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30 Creative Words to Describe Your Fashion Style the Best

30 Creative Words to Describe Your Fashion Style the Best

Everyone has a sense of fashion or style, and they need words to describe it. In this day of Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms, there are more avenues for fashionable people to express themselves.

If you are this type of person, then you’ve probably struggled with words to describe fashion style in the past.

However, we are here to help you get some inspiration using the words below.


Words to describe fashion style: when it’s casual wear


“I am a jolly person, and my friends describe me as happy and energetic. My fashion style is almost a direct derivative of my personality.
I always go for playful looks and edgy ensembles; I like to put together my outfits with any accessory that looks like it pops or stands out. I love pieces that are colorful and outspoken. “


women s pink sweatshirt and brown plaid skirt curly hair
Photo by Godisable Jacob under pexels license


“If you want to put together a casual look that expresses your urban fashion style without limiting you, you can start by simplifying and wearing the basics.
For starters, you can keep the gray items and black items out. You can ask an expert to help you to accessorize. Otherwise, you risk looking like a packaged art piece. “


“When it comes to casual wear, I tend to shy away from avant-garde looks. I mostly stick to trendy, simple ensembles that stand out a little. I don’t like outfits that are screaming too loud.
If it’s fashionable and “in” right now, then I will most likely be putting it on at some point. “


field portrait spring fashion style short hair woman picture

Photo by Scott Westhoven on reshot


“Nina told me that she always prefers to go for a relatable look when she is out in the country because all of the other styles seem out-of-place there.
Besides, from personal experience, a relatable look usually comes with more comfortable clothing pieces than most other looks. I am all for it. “


“Someone asked me the other day to describe my fashion style for casual wear using one word.
I chose to describe it as “laidback” because that’s what I seek. I want a look that is simple, comfortable, and easy to jump into or out of. I like to think of basic jeans and t-shirts for my casual look. “


Words to describe fashion style: when it’s office wear (also known as smart wear)


“For new job interviews, it is always smart to dress in a minimalistic sense. You’ll look classy and organized, without trying too hard. Better still, you can do this without appearing tacky.
A minimalistic look comes together with only the basics of your suit or dress, and it drops any other aspect (ex. no sparkles or glitter). ”


stylish woman in yellow coat blue turban and white shirt

Photo by mentatdgt under pexels license


“If I were to describe my fashion style for office wear in one word, I would say it is “simple.” When I use this word, I mean that I don’t stray too far from the rule book when it comes to office wear.
I also make sure that every piece in my look is comfortable for all of my daily tasks.”


“The best way to dress for the office is by putting together a confident look. You can see a confident look, but the style and fit of the chosen clothing are important aspects too.
People with a confident work and fashion style are not afraid to try new work-appropriate designs from time to time. ”



“Nothing screams class and professionalism than a polished fashion sense. From letting your hair down to wearing polished shoes, a polished look suggests that you have confidence. This type of look can help you stand out from the crowd of your peers.
Putting together a polished look requires custom-fitted clothing and personalized clothing as well. When it’s done right, it is the kind of look that is unforgettable. “


woman standing indoor long hair yellow sunglasses
Photo by Konstantin V. under pexels license


“A fashion-forward individual needn’t be restrained or restricted by his/her office wear. The person can still be fashionable without breaking too many rules.
You can go for a stylish spin on things by ditching loose-fitted clothing first. Next, you should stay away from mass-market clothing items too; nothing mass-market is ever stylish enough for the office. “


Words to describe fashion style: when it’s sportswear


“Many people are effortless dressers, and so, when it comes to sportswear, they fit into whatever they choose to wear perfectly.
With its simple, functional look, breathability, and comfort level, you can’t blame people for choosing to wear sportswear. Plus, you can never guess if those people have just spent hours fretting over a look or sweating at the gym. “


“I can best describe my fashion sense as cool and relaxed, and I have been dressing this way since high school.
In high school, sportswear was a daily necessity for me because I took track and field as an extra-curricular activity. Today, I find it so easy to tweak sportswear in order to fit my style the way that I want. “


woman sitting on sofa bed wearing sunglasses

Photo by Godisable Jacob under pexels license


“Sportswear is good to try if your fashion sense is what can be described as relaxed. It refers to the fact that your clothes are breathable and comfortable. They may also be loose-fitted. “


“I associate my fashion sense with fun because I am a believer in never restricting oneself according to the rules, especially if the rules don’t work for you.
Some days, I just keep my yoga wear on between yoga and work because it’s comfortable and feels fun. “


photo of woman wearing sports attire tennis court

Photo by Roy Reyna under pexels license


“James has always had a freestyle fashion sense, which probably explains why he pulls off sportswear so easily. Most of us can’t make it work even if we tried. “


Words to describe vintage style


“A friend once swore to me that it wasn’t possible to come up with a completely vintage look for someone with a versatile fashion sense.
I think my friend got it all wrong because vintage pieces can work wonderfully for versatile dressers, and it can work across the board when it comes to different personality or body types. I would know. “


women s yellow long sleeved dress sitting on the staircase

Photo by EVG photos under pexels license


“My grungy fashion style has been a shock to many people for years, but I don’t care about that.
I recently started mixing a series of vintage pieces into my daily routine, and it has changed the way some people look at me. It’s like they finally get what I am all about. “



“If your look is retro, then you will need a good number of vintage pieces in your collection. You should think about good jeans, a pop-art piece from the 60s, and old-school shoes.
The good thing is that you can always find good pieces from vintage shops all over the state/world at very affordable prices. “


top angle shot strawberries book picnic
Photo by Liana Mikah on unsplash


How to describe bohemian wear


“This 1930s bohemian look came together thanks to Jonny Root @JonnyCulture and Nicky at Bella Studios.
I wanted a look that respected my eclectic fashion sense, without being too simple or docile. Who knew that beads and shawls could spruce things up? “


“If there is one kind of clothing that goes with a bold fashion sense, it is bohemian clothing.
It always makes you standout, and it projects a certain fearlessness and edginess that other clothing types can’t match. “


Photo of woman wearing brown and violet holding a flower vase

Photo by Nicole Geri on unsplash


“You guys know that I recently revamped my wardrobe. I wanted to update it to match my new unique fashion sense.
So far, these bohemian pieces are the first arrivals; I picked them up from @LOUVANNEBOUTIQUE on East 3rd Street, and I already love them dearly. I can’t wait to draw glances and stares. “


When it’s for chic wear


“To all elegant dressers out there, chic wear is your oyster, and no one should tell you otherwise. There is no better style of clothing for someone who has an elegant fashion sense. You can pull off any look without trying too hard or feeling out-of-place. “


“You know that I always dress sexy, regardless of the event, location, or weather. I know that I can pull off a sexy look with any type of clothing, especially if it’s chic wear.
In the past, I employed stylists to build my outfits, but I now throw my looks together on my own. “


woman wearing yellow dress holding sunglasses

Photo by Makhmutova Dina on unsplash


“Who’s that girl?! It’s ME! I want to thank the best stylist in the world: Marta Cullinan @stylo-marta. She is responsible for coming up with this whole new look.
We were going for a look that fits my feminine style, and she nailed it. My nails were done by @LocksLooks, and my hair was done by @MadonnaSalon on Fourth Street. ”


woman standing beside the wall wearing formal white dress

Photo by Wesley Tingey on unsplash


Words to describe fashion style: when it’s streetwear


“Take one look at Pat Lyman’s streetwear collections from over the years, and you’ll notice that they all have one theme in common.
They all exude his groovy, down-to-party, here-for-now fashion style. It’s done as boldly as possible, without any apologies. They make the person who is wearing the clothes feel wild and energetic immediately. “


man in black leather jacket standing near beige building

Photo by Thomas Biasetto on unsplash


“My street style is best described as clean and free of distraction. This explains my vast collection of white t-shirts and white sneakers.
I try to be as minimalistic as possible in terms of color and design because I feel more comfortable that way. “



“If your fashion sense is best described as colorful, then you have lots of options when it comes to streetwear.
Most of the time, the best sneaker brands on the market today will allow you to play with different colors and designs. The same applies to jean brands and makeup brands. “


man wearing orange jacket and white hat sitting on pavement
Photo by Mike Von on unsplash


Words to describe fashion style: when it’s for classic wear


“My choice for any party or event is something classic, preferably long and elegant. I like choosing pieces that are modern and unique. I choose in a manner that speaks to my sophisticated fashion style.
With many years of experience in putting together looks, I know what works and what doesn’t; that gives me extra pride when I pull off a look that I created. “


“There is no better opportunity to express your classic fashion style than the moment you need to attend a classy event. There are numerous ways to throw together a classic look, but the most important items are the accessories.
However, too many accessories can make you look like a statue. Too few accessories can make your look seem dull or boring. “


woman in black coat and red leather sling bag standing near sidewalk

Photo by Laura Chouette on unsplash


“This word is perfect for an assortment of classic pieces that I use to fit my style perfectly. With my choices, I can go for a timeless look every year.
I have already come up with different ensembles for a variety of situation, but I think that they don’t work as well if you’re aiming to look as timeless and as classy as some celebrities. “



Finding the words to describe fashion style isn’t always simple. Some people dress so well that they can’t use common adjectives to describe their style or fashion sense.
Our list above employs 30+ words that you can use to describe your fashion style, and the goal is to make sure that you can do this with no trouble at all. You can get immediate inspiration for words to describe fashion style today.