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30 Messages to Write in a Funeral Flower Card for the Bereaved

30 Messages to Write in a Funeral Flower Card for the Bereaved

When someone loses a loved one, they are overcome with grief and sorrow. It’s up to us to figure out what to write in a funeral flower card when we want to show our support and condolences.

A funeral flower card is attached to flowers you give to the bereaved. Usually, the message inside the funeral flower card is heartfelt and sincere, sharing genuine sentiments.

Some flower cards already come with messages, and others leave you to figure out what to write. If you’re not good with words, knowing what to write will take a while.

Let us help you speed up this process with some samples of what to write in a funeral flower card:


5 notes to the bereaved when their loved one died of an illness/disease

Illness and disease are among the most common ways to lose a loved one, especially when they get older. It’s hard to see our loved ones in pain, and although it’s difficult when they pass on, it can be comforting to know that they are no longer suffering.
Here’s what to write in a funeral flower card when someone you know loses a loved one to illness/disease:

01“I’m so sorry for your loss. I know [insert name of person] was battling with [insert name of disease/illness] but we all expected him/her to beat it. I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts.”
Use this when you had been around the deceased while they were alive and seen the effects the illness/disease had on his/her body.
This shows that you were hopeful about the situation and are sorry it went this way.


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02“[insert name of person] was always kind to me, and we had a blast whenever we were together. Watching how that illness/disease wore him/her down was tough. His/her spirit will continue to live on in all our hearts.”
It’s difficult to see someone we love deteriorate from illness/disease. It’s sometimes hard to get the negative image out of our heads, so this message reminds the bereaved to focus on the good, positive times.


03“Having dealt with [insert name of disease], I know how hard it can be every day. I admire his/her strength throughout this experience, and the constant smile he/she kept on his/her face. Let us remember him/her like that.”
This is another message that reminds the bereaved to reminisce on the good times, and not the illness/disease. It also acknowledges the hurdles the deceased faced, and how well he/she handled them.


04“[insert name of disease] is a tough one. I’m just glad the suffering is over. He/she can finally be at peace.”
Use this when the deceased had been battling the disease for a long time and was living in pain and agony.
In death, that has ended, and there is no more suffering.


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05“Life sometimes humbles us and lets us know we’re only human. We are fragile, temporary and dauntless. He/she fought long and hard, and now he/she can finally go home.”
Use this when the bereaved was someone everyone looked up to and admired.
It says that everyone ends up in the same place eventually, and we should make the most of life while we have it.


5 notes to the bereaved when their loved one died in a natural disaster

The effects of natural disasters are largely out of the hands of humans. We just have to pray that our home can withstand the impact.
From hurricanes and flooding to earthquakes and tsunamis, humanity has had its fair share of death and destruction. When someone you know has lost a loved one to a natural disaster, these notes will help you decide on what to write in a funeral flower card:

06“My mind ran to your family as we braced for this hurricane. No one expected it to be this disastrous. You are still in my thoughts.”
This is good to use in situations where the strength of a hurricane was underestimated by people, especially those who decided to stay in evacuated areas.
All you can do is share these kind words and remain positive.


water coming over streets kemah during winter

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07“That earthquake hit out of nowhere, and no one saw it coming. We’re just lucky most of us were in safe spaces when it hit. I will pray for your family as you grieve the loss of [insert name of deceased].”
Earthquakes hit suddenly, and sometimes, they hit hard. This can cause destruction, and worse, death. Use this to show your support for a family who lost a loved one in an earthquake.


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08“This was the worst flooding our town has ever seen. It was not built to withstand that much pressure, and unfortunately, we lost a lot of our residents.
The loss is hard for everyone, but I know you especially are hurting. If there’s anything we can do for you during this tough time, don’t hesitate to let us know.
We’re here for you.”
Use this when someone you know was badly affected by a natural disaster. They will need a lot of helping hands during this time, and saying this lets them know they have yours.



09“I heard that the tsunami that hit [insert name of area] claimed the life of two of your family members. It’s devastating that their vacation ended this way.
If your family needs help with the funeral arrangements, we’d be happy to help in whatever way we can.”
The closer people are to the coastline when a tsunami hits, the worse they are affected. Use this when someone you know has loved ones who didn’t make it out in time.


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10“We always say would’ve, should’ve, could’ve, but the forces of nature are much stronger than many of us realize. The devastating part about this is that this is one of the main reasons so many people lose their lives.
I wish things were different, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.”
Use this when someone loses their life as a result of ignoring the warnings of the experts. This is a kind way to let them know you are supporting their family regardless.


What to write in a funeral flower card: 5 notes to the bereaved when their loved one died in the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in so many ways. The worst way, however, is the fact that not everyone made it to where we are now.
The world lost a lot of people during this time, and families are still reeling from its effects.
If you know someone with a loved one that unfortunately didn’t make it through, here’s what to write in a funeral flower card:

11“COVID-19 took the world by surprise and took a lot of people away from it. I’m sorry to learn that [insert name of deceased] is among the ones we lost.”
This is good to use when you aren’t really close to the person, but you want to share that you are sorry for the loss.


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12“I prayed that no one I knew would contract this sickness, but unfortunately, here we are. I really wish things were different.”
Use this when someone you knew died because of the pandemic. It shows that you hate that it was that person, and you will miss him/her.


13“I caught COVID-19 even though I was careful, and it put me through the wringer. I almost thought I wouldn’t make it.
I wish your [insert relationship] had the same luck as I did. It’s a terrible disease, and a lot of people never recover.”
This is good to use when you’ve had COVID-19 yourself, so you know how horrible it can be on the body.


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14“I appreciate [insert name of person] for everything he was and all he did. COVID-19 took him/her from us, but I’ll never forget what he/she meant to all of us.”
Use this when the person who passed was someone you never thought you’d see go.


15“We won many battles, but ultimately we lost the war against the pandemic. Many souls were lost, but they will live on forever in our hearts and minds.”
This is good to use when you want to acknowledge all the lives that were lost to COVID-19.


5 messages in a funeral flower card to the bereaved when their loved one died in an accident

Hold on to your loved ones a little bit longer the next time you hug them because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Tragic accidents occur daily, and we all hope it’s never the ones we love.
Here are some ideas of what to write in a funeral flower card when someone you know loses a loved one in a tragic accident:

16“I saw him/her the day before the accident, and we were planning to [insert activity]. It shocked me to learn that he/she is no longer among us. Let’s lift each other as we mourn the loss of a dear friend.”
Sharing a memory, or the last interaction you had with the deceased usually shows that this was completely unexpected, and you were looking forward to seeing him/her again.
It also says that you are willing to be a shoulder to lean on during this sad time, even as you’re hurting.


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17“Sending my sympathies as you mourn the loss of your [insert relation]. I’m going to miss him/her too.”
This is good to use when you want to share your condolences with the family of your friend that passed away.


18“He/she was a wonderful person with an amazing life. My memories of him/her will be filled with laughter and joy.”
This is a good way to remind the bereaved of the good time he/she and other people had with the deceased. It will hopefully make the grieving process easier.


19“I know I can’t make the pain of loss go away, but I’m here for you through whatever you need.”
No matter what we say or do, the sting of loss will always be there. This says that you will be a friend as the bereaved grieves.


20“Words fail me at this moment because I’m in mourning as well. I want you to know I will never forget him/her.”
This is good to use when you were close to the person that passed. It says you are so sad and don’t know what to say.


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What to write in a funeral flower card: 6 notes to the bereaved when their loved one died in a horrific tragedy

The heart of man can be desperately wicked. It’s hard to understand why people do certain things, but the truth is, there is real evil out there.
Our lives have all been affected by terrorist attacks, mass shootings, school shootings, war, suicide bombings, etc. Even if we are not a loved one of the deceased, these things send shivers down our spines and tug on our heartstrings.
Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel?
Use this feeling to guide what to write in a funeral flower card. Here are 6 examples:

21“I don’t know why anyone would do this and I’m so confused. I know you must feel the same. I hope we can both find peace with what has happened.”
It’s good to do this when the loved one was targeted for no reason.



22“Mankind can be so evil, that it’s hard to see the good in people sometimes. [insert name of person] had a pure heart and did not deserve this.”
This is good to use when the deceased did not do anything to deserve the horrible way he/she met his/her death.


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23“The community is heartbroken over the loss of your [insert relation]. We are all praying for you, and hoping you will find peace.”
Use this when you want to send condolences on behalf of a group of people. It lets the bereaved know he/she is not alone.


24“I’m so angry at the person who did this, but let’s not let it consume us. Let us focus on the good times and cherish the wonderful memories.”
It’s normal to be angry at the person who committed the murder. However, it should not be the only thing on anyone’s mind.
This says that it’s more important to focus on the amazing life the victim led.


25“I’m lucky to have been a part of [insert name of person]’s life. I will always be grateful.”
This is good to use when the deceased has had a direct impact on your life. It says that you will never forget it.


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26“Losing a loved one to senseless violence breaks the heart little by little each day. I hope to be by your side to help repair the effects of losing [insert name of deceased].”
Losing a loved one to violence is hard to accept, and the bereaved may spend most of the time questioning why it happened. This, of course, makes the bereaved even sadder.


What to write in a funeral flower card: 4 notes to the bereaved when their loved one committed suicide

Many of us are fighting wars in our minds daily, and unfortunately, some of us lose the fight. Whether it is with depression or other negative feelings, it’s too hard to handle sometimes.
When a person loses a loved one in this way, they often feel guilty and think they could’ve said or done something to prevent this from happening. Here’s what to say in a funeral flower card to let them know it’s not their fault, and that you are there for them:

27“I don’t want you to blame yourself for what happened. Depression is a horrible disease and we’re lucky to have been by his/her side as long as we were.”
Use this when the deceased lost a battle with depression. Remind the bereaved to be thankful for all that he/she was, flaws and all.


28“They say God loans special angels to us to make our lives better. Now, God sends this angel home because his/her work here is done.”
This is good to use when the deceased always made other people happy and helped with anything he/she could.
It remembers him/her as a kind, good-hearted individual that can be compared to an angel.


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29“I want to think that there was something we could have done, but his/her mental condition was too far gone. I hope that wherever he/she is, he/she has found peace.”
Use this when you know the bereaved is blaming him/herself and you want him/her to let go of the guilt.


30“I’m so sorry to hear that you discovered your loved one that way. I know it will be hard to manage, and it’s hard to see it right now, but there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel.”
Grief has no specific end, and it will take some people longer than others to cope with and accept it. This lets him/her know that it will get better someday.



These are just some ideas of what to write in a funeral flower card. There are many other ways you can express your support and condolences.
These can be used as they are, but they can also be customized to make them more personal. Use whatever speaks to your heart.