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30 Sweet and Funny Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

30 Sweet and Funny Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

Life is beautiful, and reaching your 60th birthday is something to celebrate. With the way the modern world works – and how fast-paced living can be today – it is considered a “miracle” if you even go past that number. Yes, 60 is really amazing, ripe and full of experience – an age that one could be truly proud of. Therefore, a 60th birthday calls for something special – and you need to have a well-crafted “Happy 60th Birthday” message to suit the occasion.

In the following article, we compiled some of the best Happy 60th Birthday wishes to fit this special occasion. Hopefully, you can find something to use the next time you attend someone’s Diamond Birthday celebration.

Examples for Happy 60th Birthday wishes


01“Happy 60th birthday (name) – like wine, make sure that you age well and continue to stand the test of time! May you have many more birthdays to come! Happy birthday to you.”


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02“Wow, Happy 60th Birthday (name) we started from the bottom and now we are here – way up high in the stratosphere! Continue to inspire all of us who look up to you, happy birthday!”


03“Even if there is just one candle on your birthday cake today – the number SIXTY still stands proud! Happy 60th Birthday (name) to you and may you continue to bless us with your loving, fun and inspiring presence .”


04“Sixty years ago – you didn’t even have clothes on to keep you warm as you meet the waiting world. Today, you have all the warmth that you need – from your friends, family and loved ones. Happy 60th Birthday (name) and keep on living!”


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05“Hey, Happy 60th birthday (name)! Did you know that you are as naughty today as the first time that I met you? Seriously, you should slow down in that department! Happy birthday to you and enjoy being sixty!”


06“After seeing you reach sixty today, I am now convinced that the fountain of eternal youth exists! Can you point me to it too? Happy birthday and stay youthful!”


07“Age is just a number – yeah we’ve all heard that! But today, I will make an exception. Yes, age is just a number – but the experiences that go along with each number is what makes it so special. Happy 60th birthday (name)”


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08“They say that a dog is a man’s best friend – and when I look at you, I sometimes wonder whether that saying is true. Just joking! Happy 60th birthday (name) – enjoy the many years ahead and always remember that you are my one and only best friend!”


09“Today is the end and the beginning of another 365-day journey. Happy birthday (name) – you made it through to sixty – here’s hoping you can make it to sixty more!”


10“Happy birthday to you, my dearest (name). Today, you forget the past, live the present and look forward to the future – a future closer to wearing adult underpants, if I may add! Happy 60th birthday (name)”


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11“I wanted to wish you a happy birthday today. Should I say Happy 60th birthday, or should I just put 59.95 plus tax on your cake. Happy birthday my friend!”


12“Sixty. This is a number that represents a diamond – and a diamond truly is what you are. Happy 60th birthday (name) and may you have even many more birthdays to come!”



13“You are not sixty – you are just worth sixty years’ worth of experience. Happy 60th birthday (name) and may you have a happy, fuller and healthier life ahead”


14“Happy birthday my friend. Smile and enjoy your day – at age 60, you are lucky to still have a complete set of teeth!”


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15“Happy 60th birthday (name) – I was under the impression that at the age of sixty, your common sense is as full as an overflowing dam. Well, you’ll definitely need it! What, with all your other senses deteriorating, the only sense that you can rely on is your common one, don’t you think? Happiest birthday, my friend!”


16“At 60, you have more experience under your belt than most people. Learning to live and let go of the past is essential. It’s never too late to live the life that you want. Happy 60th birthday (name)”



17“Happy 60th birthday (name) – life is a struggle, but you made it to sixty! Wishing for a longer and happier life for you my friend”


18Think like sixty, but live life like sixteen! Stay young at heart – Happy 60th birthday (name)”


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19“Today is a special day – and when I reach this age one day, I will look back and remember how happy, healthy and vibrant you are today. Happy 60th birthday (name)”


20I’ve always wondered what the secret to eternal youth was – can you please tell me what your secret is? Happy 60th birthday (name) and stay happy at sixty!”



21“Look around you – friends, family and loved ones surround you on this day. A testament to the seeds of love that you have planted throughout the years – Happy 60th birthday (name)”


22“Happy 60th birthday (name) – you’ve definitely been around the block for a long-time. Everyone in the neighborhood knows who you are – and appreciates you for exactly that! Stay healthy and happy.”


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23Just like a wine, you are a classic and you’ve aged just fine! Happy 60th birthday (name) – stay cool and classy as you are.”


24“Success is consistently doing something for years – and still be good at it. For me, you are the true definition of success and I wish you more in the years to come. Happy 60th birthday (name)”


25“The first 20 years of your life is for growing up. The next 20 years is for learning. The next 20 years is for teaching everything that you have learned along the way. Thank you for inspiring us with your knowledge through the years – Happy 60th birthday (name).”


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26At sixty, let’s not talk about the wrinkles. You’ve had them since you were 20 anyway! Just joking! Happy 60th birthday (name) and may you stay young, vibrant and happy!”


27“I tried counting all your candles, and I nearly lost count at 50 – I never thought that your age was more than that when I look at you – you look fresh and young anyway! Happy 60th birthday (name)”


28“So, you’re feeling like a celebrity today? Rightly so – not just anyone can say that they’ve made it to their 60s and are still laughing about it! Happy 60th birthday (name).”


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29You took the road less traveled – and still we ended up in the same destination. Congratulations on reaching this golden number! Happy 60th birthday (name)”


30You are a gem – just like a diamond, formed through continuous trials and pressures thrown at you. You survived through it all and now you shine in beauty and splendor! Happy 60th birthday (name)!”