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45 of the Best Icebreaker Questions for Christmas Dinner

45 of the Best Icebreaker Questions for Christmas Dinner

Christmas is one of the favorite holidays of many people because of everything from the gifts to the food to the Christmas spirit. If your family regularly has guests over for Christmas, having Christmas icebreaker questions can make them feel more welcome and like part of the family.

Christmas icebreaker questions may also be used as conversation starters at work, or even school to get to know one another more, and to recognize the similarity and differences.

Are you ready for some Christmas icebreaker questions? Here are 45.


10 questions about Christmas food

Christmas icebreaker questions may be asked before, during or after your actual Christmas dinner. Here are 10 you can try:

01“What is your favorite Christmas dish?”
Different cultures have different special dishes to help celebrate the occasion. This is a good icebreaker question to ask someone of a different culture to get to know them better.


cooked food photo ham on top of wooden board with lots of different food on the side
Photo by Jed Owen on unsplash


02“What is your favorite Christmas dessert?”
Christmas dessert is for enjoying shamelessly without judgement. Talking about your favorite desserts is a good way to get a conversation started before dinner is served.


03“Which holiday feast is your favorite, Thanksgiving or Christmas?”
This is a good question to ask because the meals at each are different.


04“Are you a cook-all- day for Christmas dinner type of person, or order-in type of person?”
Some people prefer to cook their own Christmas meals, while others prefer to order them.

couple cooking kitchen

Photo by Le Creuset under Unsplash License

It doesn’t matter what someone’s preference is, it’s just something you can ask friends or co-workers to see what kind of Christmases they have.


05“What dish can you do without at Christmas?”
This is a question that focuses on likes and dislikes, but it is in no way meant to offend the chef. Everyone has certain food they aren’t fans of.


06“Who cooks the Christmas dinner at your house?”
This is a good question to ask a partner or friend who has invited you over to Christmas dinner. It lets you know who specifically to thank.


07“If you could only eat one Christmas dish on this table for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?”
This is just another way to ask a person about their favorite meal and to compliment the chef.


08“If you could have Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay cook your dinner, who would you pick?”
This is a good question to ask someone who is really into celebrity chefs.
Though it may never happen, it’s a great thing to fantasize about.


black leather bifold wallet Jamie Oliver cook book

Photo by stephen packwood on unsplash


09“If you couldn’t have Christmas dinner this year, which fast food would you be eating right now?”
It is good to ask this just because it will help you learn a person’s favorite fast-food restaurant.


10“So, which of these dishes do you want as leftovers?”
This is good to use with someone new at the Christmas dinner to make them feel like part of the family and find out if they liked the food.



10 about Christmas traditions

Every family has its own Christmas traditions, and what is common in one family might be vastly different in another family.
Here are 10 Christmas icebreaker questions to ask colleagues, classmates and newcomers about Christmas dinner:

11“Does your family have a special Christmas ornament?”
Many families decide to decorate for Christmas and if it is done together, chances are there are some favorites or even custom-made ones that are special to the family.


person holding beige bauble near christmas tree
Photo by Element5 Digital under pexels license


12“What is your favorite Christmas memory?”
This is a good question to ask because people generally have much more love and affection around Christmas and will largely have good memories.


13“What holiday task do you hate the most?”
Preparing for Christmas takes quite a bit of work. It is good to ask to see what his/her family does before and after.


14“Have you ever opened a Christmas gift before you were supposed to as a child?”
Kids are impatient around Christmas because they look forward to these gifts all year.
It’s a great icebreaker question to use because many of us used to sneak around and open our Christmas gifts before the right time.


15“Where is your favorite place to shop for Christmas gifts?”
This is a good question to ask a stranger or peer, just so you can have better ideas for next year if you feel like you struggle with Christmas gift-giving.


people walking inside mall building near shops photo

Photo by Heidi Fin on unsplash


16“If you could relive any Christmas moment, what would it be?”
It is good to use this when you want to invite someone to share his/her Christmas memories with you or the group.


17“Does your family use real or synthetic Christmas trees?”
Some people prefer to get a real Christmas tree, while others prefer to purchase a plastic one that can be kept and used for years. This can spark a discussion about the pros and cons of real versus fake Christmas trees.


winter decoration red christmas tree girls beautiful home happy sisters christmas tree

Photo by alinka on Reshot


18“Fill in the blanks: It wouldn’t be Christmas without ________________”
This is good to use when you want to talk about someone’s Christmas traditions and what elements make it special for them.


19“What is one thing your family does for Christmas that others don’t usually do?”
Many families have traditions at Christmas that aren’t necessarily related to Christmas itself, they just so happen to fall at the same time.
This will help you learn more about someone else’s family.


20“What is one Christmas tradition that you wish wasn’t a thing?”
No one has to like everything about Christmas, like the long lines to get gifts, awful Christmas sweaters or being forced to spend time with people you don’t necessarily get along with.
It’s good to ask because it can improve the Christmas experience for everyone present.



15 Questions about Christmas activities

Christmas activities vary, so there are lots of things you can ask during Christmas time to break the ice.
Here are 15 Christmas icebreaker questions about Christmas activities:

21“Which Christmas carol do you like the most? Does your family go caroling?”
There are several songs dedicated to Christmas, but people generally have one that they like more than others.


people standing inside church singing carol
Photo by Blue Ox Studio under pexels license


22“What is the coolest Christmas gift you’ve ever given/received?”
This question is good to ask because it might remind them about their best Christmas, perhaps in their youth, which can also spark a great Christmas story.


23“What kind of gift buyer are you for Christmas? Black Friday, Christmas Eve or do you hoard them all year?”
This is a good question to ask anyone, especially a boyfriend/girlfriend to get to know if he/she is already prepared, or does things at the last minute.


24“If you had to be trapped in a Christmas movie, which would it be and why?”
Christmas movies are a must-watch near Christmas so by now they should have a favorite.
If you haven’t watched that movie, you can invite him/her to watch it with you to make you even closer.


movie theater seats popcorn

Photo by masa92 on photo-ac


25“What is one thing about Christmas that you hate but everyone else seems to love?”
This question isn’t intended to bring negativity to the table. The truth is, some people love Christmas but find certain things tedious or annoying, like caroling or Christmas shopping.


26“Who is the toughest person to find a Christmas gift for?”
Shopping for other people can be difficult, especially when they seem to have it all. It is just a random question for family members to discuss.


27“Name three words that perfectly describe Christmas for you”
This is good to ask partners as it lets you see where his/her head is at in terms of how you could spend Christmas together or how you can improve it for him/her.


28“Do you have winter vacation plans? (If you are living in the southern hemisphere, you can change to “Do you have summer vacation plans?”)”
This is good to ask co-workers and fellow peers to find out what they’ll be up to.


winter winter snowflake snow snow weather storm boys vacation ski play sled kids

Photo by Jeremy Irish on reshot


29“Have you ever gotten a Christmas gift you hated or already had?”
This is a good question to ask a friend or family member.
The purpose isn’t to call anyone out on the gift, it’s just for a good laugh.
Imagine getting the same watch from two friends! Isn’t that hilarious?


30“What is the ugliest Christmas ornament/tree you’ve ever seen?”
Christmas without Christmas trees is like the Fourth of July without the fireworks.
But, that doesn’t mean all Christmas decorations look nice. This is good to use as something to laugh about or to lighten the mood.


31“If you could learn one skill to make Christmas presents for your friends and family, what would it be?”
This is a pretty intriguing question to ask since Christmas gifts can come in so many different forms. By the time this question has gone around the table, you’ll discover quite a lot.



32“Which Christmas movie do you think is overrated?”
Even though new Christmas movies come out every year, many people love to watch reruns of old movies like Home Alone.
This is good to ask because maybe it can save someone the misery of having to sit through it again next year!


33“If you could only have one holiday during the year, which would you choose?”
This is a good hypothetical question to ask because it gives guests a chance to speak about their favorite holiday in detail; it doesn’t even have to be Christmas.


34“What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened while you were Christmas sales shopping?”
Everyone knows Christmas sales shopping can get hectic, especially when you’re doing it last minute.
People turn into beasts for deals, and the crowds can get overwhelming. This may be a funny story-time


35“If you had to design your own “ugly Christmas sweater”, what would it look like?”
What’s Christmas without the ugly Christmas sweaters?
It’s going to be so funny listening to friends or family design their own. This is a perfect Christmas icebreaker question for a good laugh.


woman sweater hiding blue eyes
Photo by Remy_Loz on unsplash


10 Christmas icebreaker questions about spending it in a pandemic

It goes without saying that Christmas during a pandemic is much different from other Christmases.
Here are 10 Christmas icebreaker questions you can ask to find out how it has affected others:

36“What is one thing you are grateful for this year?”
The pandemic has made life rough for many, but at least you still have family to get through it with.


37“How much has the pandemic affected your Christmas plans?”
The pandemic has affected the world in more ways than one. This is good to ask to hear another person’s experience or perspective.


woman wearing facemask with headphones hanging on neck

Photo by Anna Shvets under pexels license


38“Will your office be hosting a Christmas party this year?”
While some businesses have moved to remote work, others have had to reconfigure work schedules to keep going.
This is a good question to ask to see how the company plans to retain some sense of normalcy in a world that has been turned upside down.


39“Will your family have Christmas dinner together this year?”
This is a good question to ask someone who belongs to a big family with a tradition of gathering for Christmas dinner to find out the extent to which the pandemic has changed things for them.


40“Do you think Christmas is canceled this year?”
With many celebrations being postponed or canceled altogether, this is an appropriate question to ask someone big on Christmas celebrations.


41“How do you think a Zoom Christmas party would work?”
People have been having virtual parties throughout the pandemic so this isn’t very far-fetched. It’s good to ask to get other points of view on the matter.


three women having a party while on video call holding wine glass

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich under pexels license


42“How will you make Christmas as normal as possible for the kids?”
This is a good question to ask another parent, such as a co-worker, to share ideas on overcoming the challenges the pandemic presents.


43“Did you bother with presents this year since we won’t be gathering?”
It is a good question to ask when your family practices gift exchanges.
The pandemic has had such a devastating financial impact so it’s good to ask to see where everyone’s head is at.


44“Even though it sucks that we won’t be together, what’s the silver lining?”
This is good to ask when you want everyone to remain positive and see the good in the situation. Heck, it might even spark some jokes.


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Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA under pexels license


45“Does anyone have Christmas masks?”
This is one of the funniest Christmas icebreaker questions to ask because usually on Christmas, most things are Christmas-themed, even the things we wear.
So, don’t be surprised if you see Christmas masks being sold beforehand.



These Christmas icebreaker questions can turn a lame Christmas into an amazing one and can help to bring the family closer together.
It’s also great for newcomers who feel shy or awkward and helps to include them in the discussion.