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How to Ask a Girl out Over Text without Being Awkward

How to Ask a Girl out Over Text without Being Awkward

Dating, hooking up, hanging out, etc. are all normal and encouraged activities that are carried out between two adults, especially people of the opposite sex. It is well within the normal activities, if not responsibility, of a man to ask a girl out, but if it is not done well, then it can be terrible.

If you, as a man, have tried to ask a girl out once or twice and have failed, you will understand the gravity of the embarrassment that follows: social awkwardness. That is why a safe bet is to ask a girl out over text. Below are a couple of templates to give you a warm start.

Text templates on how to ask a girl out over text


01“I remember you told me you had tons of work to do today, and I happen to be in a restaurant, so I want to get you something. What would you like?


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02“Wow, I didn’t know you went to school there too. It’s cool we met, I still keep in touch with a couple of my friends from there. Would you like to come by sometime, so I can introduce you? They would be really glad to meet you.”


03“Hi, I hope you are having a good day. I know you are very good at math and I have this test I need to prepare for, would you mind helping me with some of the concepts? I would be really grateful.”


04“Hi, I know this is like a very spontaneous request but I was wondering if you would like to go out for couple of drinks with me, tonight. I understand you might be busy, and that’s ok. Maybe we could plan another time.”


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05“I know you must have heard of the new band coming into town and guess what? I have two tickets to the live show! Would you be interested in accompanying me to the concert?”


06“So, Starbucks just released a new flavor, and I was wondering if you would like to try it? I can grab a cup for you on my way from work, what do you say?”


07“I really do not want this to be awkward, so I am just going to say it: would you like to go to the movies with me? I heard there is a cool new blockbuster out and I would really like to watch it, hopefully with you.”


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08“I was walking home yesterday, and I saw this weird looking guy beside me, so I immediately thought it would be better if I crossed over to the other side. Just as I was about to … 
Wait, maybe if you would like to hear the rest of this amazing story, we could meet and have a couple of drinks? I know you don’t like suspense!! What time can we make it?”


09“Hey, are you free later today? I know this great place they sell tasty, huge white lobsters!! I would like to take you there today, around 4, what do you say? Can you pass up a chance to see a white lobster?”



10“We have been talking for a while now, which I really enjoy. I do not know how to ask a girl out, but I really want us to take it a step further …will you go on a date with me. You can pick the time and place or if you’d rather, we can go bowling this weekend. What do you think?”


You ask a girl out over text and she says “NO”


11“Hi, it’s okay, I was expecting you to say no although I was really, really hoping for a yes. Next time I would invite you out at least with a couple of hours heads up. Have a wonderful day.”


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12Couldn’t resist giving it a try… I will still keep my fingers crossed. Talk to you later.”


13“You didn’t respond to the text I sent to you, so I guess you are really busy. I will leave you to it and let me know when you will be free to chat.”


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14“I can understand if you are nervous, but we can do whatever you want – no pressure. I would just like to get to know you better.”



You ask a girl out over text and she says “YES”


15“Great, if I had known you would say yes, I would have asked you long ago! So happy though, see you in a bit.”


16“You know what, I held my breath and I wasn’t going to breathe until you said yes, and I just exhaled…I promise you would have much fun.”


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17“Glad you agreed to come, my friends will really be jealous of me, haha. See you around as planned…Take care.”


18“Okay, that is so good. I can’t wait for the weekend to come. I look forward to watching you smile all day.”


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19“I have to be honest with you, I didn’t think you were going to say yes! Guess who the happiest man on earth is right now … you’ve made my day so much better. I’ll be at your place in a few.”




To ask a girl out over text you have to be yourself and not be pushy. If you have met her a couple of times take note of her likes, find out if you both have anything in common and use that to find more commonalities to get closer; listen to her comments or recommendations. For example, if she suggests you watch a movie or read a book, you actually doing it has won her heart half way already.

So long as you are not having a face to face conversation with her, she can only imagine your intentions or emotions from the words you write. So be direct, study her interests, find out her likes, man up and give it a go.