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20+ Bachelorette Party Thank You Notes for Your Best Friends

20+ Bachelorette Party Thank You Notes for Your Best Friends

No bachelorette party is the same, but every party requires a tremendous amount of preparation facilitated by your loved ones to be successful. That’s why Bachelorette party thank you notes are a crucial part of the event—you may not have the chance to thank everyone in person, and even if you do, a written thank you note demonstrates your gratitude in a way simple words just can’t.

Check out these 25 inspiring examples of Bachelorette party thank you notes to help you get started writing.


Bachelorette party thank you notes to those who helped organize the event


01Hi, Meg. Thank you so much for working on my bridal shower. It means the world to me that you put so much time and effort into an event that made me feel incredibly loved. So, thank you very much!


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02When I began to write these thank you notes, the first person I thought of was you, Rachel. You’ve put in so much to make my shower to happen, and I can’t appreciate you enough. Thank you, darling.


03Meg, it’s Rachel. I know you worked your butt off to make my bridal shower the wild success it was, so I am ever so grateful to you. Thank you.


04Hey, Rachel! just woke up a few minutes ago and decided, almost immediately, to write you this. Last night’s bridal shower was amazing, but only because of you and the effort you invested. So, thank you, honey!


05My bridal shower, last night, was the wildest, most fun party of my adult life, and I LOVED it. Most importantly, it was only possible because you made it happen, Rachel. So, thank you!


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06Rachel, I am writing to express my gratitude for your efforts to make my bachelorette party, last night, a success. It was a wonderful evening, and I can’t wait to return the favor for your own bridal shower, babes.


07I had a very special night with my girls last night, and it was all because of you, Rachel. Thank you for everything; for always putting me first and for loving me like a sister.


08Hey Jackie, thank you for everything. Because of your efforts—the amazing atmosphere and such attention to detail—last night was great. The party was a roaring success, if I may say. So, thank you.


Thank you notes to the guests


09Marge, last night was so wild, and I had so much fun! Thanks for showing up, hun. You made my bridal shower party worth the wait.


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10Hey Rachel, thanks for dropping by for my bachelorette party. It was so much more fun because of you. I hope you had fun, and I can’t wait for your turn!


11Hey Lisa and Penny, this is me thanking you gals for coming to my bridal shower yesterday. The few bits my drunk self remembers were super fun, but only because you both were there, so thank you!


12I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I had last night, but I did, and it’s all because of you, Helen. You came to my bachelorette party, and you blew it up with your charm and laughter. So, thank you, babe.


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13Hey Rachel, thanks for coming to my bridal shower last night. It was just wonderful. And, you made it even more lovely by stopping by and sharing the joy with me.



14Thanks for last night, Helen. I have only the best memories of the whole event, and you are one of the best memories. Your laughter, the dancing, all that.


15I hope you don’t think I am being too much by writing you this, but I really think you made my party a whole lot better by dropping by, Eva. Thanks for taking the time, and for being the light you always are.


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16I had a wonderful and super memorable bachelorette last night, so I just had to write and thank the people that made it possible.
You topped my list of those people, Rachel. Mostly just for coming by and lighting up the party with your humor.


Bachelorette party thank You notes for people that gave you gifts


17Janice, I just saw your gift, and it is so wonderful! It’s so thoughtful and simply one of the best presents anyone could wish for.


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18Hey Marie, thanks for dropping by my bachelorette party last night and making it as fun as it was. I also saw your gift, and I love it already. Thank you, darling!


19This is the very first Bachelorette party thank you note I’m writing, and you were at the top of my list because I just had to thank you, Helen, for everything.
Including that wonderful present. I just love you so much for always being there for me. Thank you so much!



20Hey Janice, this is me expressing my gratitude to you for coming to my bridal shower last night. It was super fun, and then you also brought an oh-my-God present for yours truly—which I love—all my thanks, babe.


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21Jenny, I just saw your present from last night’s bridal shower, and I love it. I just wish everyone thought of me and knew me as well as you do, babes. So, thanks.


22Hey Lori, about last night, thanks for coming through, and for bringing that social butterfly shine with you to light the room up. We had so much fun.
Most importantly, I want to thank you for the gift, honey. I loved it immediately (how are you so good at picking presents?).


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23Hi Tina, I wanted to write something really clever, but I’m terrible at these things, so I’ll just say that I’m thrilled you came to my bachelorette party last night. Also, thanks for the gift, it means a lot to me.


24Marge, I just saw your present from last night, and I adore it. Whoever told you I loved me some BirchBox didn’t lie, at all.


Closing thoughts

While some people may not acknowledge it, planning a bachelorette party is no easy feat.
Bachelorette party thank you notes are a smart, simple way to show your gratitude to those who worked so hard to plan it, those who organized it, and those who brought presents. You can’t go wrong with any of the examples we’ve listed above.

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