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40+ of the Most Terrific Instagram Captions for Your 21st Birthday

40+ of the Most Terrific Instagram Captions for Your 21st Birthday

Happy 21st birthday to you! The chances are that you’re looking for the most terrific 21st birthday Instagram captions to share those awesome 21st birthday pictures on Instagram with your followers.

21 years old is a special age, so you know that these Instagram captions have to be special and unique too. We’ve got one for every type of 21st birthday picture, from selfies to pictures of your birthday cake.

You can check out these amazing 21st birthday Instagram captions:


8 captions for selfies for 21st birthday

You only turn 21 once, so there will be a ton of selfies to commemorate this milestone, whether by yourself or with the friends or family members that you’ve chosen to spend your day with.
These pictures last forever, and the perfect caption will make your picture pop even more.
Here are some 21st birthday Instagram captions for those sweet, once-in-a-lifetime selfies:

01I can’t keep calm, it’s my freaking 21st birthday! #birthdaymood


birthday wishes blow confetti
Photo by Amy Joy on reshot


02Damn sis, 21 is looking pretty good on you! #grownup


03Goodbye to fake IDs, and hello to my beer-thday #21stbirthday


04I sparkle every day, but today? Today I rule! #birthdaygirl #21


05On this day 21 years ago a queen was born. #birthdaygirl


woman homecoming queen wearing yellow off shoulder slit dress with silver tiara

Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on unsplash


06It’s my 21st birthday and I can wine if I want to! Wanna see my ID?


07Go shawty, it’s your birthday. You’re 21 and legal enough for the parday. #turnup


0821 years of being this fabulous, cheers to 21 more!


11 captions for a birthday party with friends and family

Having the people whom you love and cherish around to celebrate this milestone with you is an awesome feeling. These special people can turn an ordinary time into an extraordinary time just with a little while in their presence.
Here are 11 awesome 21st birthday Instagram captions for a birthday party celebrated with friends and family:

09Where my party people at? I only turn 21 once! #turnup


photo of women having a party

Photo by VINICIUS COSTA under Pexels License


10It’s my 21st birthday people! Sip, sip, hooray! #birthdayvibes


11Got my girls/boys with me, so point us to the nearest bar! #21stbirthday


12The aim tonight is to get as drunk as possible and definitely regret it in the morning!



13I’m finally 21, so I can get invited to turn up at the club too. Where’s my drink?


14BRB. I’m on cloud wine with my homegirls!


glass wine cheers hands party
Photo by Yutacar under Pixabay License


15Celebrating this special day with all of my favorite people makes it even more special!


16Cheers to pour decisions at 21! Let the celebrations begin!


17It’s only right to party all night long with the ones you love! #21stbirthday


18Of the 21 reasons to be happy today, my friends and family are at the top of my list!


girl party portrait smiling wearing hat

Photo by Caio Resende under Pexels License


19The best part about these last 21 years has been being able to spend it with the people who’ve loved me for all of them.


8 captions for 21st birthday gifts received

Birthday gifts are without a doubt the best parts of birthdays. They are symbols and tokens of the love your friends and family have for you. They help to make you feel special on your birthday.
Of course, you’ll want to show off what you’ve received, whether it is a physical gift, a vacation, an event, or even a nice birthday card.
Here are some 21st birthday Instagram captions that you can use when you share pictures of the birthday gifts you have received. You can share these captions with your Instagram followers:

20The best gift of all is having my loved ones by my side while sharing year 21 with me; this sure is a close second though!


friends girls birthday

Image from Canva – under one-time use license


21They say the best present is presence, but I’m loving all of these 21 gifts! #birthdaygifts


22Thanks to everyone who made my 21st birthday special. I’m wearing the smile that you guys gave me!#birthdaywishes


23Hands down, I have the most thoughtful friends and family members. Now, where am I going to put all of these gifts? #Iam21



24I can tell there’s love in every gift as well as every 21st birthday wish. I’ll cherish them forever. Thanks guys.


25When I say that I have the best friends ever, I wasn’t exaggerating. Who gifts someone a [insert name of gift]? Thank you SO much! #birthdaysurprise


26The best gift of all is being able to go around the sun for the 21st time. The other stuff I got is cool too.


silhouette of man standing on beach during sunset trees water
Photo by Vlada Karpovich under pexels license


27In a totally unexpected turn of events, my crazy friends managed to surprise me with this awesome 21st birthday gift. I’m so lucky!


6 captions for 21st birthday cake

No birthday is complete without a delicious birthday cake! Whether it is chocolate, red velvet, cheesecake, or strawberry, the delicious birthday cake is what everyone looks forward to having on a birthday.
Planning to share shots of your birthday cake before everyone digs in? Here are six 21st birthday Instagram captions that you can use:

28I’ve been here 21 years, so today is mother nature’s way of saying that I need to eat more cake!


2921 means good things are coming, and I don’t just mean my birthday cake! #birthdaydinner


Birthday girl cake happy woman

Photo by Chloé Boulos on reshot


30Screw the diet and bring on the birthday cake! #cakeday #birthdayweight


31Is there a limit to the number of slices that the birthday boy/girl can have? I think it’s 21, right? #birthdaycake


32We’re all just here for the birthday cake. The real 21st birthday party is at the club tonight! #birthdaybash


two women having fun birthday party guy at back confetti cake

Photo by sujan khalifa under Unsplash License


33The only thing that could make this better is if I got 21 cakes! It’s fair enough, right? #cake #birthday


8 21st birthday Instagram captions saying thank you for your birthday wishes

On the morning of your 21st birthday, your phone will start to blow up with heartfelt messages from your friends, family, colleagues, and other well-wishers.
It feels good to know that many people care about you. It’s nice to receive wishes to make you feel special on your 21st birthday.
The customary thing to do is to reply to each message individually; however, when you have an overwhelming number of messages, you can’t get that done in the midst of your celebration.
Instead, you can make a 21st birthday Instagram caption to say thank you to all your friends. You can thank them for the positive birthday wishes, and in the following days, you can respond individually to each person if you want. Here’s what you can say on Instagram:

34Waking up to your kind words on my 21st birthday has filled my heart with so much joy. I appreciate everyone who sent me birthday wishes!


woman in gray coat kiss goodbye workweek tablet earphone

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license


35What a day! I can’t reply to everyone right now, but thanks from the bottom of my heart for making my 21st birthday so special!


36I appreciate everyone who took the time to send me positive wishes for my 21st birthday. I’ll turn up tonight for all of you!


37Having good friends and family is all I can ask in this life. Thank you for making my 21st birthday special.


38Thanks to the friends, relatives, and even strangers who wished me a happy 21st birthday. I hope your day is as terrific as mine.


inflatable unicorn pool party woman

Photo by Masha on reshot


39It’s been a hectic day and I haven’t had time to read all of your 21st birthday wishes, but I’m sending love in your direction!


40The number of 21st birthday wishes I got has just blown me away. It’s an amazing feeling to know that so many people care about me. Thanks guys.


41I know that it’s pretty late, but it wouldn’t be right to go to bed without saying thank you for all of the 21st birthday wishes. Xoxo.



You only turn 21 once, so you only have one chance to nail those perfect 21st birthday Instagram captions.
We have done most of the work for you. Whether you want to copy and paste one of these messages or customize each caption a bit is entirely up to you.
You can take the time that you’ve saved coming up with 21st birthday Instagram captions to bask in the moment. Have a wonderful 21st birthday!