of you for carrying on the tradition of serving this great nation. As you embark on your journey, be comforted by the fact there are a ton of people here praying for your safe return and who feel proud of your sacrifice.”
This is good to use when there is a history of military service in the family. It helps the person feel motivated, especially knowing how many people are depending on him/her.


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02“It takes a real man/woman to answer the call of the military. I know training will be tough, but if there’s anyone who can get through it, it’s you. I can’t wait to hear more about it and see how much you’ll change.”
Use this to show your support of the decision to join the military. It says you believe in him/her and feel proud of the enlistment.


03“We’re all so proud of you for your service and dedication. This is just the beginning of the journey, and it will not be easy. I trust in your ability to persevere in all things and become stronger than you were before.”
This is good because it shows you believe in the person, but you’re not downplaying how hard it will be. It prepares him/her for the challenge, but says he/she has what it takes to get through it.


04“As someone who has been through military training, I know how rough it can be. It will require you to push yourself harder than you ever have in your life, both mentally and physically. If I were to name one person in my life who could make it, that would be you. Keep your head up, trust your instincts, and make us proud!”
It is good to say this when you have personal experience with military training and want to give the person first-hand advice. He/she will feel good to know he/she has the stamp of approval from someone who has been through it already.


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05“You’ve been a force to be reckoned with your whole life, and this is just the next challenge you’re facing. Give it your all and you will succeed. We’re counting on you!”
Use this when you have no doubt the person will pass the training stage and be officially declared part of the military. It says to never give up and that the hard work will pay off.


06“Training means you have to put in a lot of time and work, more than you’ve ever had to in your entire life. Approach it with a positive mindset and prepare to give it your all. You’ve got this!”
This is good to use when you think the person may be nervous about training and could do with a little pick-me-up. This should give the person the motivation needed to approach the situation more confidently.



07“When you first told me you were planning on joining the military, I was so proud of your decision. A lot of the men/women in our family were in the military, so you will be carrying on a tradition much older than you. Go out there and show them that [insert family name] men/women are the backbone of any great platoon!”
Use this when enlistment runs in the family and you are excited about the decision.


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5 of the best messages to your partner when they are leaving for military training

When your partner is leaving for military training, it will mean you won’t see or speak to each other as often. Therefore, choose your words wisely.
You want to show support as much as possible and be a rock for him/her. Similarly, you want to send your love and appreciation for his/her sacrifice.
Here are some ideas of what to say when someone is leaving for the military training, and they are your partner:

08“I’ll miss you while you’re away at training, but there’s nothing sexier than a man in uniform. I can’t wait to come to your graduation and see you among your fellow servicemen.”
This is a good way to break the tension and ease the nerves by taking a light-hearted approach to the situation. It says you are taking it well and look forward to the end of training.


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09“Congratulations on being accepted into the military academy! Though, I didn’t doubt for a second you would qualify. Now it’s time to put in the hard work. You’ve got this babe!”
Use this when your partner has just enlisted and is currently waiting to be deployed to a training camp. With this message, you’re being a cheerleader and you’re showing how much you believe in him/her.


10“There are so many things I love about you, and now you’re becoming a man/woman in uniform, I have something else to gush over.”
This is another light-hearted approach to use when your partner is about to start military training. It shows your support for the decision.


11“I’d tell you to have fun, but I don’t think a boot camp is meant to be fun. Instead, I’ll tell you to embrace the experience, learn as much as you can from it, and become the best soldier you can be for your family and your country.”
Use this when you want to take a more serious tone, and want to show your unwavering support for his/her decision. It says you want him/her to embrace the experience and excel.


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12“You’re the type of guy/girl who wants to take care of everyone, not just our family. I love how selfless you are, and now you’ve decided to share that love with the rest of the country. I can’t help but feel proud of the man/woman you are.”
This says you are proud of the sacrifice and you’re happy to know you have someone like this in your corner.


7 farewell messages to your good friend/family member when they are leaving for military deployment

When it’s time to officially be deployed, it will be a bittersweet moment. There will be nervousness and apprehension, but also anticipation and excitement.
Don’t be afraid to embrace these feelings on behalf of your friend or relative. Show your support, be as thoughtful as possible and remind them of how much you care.
These are some examples of what to say when someone is leaving for the military, and they are your family member/friend:

13“Good luck to the best soldier in the army! I know you’ll give it all you’ve got and make your country proud. I can’t wait to hug you and thank you for your service.”
It is good to use this when you have no doubt your friend or relative will return, and you have a good feeling about the deployment. This energy will be felt by the person and it will help shake off his/her nerves and reservations.



14“Your service will not go unnoticed as long as we’re friends! I’ll think about you every day and wait patiently for your calls. I can’t wait to hear about your experience.”
Use this when your friend is being deployed to say you wish him/her well and look forward to learning all about life in the military because you know he/she will return.


15“Thank you for giving hope to our great nation and being part of the difference. You will be greatly rewarded for all you’re doing.”
Use this when you want to show how much you appreciate his/her service. It says it means a lot to you, as does your friendship.


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16“Wishing you good luck with your deployment. I know this isn’t your first time around, so you know what to expect and how to approach situations.”
Say this when the person is not new to the military and has been deployed a few times. In this case, he/she is less likely to be nervous because he/she knows what to expect.


17“I feel blessed to know someone who has dedicated their life to serving our country. I salute you for your commitment and look forward to seeing you again.”
This is a good message to send when you only know one person in the military and you want to show your support. It is a short message, but it gets to the point, which is that you love him/her and are hoping for the best.


18“I hope this message reaches you before you are officially deployed. Know that the rest of my family and I are praying for your safe return. May God bless your selfless actions.”
Use this when you know the person is religious. These words will be especially comforting.


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19“Good luck to you on your mission. The road ahead is uncertain, but you’ve been trained by the best and have the most advanced tech. You’ll do wonderfully.”
It is good to use this when you know he/she is feeling nervous. This serves as reassurance.


6 farewell messages to your partner when they are leaving for military deployment

When it’s your partner, it’s a lot different. You must be the strongest part of the support system and be brave in the face of uncertainty.
This is your time to express your love and support. Here are a few examples of what to say when someone is leaving for the military, and they are your partner:

20“It doesn’t matter where in the world you go, I’ll always be with you. Just remember to come back home to me every once in a while, when you take a break from saving the world.”
This says your love for the person transcends borders, so you will never be alone. It also says you are counting on his/her return.


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21“Your name will run through the hearts and minds of many, but you will be a constant in mine until you return home. You will be greatly missed, and greatly celebrated when you return home.”
It is good to say this when you want to let the person know you will always be thinking about him/her. It also says he/she will receive a hero’s welcome at the end of the deployment.


22“I know this won’t be easy on us or the kids, but we know how important your service is to our country. If anything, you’re our superhero.”
This is a very real message because it acknowledges the reality of the situation, but it also says you fully understand why it has to happen. It says you support the decision.


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23“I know the thought of leaving us is difficult, but we’ll be fine knowing you’re off saving the world. We’ve got your back. Do what you need to do, and come back to us.”
Use this when you know he/she will miss the family. It reassures him/her that everything will be fine on the home front, and he/she needs to focus on the mission at hand.


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24“Thank you for being you. I know you’ve heard that a lot lately, but I want you to remember everything you’ve done and are about to do will be something I will be proud of.”
This message says you are proud he/she is in the military and that he/she can handle everything that comes with being a military family.


25“I will miss you every single day you’re gone and wish you were by my side. I’ll also feel proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish and sing your praises until you return. Until we meet again my love.”
This is a good message to send when you want to let your partner know how much you love and appreciate him/her for the choice he/she made to join the military and follow through with it.



We’re not going to pretend that joining the military is easy for anyone, especially friends, families and other loved ones. At the same time, someone has to do it, and it takes true bravery to answer the call.
Having a positive mindset makes all the difference. Now that you know what to say when someone is leaving for the military, you can focus on being strong for everyone involved and making it as easy as possible.