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35 Unique Ideas for Cool Instagram Captions for Summer

Photo by Chelsea Gates on unsplash

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35 Unique Ideas for Cool Instagram Captions for Summer

Nothing makes the summer look as incredible as Instagram. But, Instagram posts work best when attached to good captions. But, not all Instagram captions for Summer work wonderfully.

The ideal Instagram captions for Summer are simple and easy to relate to. Try any of our 30+ examples for Instagram captions for Summer and start racking up the follows.


Instagram captions for Summer: About the First Day of Summer


01This is the first summer me and my #partner of 5 years, @Rita, will spend together as a married couple after our #beautifulwedding last week.
In a beautiful coincidence, the first day of summer is also the first day of a new chapter in our lives. #LuckyUs


couple wedding holding hands
Photo by Getúlio Moraes on unsplash


02The first day of summer is here people!!! I looked out the window today, and I realized how beautiful nature gets in the summer.
#Everything just feels so alive. Hell, even I feel #alive!!


03Who else is feeling excited, happy, anxious, light, and joyful all at once? The #summer makes me feel like that, especially on the #FirstDayOfSummer.
I can’t wait to get out and feel the sun on my skin.


04Hey fam, this isn’t being a great first day of summer so far. First off, Delta lost my second bag, and I spent an hour at Gatwick trying to get it.
Then, I misplaced my passport at an airport café. Afterward, I got to this hotel, and it was #full. Like wtf???
Anyway, I am now settling into this cozy #Airbnb, and things are looking up. Have a great summer people!!


woman soaking in the swimming pool
Photo by Michael Block under pexels license


05That’s us in the distance: (from left to right) @Shiv, @Connor (in light blue Patagonia vest as always), @Kendall, @Roman, and Dad.
We spent our first day of summer together, celebrating Shiv’s birthday. Happy birthday, Shiv!!


06Straw hats, white sand beach, margaritas, dancing, sunshine: all ready to vibe for Laguna Beach. Is there a better way to start the #summer?


woman smiling holding a glass of juice
Photo by Roberto Nickson on unsplash


07This is how beautiful our garden looks today. The flower petals are already looking much brighter than they did in the spring.
Talk about the power of the #firstdayofsummer. I should plant more flowers, shouldn’t I?


08How’s the summer going, everybody?!!! Yours truly is having a great time. It’s way cooler out here in #Phoenix than I’d feared, so we’re going to put the fun in fun itself!!!


09Hello Summer, welcome back!!! I intend to have as much fun as possible this time around, so watch out!
Hey @URT and @Otry, come join yours truly as I start off the #summer in style.


woman lying on the coconut tree
Photo by Mohamed Nashah on unsplash


10Hello to my #Instagramfamily, hope you’re having a great summer already. After a less-than-okay spring, ours has started on a good note.
Becky is feeling better after her accident, and Tim’s cold has disappeared.
I also finally got two tickets to #Adele’s tour for Jim and I (finally, and at crazy high prices) when she comes to Memphis this summer.


11There’s something about the first day of summer that makes you feel hopeful and fresh, and young, and new, and ready to take on the world.
I feel it today all over again, and I hope you feel it, too. #HappySummer, everyone!


12The first thing I did after waking up today was bake some beautiful #GladysKnight cupcakes to celebrate the first day of summer.
Baking makes me so happy, and the cookies just look perfect against today’s bright sky, don’t they?


selective focus photo cupcake icing
Photo by Deva Williamson on unsplash


Instagram Captions for Summer: About a Summer Vacation


13Hello Cabo! Watch out because me and my boys, @Racgh and @tyehne, are coming down to have some crazy fun this #summer on your #beaches with your #bitches, yoooo!!! #RichNiggaz #CashMoney #summerfeelings


photo of boats near rock formation
Photo by Efrain Alonso under pexels license


14Hey #fam, just arrived in Greece for my #summervacation with the whole family.
I have to say this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been around. #Athens is lovely in a vintage kind of way.


white canopy tent on white building near ocean
Image from Pixabay under pexels license


15One suitcase, one passport. Ready to go. Off to my #summer vacation in #NYC of all places.
No worries though, fam. I’ll be in the #Catskills soon, and I’ve heard they’re kind of cool. Plus the whole family is going to be there.


infinity pool near beach
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives under pexels license


16Another summer day here in the #Hamptons. The sun sets so beautifully when you watch it by the pool after a day of doing exactly nothing.
Thank Heaven I have this lawn party thing down the street later today.


17I’ve only been in #BocaRaton six hours, and I already feel well rested, to be honest. That’s how great this place is. So far, the weather, the restaurants, the people, the vibes have all been great.
No complaint whatsoever. I might even meet someone here wink wink. #SummerVibes


18Yes, that’s me with my back to the camera and a blotchy coat. I was too busy gasping over the berries to notice the photo being snapped by our guide.
This #summervacation in #Napa-effing-Valley is a #dream come true. #WineCountry


19My #summer #vacation couldn’t get any better!!! See who I met while watching turtles at the aquarium downtown? My favorite actress #BrieLarson!!!!
Don’t we look alike? Everyone says we do. She was unbelievably cool, by the way.


photo of sea turtle
photo by Jeremy Bishop under pexels license


20It’s noon, and I just woke up. This summer vacation has been wild so far: huge beach party last night featuring #EdSheeran and #ArianaGrande (no kidding), late night club rounds downtown, great restaurants everywhere, great weather…can we make #summer go on #forever?


several people at a party
Photo by Wendy Wei under pexels license


21ThisIsUs resting in the lawn after a lazy, sun-filled morning with the family. Somehow, we all wore white today again! Hahahaha.
Isn’t it great to have a day off with the family? #MarthasVineyard #SummerVacation #family


22I just arrived in #Tokyo for my #summervacation, and it’s been great so far. Everyone is so kind. Even the crazy #traffic looks great.
I haven’t seen my hotel yet, but I am sure it will be marvelous. Hope you’re all having a great summer.


city people lights walking
Photo by Negative Space under pexels license


23Day 5 of our surprise #summer #vacation in #Africa. So far, so good. Everything about this vacation—including the African roads—has been great.
Oh, and the food is out of this world!! We’ve yet to see any wild animals though.


24This is our first solo summer vacation without the kids in years, and it’s going so well!
We’ve already been to this wonderful #winery near our cottage and an exclusive cooking class on #Dutch cuisine!!


grapes vineyard vine purple grapes
Image from Pixabay under pexels license


25I wish someone had told me how great #RiodeJaneiro is for a #summervacation years ago. There’s just so much to see and do! The kids just love it, too.


26I came down here for my #summer #vacation on a whim, but now I wish summer would last #forever. #Lisbon is so great.
I’ve been to three different street dances #LaIslaBonita style since I arrived!!!!


Instagram Captions for Summer: About Fun Summer Activities Like Sports and Beach Action


27Sun? Check. Sun screen? Check. Beach book—Where’d do you go, Bernadette by Maria Semple? Check. Straw hat? Check. Hot bod? Check. Camilla Cabello in the air? Check. #Summer is officially in full swing, folks.


spf letters and sun drawn on the skin with sunscreen
Photo by acworks on photo-ac


28Hey @fgr and @rty, where are you guys? This hangout on West 51st street serves the best Italian cuisine I’ve tasted this whole summer.
PS: They’ve got the best views of the ocean, too.


29Right now: beach party. Later on: dinner at #LaTrattoria. Much later on: hitting the club. Summer heat is officially turned up, folks!!!


30This hotel has the best views of #CapeTown ever!!! I’ve been holed up in here for today with a sudden cold, but yesterday was GREAT!!
#Patoranking was in town, and he gave a great show. #summer #CapeTown


mount nelson hotel photo entrance
Photo by Matt Halls on unsplash


31Heading out to the #beach with my girls in about an hour. If you’re heading out, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, loves.
The sun is pretty but not so kind to skin, okay? #Summer #GoodVibes


32Hello from the Burj Khalifa, babes!!! #Dubai has been great so far. I’ve been through a sandstorm, but it’s mostly been swimming, ice cream with #bae, and shopping at these crazy-huge malls. Hope you’re all having a #greattime, too.


camel on beach sands
Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on unsplash


33This was last night: a movie screening in a cemetery right here in #LA. It was so much fun, and yes, #RushHour is a really funny flick. So far so good, LA. #summer #WestCoast


34This lifelong #NewYorker spent the first week of his first summer in #LA playing beach volleyball, window shopping on #RodeoDrive, and reading #ScientificAmerican. I am now looking forward to hitting the clubs #tonight.


35I have one major piece of advice: get a good Chinese massage at least once this summer.
I got one recently from this wonderful massage parlor down the street, and I feel terrific. #Summer #Massage



The best Instagram captions for Summer help portray your Instagram post the way you experienced the moment. The worst kind of Instagram captions for Summer can come off as showy, insensitive, or just plain vulgar.
If you’re trying to come up with unique ideas for cool Instagram captions this summer, try some of the ideas we’ve shared above.

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