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40 of the Cutest Instagram Captions for Couples

40 of the Cutest Instagram Captions for Couples

Whether it is expressing your love for each other or making others jealous of your love, Instagram is the best platform for you and your partner to flaunt your happiness.

And the best way to achieve that is by using catchy Instagram captions for couples on all of your pictures.

Below, we explore 40 unique Instagram captions for couples that you can use.


For Couples Who Are Madly in Love

When two people are madly in love, Instagram is a wonderful platform for expressing that love.
The best Instagram captions for couples in love are always sweet and simple, deep and personal without sounding cheesy.
Check out these examples of Instagram captions for couples.

Best Instagram Captions for Couples: When You’ve Been Together a Short Time


01@Mike, I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my life. I am relishing every second of #NOW with you, and I love you very much.


man and woman love smiling
Photo by acworks on photo-ac


02This is the woman I proudly call mine. @Lind_Rt you’ve made a better man out of my nerdy self, and I love you so much for that. I doubt there’s a luckier man in the world.


03Hey, @fre-se, I know it’s only been a short while since we’ve been together, but in that time, I have become happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.


04Hey, @emmetret, look at us on our first date. It’s been one glorious moment after another ever since that day, and I must admit, the most interesting months of my life this year. I want to have these moments forever with you.


05Looking back at this picture, I can’t help thinking it’s true what they say: some people are meant for each other. @dahliann, you were meant to be mine, and I yours. #ILoveYou. #LuckyMe


sea bridge woman kissing guy wind

Photo by Vladyslav_ Levin on reshot


06Hey, @rrrr, it’s like I was dead inside before, and my heart only started beating when you kissed me that cold winter night in January. I don’t ever want to live without you. #LoveYou to pieces.


07To the woman who has made me reconsider love, @hkhns_ser, I want you to know that I’ll love you #forever. Forgive the cliché, but you seriously stole my heart, and I never want it back.


08Dear @tt-thnms, here’s a small lyric about us. With you I feel different. I feel safe. I feel new. I feel like I can close my eyes and worry about nothing now that you’re here. I feel complete. You complete me. Xoxo.


a couple of meadows

Photo by acworks on photo-ac


09I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met this crazy, fun, loving guy in March. Now, 5 months later, my heart explodes when I see him in the morning. I can’t recommend love at first sight enough!



10Dear @david, you picked up all the small pieces of my crushed heart and stitched them back together with your love. With you by my side, I can love again, I can feel again. I am ready for forever with you, and I am never letting go.


Best Instagram Captions for Couples: When You’ve Been Together for a Long Time


11Every time you hold me like this, my world stops spinning, and everything becomes better. I feel free and clear of mind. I feel peaceful. I am sure that’s what they call #LOVE.


foreign wedding kiss rain forest like
Photo by acworks on photo-ac


12A random thought that came to me the other day that I would take a bullet for you, @JamesK. I wouldn’t even have to think about it. #Love


13These days, I don’t talk in my sleep anymore. I stopped doing so 5 years ago when Harry walked into my life and stopped my heart in its tracks. My doctor and I think the same thing—that Harry cured me with his love.


14Every time I look at this photo I wonder if it was just: A) a coincidence that I ever met you, @jeryy or B) if we were meant to be. Because, with all the love I feel for you everyday, it could only have been B. Our love is no coincidence.


high five gym man and woman

Photo by acworks on photo-ac


1520 years is a long time, but with you 20 years has been like 20 hours. Time flies so fast, and I have relished every tiny moment with you. I’ll forever be in love with you!


16Until I met this woman in 1994, I didn’t know what was missing. I felt I had it all, but I wasn’t happy. When she walked into my life, every aspect of it bloomed and still does today. @lISAb, thank you for never letting me wilt. I love you.


17If someone asked me right now what true love feels like, I would know exactly what to say. After all these years with you, @HelenB, I know what true love is because you’ve given it to me as a gift.


a couple staring at each other during sunset

Photo by acworks on photo-ac


18Through all the bright highs and all the messy lows, this man has been here for me. If I could rip out my heart to save his life, I would in a second. He would do even more for me, because love and selflessness come naturally to some people.



19I accidentally bumped into a young, smart, kind man on the Subway, and he asked me out. He is still that smart, kind, loving man today, and also the love of my life. Even I can’t believe how lucky we are sometimes.


20Have you ever met someone that gave your life meaning? I have, lucky me, and it is that Midwestern mustachioed hunk above, @Marty_Fr. On our first meeting 20 years ago, I felt like the luckiest woman in the world. I still feel that way today.


woman in sweater hugged man in suit
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Cute Instagram Captions for Couples That Tease Each Other

The best couples tease each other in real life. Some take the fun online, too. Especially if they are spending time away from each other.
The best Instagram captions for couples that tease each other are always funny, cute, or just plain sweet. Use the ideas below to create your own caption.

Best Instagram Captions for Couples That Tease Each Other: When the Couple is Just Dating


21Yes, those are my boyfriend’s crazy-large shoes next to mine. @meRT, after the 5 years we’ve been together, I am starting to believe you have the biggest, cutest feet in all of New Jersey. So big they need a map.


nike shoes grayish white

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on unsplash


22See why I always avoid photos with, @babe? She always looks 100 times better than me from every angle. In the past I tried cropping her out, but my pictures only look good with her in them. #lotsoflove #luckyguy


23This is how @babe and I spent #Christmas2019 — cooking and eating and being thankful. I also learned today that my wonderful, smart, kind boyfriend cannot cook to save his life (he can boil water though). #HappyNewYear


24Hey baby, I want you to know that despite all your best traits, I would still hesitate before catching a bullet for you…#kidding. I love you, @babe.


automatic weapon M4 bullet camouflage close up

Image from Pixabay under pexels license


25Is there a guy that keeps their shoes clean? My wonderful #boyfriend has led me to believe that it’s not possible with the Y chromosome. I’ve considered blaming the shoes.


26That’s a very sweaty me and a very happy @babe circa 2016. Still wondering how @babe let me hug her in that state? Looking at this photo, I wouldn’t have hugged me for less than 200 bucks hehehe.


27Hey @babe, with these bodies at our age, we’re going to be stuck indoors in 10 years hahaha. I want your body all day, every day.


28Every time @Jackie and I plan for a dinner date, it rains. She proposed a date today, and it is already pouring. I am starting to think Jackie makes it rain, pun intended. #Lovethings #Firstdate


woman with red umbrella

Photo by Josh Hild under pexels license


29That’s me and @babe at the #StateFair last weekend in Mexico. Yes, we look lost and confused because everyone was speaking Spanish and talking very fast hahaha.


30I have finally found the one thing I want to hate about my wonderful #boyfriend: his appetite for hotdogs (which I also love). It’s now a competition.


Best Instagram Captions for Couples That Tease Each Other: When the Couple is Married


31I always imagined that my future husband would fix all the broken things around the house. I prayed and prayed, and the earth sent me @John, who I love to death but doesn’t know how a faucet works. #SoInLove


person holding pencil

Photo by Skitterphoto under pexels license


32That moment when you open the bathroom cabinet, and you realize your 1 toothbrush will never win the battle against your wife’s 20 jars of meds and makeup. I love you so much, honey.


33Today is our 10th #anniversary, but I woke up so hungry that for the first time in years, I craved bacon and eggs other than my wife. Still love you, babe.


34That’s my wife and me thirteen years ago when we first started dating. See how great she looks there? She looks even better today. Meanwhile, I still look like Bob Dylan having a bad hair day in 1976. That’s the power of #love.


woman about to kiss the man at the forest

Photo by Vitor Lima under pexels license


35I never thought in a million years that I’d be marrying a man that wears slacks like that and shoes like those, because he would be insane. It turns out that some men who do, like my amazing #husband in that photo, are actually sane. Or maybe he’s one in a million?



36Is it possible that some people actually look better with age? My wife looks like a #supermodel in this photo, but we both looked very basic back in 1970. Why do I look worse for wear then? #love


37This is the reason we don’t take #selfies…we just can’t get both our heads fully into the photo. One of us always gets chopped out (mostly my husband, who takes the photos). We need selfie classes.


man kissing woman room sunlight
Photo by Charry Jin under pexels license


38Look at all these cats. Sometimes I think @babe would have been on her way to becoming a crazy cat lady if she hadn’t asked me to marry her in 1990.


39My husband and I spent an hour at a flea market today while he bargained for a bunch of junk. I wanted to strangle him, but then I realized how sad I would be without him, so I helped him nail the bargain. #love


40Some days I wake up feeling down and unsure about my life. Then I turn around and see this hairy individual beside me, and I know everything will be okay. PS: I still can’t stand the body hair though.



We can’t all be writers, and neither can we all be poets. But that doesn’t mean you and the love of your life can’t get to play around with words on Instagram.
If you have some trouble creating your own Instagram captions for couples, don’t give up.
The 30+ Instagram captions for couples we’ve listed above are perfect to use as they are or to modify to suit your style.