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25+ of the Best Words to Describe Fireworks in Writing

25+ of the Best Words to Describe Fireworks in Writing

You will need to find the right words to describe fireworks if you want to create a picture in people’s minds.

If you’re looking for words to describe something, good descriptive adjectives are necessary.

Fireworks can create an awe-inspiring sight and you don’t want the words you use to describe them to fall short. Here are some words and sentences describing fireworks.


8 of the best words to describe New Year’s Eve firework shows

Some of the New Year’s Eve fireworks shows around the world are quite spectacular. They are bright, beautiful and loud.
Here are words to describe fireworks when they create an extraordinary display, watched by many people.

01Impressive (evoking admiration for size, quality etc.)
E.g. “The impressive display of fireworks made our jaws drop. It was an unforgettable sight as they exploded in the sky and filled it with colors and light.”


group of people watching fireworks
Photo by Zuza Gałczyńska on Unsplash


02Extravagant (elaborate and lacking any restraint)
E.g. “We watched the extravagant display from a quiet spot and couldn’t believe the vivid green, red, orange, purple and yellow colors against the night sky.”


03Dazzling (extremely bright)
E.g. “It was quite dazzling to watch as some of the fireworks shot straight up before exploding, while others quickly shattered into thousands of sparks.”


04Magnificent (very grand)
The magnificent fireworks display has grown so popular in this city that people now have to buy tickets to prevent overcrowding.”


05Flamboyant (strikingly showy)
E.g. “The flamboyant fireworks display illuminated the many revelers dancing on the beach. The colors were so bright it almost felt like daylight.”


golden fireworks on the sky

Photo by Michael Fousert on unsplash


06Awe-inspiring (worthy of admiration)
E.g. “The awe-inspiring sight of multi-colored fireworks exploding in the sky over the city will stay in my mind forever.”


07Glorious (having great beauty or splendor)
E.g. “The fireworks were a glorious sight from the rooftop for all the people who attended the event on New Year’s Eve.”


08Brilliant (exceptionally bright)
E.g. “A brilliant flash of light followed the explosion as we set off the first firework to celebrate the New Year.”



7 words to describe small firecrackers and wedding sparklers

Small firecrackers and wedding sparklers create a different effect to a large fireworks display.
They tend to have an appeal in a more intimate setting like a family celebration or a wedding. Here are some words to describe fireworks like firecrackers and wedding sparklers.

09Magical (delightful in an other-worldly way)
E.g. “With everyone waving their sparklers, it created a magical atmosphere. All the flickering lights illuminated the smiles on our faces”.


firework toasting
Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash


10Enchanting (delightfully charming)
E.g. “The sight of so many flickering lights was quite enchanting. I felt as though I was living in a fairytale and the bride and groom were the queen and king.”


11Glittering (shining with sparkling light)
E.g. “The sparklers were like diamonds glittering in the dark as we waved them together and sang. They threw off brilliant sparks as they burned.”


12Twinkling (shining with intermittent small gleams of light)
E.g. “It was as though a thousand twinkling stars came to earth as we all lit our sparklers at the same time.”


women holding sparklers burning fireworks fire american flag background

Image from free-photos under Pixabay License


13Sparkling (shining with flashes of light)
E.g. “Excited children danced around the bonfire and shouted with glee as they created a sparkling spectacle with their lit sparklers.”


14Crackling (short, sharp sound)
E.g. “We heard popping and crackling all around when people started lighting the firecrackers.”


kissing holding firework sticks

Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash


15Exciting (causing great eagerness)
E.g. “It was very exciting when everyone lit their firecrackers at the same time.”


5 words to describe the sound of fireworks

The sound of fireworks adds to the atmosphere created by the colors and movement. Here are words to describe fireworks when you’re thinking about the noise they make.

16Bang (a sudden, loud noise)
E.g. “A deafening bang reached our ears as the firework exploded and scattered thousands of tiny sparks into the sky.”


tower white and red fireworks

Photo by Nitish Meena on unsplash


17Splutter (short, explosive spitting)
E.g. “The wind caused the rocket to splutter and we weren’t sure if it would take off. As it roared into the air we gasped in awe and cheered.”


18Hiss (a sharp whistling sound)
E.g. “As we waited for the fuse to be lit on the Catherine wheel, we could feel the tension. Soon, we saw a bright ball of light, and heard a loud hiss as it finally ignited and started to move.”



19Pop (a light, explosive sound)
E.g. “Sparks flew everywhere because it was a windy night and we could hear a loud pop, pop, pop as the fireworks burst one after another.”


low angle raw photo fireworks night sky
Photo by – under pexels license


20Sizzle (a hot, spitting sound)
E.g. “Suddenly there was a sizzle like the sound of a sausage in a frying pan as the rocket shot upwards and burst into flames.”


5 words to describe fireworks and their movements

Fireworks move in many different ways – shooting straight up into the sky, twirling, spiraling and spinning. Here are words to describe fireworks when you think about their movement.

E.g. “The firework started to spin around as it began to burn. We all gasped as it spun off sideways instead of going upwards. Fortunately, it burned out without doing any damage and we could all breathe a sigh of relief.”


photo of blue white yellow fireworks during nighttime

Photo by Miguel Acosta under pexels license


E.g. “The fireworks created a spiral of color as they took over the sky. After spiraling and spinning for some time, all that was left was some long, white tails.”


E.g. “The fireworks would whirl through the sky, burst, and create a beautiful pattern. Sometimes they turned into one single colorful flower and other times there would be a whole shower of beautiful little flowers.”


beautiful fireworks time lapse photography

Photo by Nicolas Tissot on unsplash


E.g. “The rocket pierced the dark sky and burst into millions of amber stars. They floated for a while before falling gently and fading away.”


E.g. “I watched the firework with its trail float in the sky and linger long after the initial explosion. It continued to float gently, getting fainter and fainter all the time.”


4 words to describe the colors of fireworks

The colors of fireworks dazzle and inspire us. Here are words to describe fireworks when you’re thinking about their colors.

E.g. “There’s something about fireworks that will make you feel warm, even on a cold night. The reds, yellows and oranges echo the enticing colors of a bonfire.”


skylines body of water fireworks above the building

Photo by Antonio Gabola on unsplash


E.g. “The vivid oranges, purples, reds, yellows and greens of the fireworks showed up clearly against the dark sky and made me think of brightly colored pencils strewn against the blackness.”


E.g. “The brilliant colors created a fiery spectacle in the sky and turned into a giant shower of light as they started falling.”


light city people watching fireworks

Photo by Denys Gromov under pexels license


E.g. “The rocket exploded with a display of intense red, green and gold colors. They created a pattern in the sky that looked like a giant and impressive painting.”


A final word

When looking for words to describe fireworks, some of the above examples will help you improve your writing.
They will help you describe the colors, sounds and movements the fireworks make as they light up the sky and create an impression on everyone who sees them.