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25 of the Best Festive Words to Describe Christmas

25 of the Best Festive Words to Describe Christmas

Christmas is a time to be around friends and family. It’s a time to reflect on the memories you’ve made during the year. Christmas is a time for love, laughter and happiness.

There are many words to describe Christmas when you post pictures on social media or when you talk about it to other people. These words should capture your experience. The word can describe the vibe, the decor, or the time spent with your family at Christmas dinner.

If you’re too stuffed and drunk on mulled wine, coming up with some words to describe Christmas can be more of a task than it needs to be.

So here are 25 of the best words to describe Christmas:


Words to describe Christmas: describing the vibe

The vibe around Christmas is very different from any other time of year. There’s just something about Christmas that makes us look forward to the month of December every year.
Here are nine words to describe Christmas and the vibe around the holidays:

A cheery vibe means you’re talking about a happy or optimistic vibe. People are generally in good spirits, and like you, they seem excited about the holidays. It is a good word to use because it can embody everyone’s feelings while being a general way of describing shared experiences during the holidays.
This is one way that you can use the word “cheery” to describe the Christmas vibe:
E.g. “I woke up on Christmas morning feeling bright and cheery. I was looking forward to seeing my all my family at night. “


man carrying girl christmas tree
Photo by Jonathan Borba on unsplash


An enjoyable Christmas is one in which you find pleasure and when you can have fun. This is a good word to describe Christmas when it’s full of fun activities and good experiences that make for an enjoyable experience.
This is how you can use this word to describe Christmas:
E.g. “Even though I didn’t get to go home and be with the family this year, my Christmas was quite enjoyable.”


Festive” is a word that is related to some type of festival or holiday, such as Christmas. It means the vibe is cheerful or celebratory. It’s a good word because it gives the full picture of how joyful and enjoyable the vibe is.
E.g. “I love Christmas because I enjoy seeing everyone in a festive mood.”


christmas bauble hanging on the tree

Photo by Marina Khrapova on unsplash


Happy” is a word that means you and others are content during this Christmas season. It has a simple meaning. People will automatically understand what you mean when you use it online or in a face-to-face conversation. This is an example:
E.g. “I didn’t get my bonus this year, but I was still very happy to celebrate Christmas with my friends and family.”


Magical” is a good word to use because it means that everything is going the way it is supposed to. It can also mean that you’re feeling blissful or experiencing something that is surreal. It refers to the fact that your experiences are very special and unique to one particular moment.
E.g. “Spending my first Christmas with my husband felt quite magical. I love his family.”


creativity magic paper text

Photo by Snapwire under pexels license


Describing the Christmas vibe using the word “merry” is the same thing as saying it is cheerful or lively. This is a good word to use at Christmas because there are a lot of things going on around you, such as parties, parades, caroling, gift exchanges, and all the things that embody a merry Christmas.
E.g. “I’m having a very merry Christmas this year.”


A peaceful vibe at Christmas time is slow-paced, which contrasts with the hustle and bustle of your daily life. You are given a chance to relax and reflect while being free from disturbance or worry.
E.g. “I spent Christmas alone, and it was very peaceful. It was exactly what I needed.”


shallow focus white leaves

Photo by Ian Schneider on unsplash


A spiritual vibe during Christmas can be related to religion or spirituality. This word refers to more of a church vibe where people reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ and what it means to them in their lives. It is a good word to use for people who are believers in the Christian or Catholic faiths.
E.g. “I’m from a family of Catholics, so my Christmas was more spiritual than festive. We spent most of the time in church.”



A warm or warm-hearted Christmas vibe is when the atmosphere is filled with kindness and compassion. People are considerate towards each other and show affection to one another. The idea is that people are acting as they “should” during the Christmas holiday.
Here’s one way to use this word to describe Christmas:
E.g. “I’m new to this town, but everyone here is so warm/warm-hearted around Christmas time.”


young woman in snow
Photo by Jill Wellington under pexels license


Words to describe Christmas: describing the decor

When you see Christmas decor, you know that it won’t be long until you hear Christmas carols in the streets and stores being filled with last-minute shoppers who are trying to get gifts for their loved ones.
These are eight words to describe Christmas decor this season:

The word “angelic” describes something related to angels. Angels are beautiful, and they come in different colors, such as white and gold, that are fitting for the Christmas season. It can also refer to snow angels or angels that sit on the tops of Christmas trees.
Here’s one way to use this word to describe Christmas decor:
E.g. “I thought our Christmas decorations were over the top, but our neighbor’s angelic ornaments have us beat!”


adult beautiful firework lightstick

Image from under pexels license


Using the word “bold” to describe Christmas decor means that it stands out. It commands attention, and it shows that the designers were not afraid to take risks to make the decor memorable.
E.g. “The family down the street was very bold with their Christmas decor this year. I definitely dig it.”


The word “charming” usually refers to something that is simple, yet attractive. It’s not as grand as other decor terms, and the designs may be dated. However, the word is in keeping with the Christmas spirit because it refers to something that is kind of cute.
E.g. “They didn’t have any extra money to buy new decorations, but I thought what they did was quite charming.”


This is a good word to describe decor that is sleek and stylish. This word is used mainly for clean-cut Christmas decorations that are typically seen in corporate offices because they are simple in concept and not over the top. An example of this is a gigantic white Christmas tree with clear lights; this isn’t considered as “too much,” but it is still a statement piece for Christmas.
E.g. “My interior designer did a magnificent job with this year’s decor. It’s so modern and dashing.”


person holding beige bauble near christmas tree

Photo by Element5 Digital under pexels license


Dazzling” describes decor that is filled with so many lights that it’s hard to look at it for too long. Yet, you can’t keep your eyes away from it for too long. This word is good to use for houses that are covered with Christmas lights, bold designs, and many different ornaments.
E.g. “The Christmas tree in the town square was dazzling. Everyone who passed it had to stop to take it all in.”


Sparkly” is another word that can be used to describe something shimmery, bright or glistening. This is the perfect word to use for decor that has Christmas lights or reflective pieces. The word “sparkly” is meant to capture the shimmery aspect of the decor, which other words simply can’t do.
E.g. “I was blown away by how sparkly everything was. My husband outdid himself with the decorations this year.”


black and white christmas decoration

Photo by Thomas Brenac under pexels license


Lovely” is a word often used to describe decor that you find attractive or pleasant. This decor isn’t over the top. In fact, it’s usually quite modest, but it still makes you take a second look. You can also use this word if the decor didn’t stop you in the street, but you don’t want to be rude by saying someone’s Christmas decor is simple.
E.g. “Oh, you decorated this all by yourself? How lovely.”



Wintry decor embodies the winter season. You’ll see colors such as white, blue, platinum, gold or red. You can provide a fuller description of the decor instead of just saying that something is “nice” or “pretty.” It also helps the person who is listening to you to better visualize the appearance of the decor you’re describing. However, this word only works in the northern hemisphere as Christmases in Australia are usually far from wintry!
E.g. “My mother changes her decor with the season. Since it’s Christmas, the entire house was given a very cool and wintry vibe.”


woman blowing snow outside
Photo by Darius Krause under pexels license


Words to describe Christmas: describing family dinner

Now, we can discuss the best part: the food. Christmas dinner is rivaled only by Thanksgiving, and it’s a time where friends and family come together to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year.
Here are eight words to describe Christmas family dinner, especially the food and the feelings around the table:

If you use the word “blessed” to describe your Christmas dinner, it means that you feel fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family during this time. It means you feel lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy a meal with the people you care about. It shows gratefulness and appreciation for the time you’ve shared with them.
E.g. “Sitting around the dinner table with my family for Christmas dinner reminded me of how blessed I truly am.”


selective focus photography of man preparing food beside smiling women and kids

Photo by cottonbro under pexels license


Cozy” is a good word to use when you are in an intimate setting with your family. It can also mean that you feel comfortable or relaxed in the presence of your family and/or close friends.
E.g. “I was worried about meeting Tony’s family, but I felt so cozy when I went to his family’s Christmas dinner.”


Delicious” is generally used to describe tasty food. It is a good word to use when you post a picture of the dinner table on your social media platforms or when someone asks you about how the food was.
E.g. “I’ve been away from home for far too long. Christmas dinner was so delicious that I had to make myself a plate to take home!”


red pomegranate seeds

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on unsplash


If your family is the dress-up type who likes to wear formal clothing to family dinners, cook gourmet meals, and plan extravagant dinners, then you can use the word “fancy” to describe Christmas dinner. It is a good word to use when the family has pulled out all the stops to go above and beyond what regular families do for Christmas dinner.
E.g. “My parents spared no expense this year. Christmas dinner was super fancy, and I loved it!”



The word “generous” can describe a family dinner that has an excessive amount of food. It can also be used to describe gift exchanges that may take place. If you are a guest at someone’s home for Christmas, you can use “generous” to describe how welcoming and giving the family was towards you. Here’s an example:
E.g. “My family is atheist, so I celebrated Christmas with my best friend’s family. They were more than happy to have me there, and they were very generous with the food.”


heart shaped bread and other foods
Photo by Snapwire under pexels license


The term “joyful” literally means “full of joy.” In other words, a joyful Christmas dinner is pleasant. It refers to a Christmas dinner that puts everyone in a happy mood. It is a good word to describe Christmas dinner because it shows that everyone had a good time.
E.g. “This year, Christmas dinner was joyful despite the weather. We huddled together, and we had a great time regardless!”


The word “magnificent” is used as a general way to say everything was great or perfect. It can also be used to say that the dinner exceeded your expectations.
E.g. “I had a magnificent time at Ruby’s family farm for Christmas dinner. I’ll definitely go back next year!”


The word “scrumptious” describes food that is exceptionally tasty or delicious. It can be used in a caption, as a way of thanking the host, and as a way of complimenting the host. This is one way to use the word “scrumptious” to describe Christmas dinner:
E.g. “I wish I could take you home with me to make dinner for me every single day! The meal was scrumptious!”



You can use these words to describe Christmas in person, as a caption, or in thank you cards for the next Christmas dinner. Don’t forget these words for the Christmas holidays that come after that too. They’ll do the trick every time .

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