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30 of the Best Words to Describe Lips in Your Novel

30 of the Best Words to Describe Lips in Your Novel

There is more than meets the eye when describing lips in your novel. It requires you to explain more details by using words to describe its physical attributes.

There are many words to pick from the examples of words to describe lips below to help talk more about your characters.


Words to describe lips of different shapes

The following words are great at describing different characters based on shape of their lips, and they help your readers create an image of the written content:

“She bit her curved lip, sandwiching it between her canines before speaking her mind. Maybe it was because she was nervous during the interview.”
Curved lips continuously bend to create a shape with no definite straight lines and bend at the corners.


kid puckered lips
Photo by Christian Gertenbach under Unsplash License


“Hunger ravaged her the whole day, but the hotel nearby came to her rescue. You could see her bowlike lips pressing the burger with agitation.”
Bowlike lips have a straight bottom with curved edges while the top is curve-shaped.


“You could have guessed his size by looking at his face. His plump lips got me thinking of a chubby body.”
Plump describes lips with a pleasing round shape that is thick, succulent and curvy.


“Yawning let her hearty lips open up and give way for extra air to move in. We quickly realised it was a boring story.”
Lips with a heart shape have an indent at the upper side and a pointed tip to the lower end.


up artist applying lipstick on a model

Photo by on Unsplash


“There is no better way to be happy than when smiling with your thin lips stretching out to the cheekbone.”
Thin lips are slightly slender, with both the bottom and top parts having equal thickness.


“Every morning she exfoliates her round lips that then glisten all day.”
Round lips have an equal distance from the center to the sides and the top and bottom parts.


Girl applying lipstick

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash


“Her beauty was evident right from her blonde hair, chubby cheeks, and full lips.”
Full lips have even plumpness at the top and bottom and may seem to be round.


Positive words to describe lips of a woman

Use the following positive words to describe lips of a woman:

“The prettiest girl on the block entices all and sundry with her feminine lips. They made her qualify for the beauty pageant in the state.”
Feminine lips are those with a shape, taste, and bright color associated with females.


makeup lipstick

Image from Canva – under one-time use license


“He could not help but remember how she looked at him straight in the eyes with her gorgeous lips brushing over his face.”
Lips with a gorgeous look are attractive and easily noticed for their beautiful features.


“Rubbing her fingers over her classy lips was not an option. She would rather not destroy her expensive Kylie lipstick because of a scratch.”
Classy lips are often stylish because of their color, texture, or the type of lipstick used.



“She chewed her cute lips each time she was on the school bus with Martin. But he never noticed her.”
Describe lips as cute when they endearingly attract people or are pretty to the eye.


“The library became hell for him with Becky sitting across the table. She would raise her head and bite her seductive lips.”
Seductive lips attract you in a manner that leads you to lose focus on what you do.


lips biting a piece of chocolate
Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


Words to describe lips of a man

Use the below words to describe lips that are masculine in size and texture:

“Never have I ever met a man with such alluring lips as Nick’s.”
Alluring lips make a man look mysteriously attractive. They please the eye and fascinate the mind.


“Taking the trip down memory lane was easy for Samantha every time she stared at his radiant lips.”
Men’s radiant lips shine in the light. You may perceive them to glow when there are no lights.


guy in black blazer standing beside concrete wall

Photo by Manny Moreno on unsplash


“His heavenly lips touched hers. She could not resist the kiss yearned for all her life.”
Heavenly describes lips that make you feel out of this world, especially when kissing them.


“I would not mind rubbing my hands over his youthful lips because they calm my nerves and make me feel relieved.”
Youthful lips look young because they are not as coarse as those of elderly people and not as smooth as for a child.


“I was so happy that he helped me move out, but his floppy lips kept exposing his brown teeth. It was unbearable!!”
Floppy lips hang slightly and may cause you to see a part of a person’s teeth either above or below.


man leaning on green painted wall showing his teeth grills

Photo by LexScope on unsplash


Words about lips’ colors

Use the following words to describe lips that jazz up your look:

“There are many different skin types, just as there are different colored lips. I like it better when they have dark lips.”
Dark lips have no light shades, while others have some traces of lightness that need close observation to notice.


“The makeup artist would not have made any difference by applying the red lipstick on her strawberry lips.”
Strawberry lips are red with a slight shade of pink that appears as traces at the edges.


strawberries on white textile during daytime

Photo by Yulia Khlebnikova on unsplash


“From her cheeks to her rosy lips, you could not help but stare at her beauty as she walked to the podium.”
Rosy lips take the color of roses that are dark pink.


woman wearing red lipstick photo

Photo by Cesar La Rosa on unsplash


“Apricot and berry lip shades were her first choice. But she had to settle on dark red to neutralize them.”
Berry lips have a bright and pale pink color that may have traces of orange.


“Jane had the stubbornness of a mule. Her hearty and scarlet lips spoke louder than words.”
Red comes in different shades; some are light, others are dark, while scarlet lips have a brilliant red color.



“As his face stuck on the ground full of blood, the detectives never failed to notice his filmy lips that had blisters.”
Filmy lips do not have a bold color shade like red or dark colors, but instead, they have a lighter hue.


“People all over have embraced nude lips by applying lipstick that matches their skin tone. No wonder they look more natural.”
Nude lips take up a tone close to each individuals’ skin tones.


beautiful woman short hair nude colour lips
Photo by Gregory Buzdyk on unsplash


About lips’ taste

People have lips with unique tastes, distinguished by the tongue. Use the following words to describe them:

“He kept licking his lips when his girlfriend surfaced from the store. But it was only a few minutes later when he had a taste of her sweet lips.”
Sweet lips have a delightful taste that is close to that of sugar and a characteristic taste of honey.


“It was without a doubt that her glossy lip balm, which she kept applying, made her have fruity lips.”
Fruity lips have a sweet, sour or bitter taste. They also smell like fruit.


flat lay photo of boxes of different kinds of berries

Photo by Alex Block on unsplash


“Exfoliating my lips helps them remain fresh and supple all day long, which in turns helps me to remain confident.”
Fresh lips are cool because of how clean and polished they are.


“It goes unquestioned when it comes to him having divine lips. Every girl in his squad could attest to it.”
Divine lips are very sweet because they make you pleased when touching them.


“He has been through a lot this season. The loss he had last night was evident in his bitter lips as she kissed him.”
Bitter lips are not sweet; instead, they have a sharp, pungent smell that makes them less desired.


assorted vegetables bitter melon on white styrofoam

Photo by Lothar Bodingbauer on unsplash


“In those days, marriage was like cherry lips. They were sweet in good times but maintained some sourness during tough days.”
Cherry lips have their taste not too sweet and not too sour; hence making it a neutral combination.



You often need to describe your characters in detail throughout your novel. You may use some of the words to describe lips from above to help make your readers more engaged.
There are many different options, giving you a chance to choose what suits your storyline best.