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13 of the Most Useful Housewarming Gift Ideas for a Couple

13 of the Most Useful Housewarming Gift Ideas for a Couple

Do you know a couple who is moving into a new home? Are you blanking out on ideas for the perfect housewarming gift?

If so, you have come to the right place. Here we will review 13 of the most unique and useful housewarming gift ideas that any couple can enjoy.

But, before we look at our favorite housewarming gift ideas for a couple, consider these few points to help you choose the right present for the right people.



woman happy lifting hands
Photo by André Noboa on unsplash


01This gift should be based on the couple‘s taste and not based on what you would like.
For instance, if you love gold, but you know the wife/girlfriend is not a fan of gold finishes and is a lover of dark wood, your choice should be clear. Wood finishes will always be the better choice here.


02While what you buy should be based on what you can afford and the budget which you have set, do not buy something that is super cheap or is of low quality.
Most people would prefer a heartfelt note over a cheap or wasteful item. Similarly, do not buy anything that is ridiculously expensive, which the couple could feel uncomfortable accepting.


03When buying a housewarming gift, the item should be something that adds sentimental value to the couple‘s home. It should be something that reminds them of the friendship you share and should last for a long time.
With that being said, let‘s jump right into our list of housewarming gift ideas for a couple.


Housewarming Gift Ideas for a Couple: Bedroom and Bathroom Accessories

The couple‘s bedroom and bathroom are undoubtedly the most intimate rooms in a home. It is where they will start and end their days together.
You can help to improve these areas with some well thought out housewarming gift ideas.

01His and her bath set
A ‘his and her’ bathroom set can be bought in-store or online, or if you prefer, you could buy individual items and put them together yourself.
These sets can include matching his and her bubble baths and body washes, bathrobes, slippers, candles, hand soaps and their holders, a toothbrush holder and toothbrush covers, embroidered towels, and so much more which can be packaged neatly in a gift basket or a shower caddy.
If you can‘t get your hands on customized items for the couple, you can simply buy a toiletry set that has 2 of everything, or two of the same set, but in different colors, for example, one black and one white, or one blue and one pink.
This is a great housewarming gift idea because it is something that they can both use daily. Not only that, but sometimes when people move into a new home, it takes a while for them to get settled after unpacking all the boxes and things are hardly ever in their proper place.
By giving them a full bath set which they can start and end their day with, they will feel better knowing that at least one aspect of the settling in process is complete, i.e. the bathroom necessities.
When you gift the bath sets, you can attach little notes to send your congratulations and with the couple luck with settling into their new home. Some examples include:


towel bath window

Photo bySven Mieke on unsplash


“Congrats on finally moving in together and settling into your new place! May your bathroom be an area where you both find peace and solitude.”


“I thought that your royal majesties would enjoy a gift that makes time spent in your throne room more luxurious. Congrats on the house!”


02Essential oil diffuser and oil set
An Essential oil diffuser works in the same way as an air fresher, but is generally chemical free! The upgrade to the traditional housewarming essential is why we’ve included it on this list of housewarming gift ideas for a couple.
Sure it makes the air smell good, but diffusers can it can also help to create a soothing atmosphere, reduce stress, induce sleep, and set the mood!
A good quality diffuser and pure essential oils can also help to remove potentially harmful airborne pathogens from the air and boost concentration and alertness.
The effect of the essential oil diffuser is all based on the fragrance selected. For instance, Chamomile essential oil and Ylang Ylang essential oil is good for inducing sleep while Frankincense is great for calming anxiety, reducing pain and discomfort, and boosting the immune system. Lavender is great for creating a sensual atmosphere while Rosemary and Cedarwood help to improve focus.
While you can try to make an educated guess on what oil would work for the couple, it would be a better idea to get them a set that includes anywhere from four bottles to a whole set of oils. These are easy to find in any major retailer or on online stores such as Amazon, Wish, or eBay.
This is a perfect housewarming gift idea because it can ease the anxiety which comes with a new home, make it feel more comforting and welcoming, and get their rooms smelling pleasant.
And, when the oils you have purchased are finished, it will be very easy for the couple to find more oils to buy on their own. They are sure to use this gift long after you give it to them.
When you gift an essential oil diffuser set as a housewarming gift, you can attach a note or card which says something like:


aroma oil aromatherapy humidifier

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on unsplash


“A peaceful home is a lasting home. I hope these oils bring peace to your doorstep and help to create good vibes.”


“Smell that? Love isn‘t the only thing in the air. Good luck, guys!”


03Closet organizer
Now that the couple is living together, you can expect closet wars! Somehow some of his stuff will go missing in her stuff, and her stuff will be everywhere. A recipe for disaster!
A way to fix this problem for your friends before it even arises is by gifting them closet organizers. There are so many on the market to choose from that you‘ll have no trouble finding one.
There are organizers designed specifically for shoes, clothes, jewelry and accessories, and so much more.
This makes for an awesome gift because it can reduce clutter and can prevent potential petty arguments.
It is also something that can be used every day for a long time and will serve as a reminder of a friend who cares about them getting their life together and settling down.
Here are some sample notes to go along with this gift:



“What‘s hers is his and what‘s his is hers. But sometimes it‘s better to keep his on his side and hers or her side. Stay blessed!”


“Congratulations on your new home. Keep it tidy!”


04Customized blanket
On a cold winter night or a rainy day, there is no better feeling than cuddling under a blanket with someone you love. And, in a new home, it can feel a bit cold before the new couple has fully moved in.
Getting a customized blanket as a housewarming gift for a couple is a great way to inspire them to unpack and get settled.
The blanket is sure to bring them together more often because they can use it together. It can also serve as a reminder of their first days in their new home for years to come.
The custom blanket does not have to be anything over the top. You might even want to avoid slapping a larger-than-life-sized photo of the couple on a blanket.
The design can be as simple as embroidery of their initials in the center or on the blanket‘s hem. As long as it is comfortable and warm, we are sure they will love it.
If you don‘t know what to write in your note when gifting this item, you can use any one of the following:


stitch yarn blue stitch
Photo by Kiy Turk on unsplash


“For the cold nights and rainy days in your new home.”


“Congratulations on your first apartment together. I hope this blanket makes it warmer!”


Housewarming Gift Ideas for a Couple: Decor

The way a couple decorates their home says a lot about them and their style. You can contribute to the message this sends by choosing any of the housewarming gift ideas for a couple below.

05Welcome mat
One of the first things anyone notices when they come to your doorbell is your welcome mat, and we‘re pretty sure it will be the same for your couple friends.
Having a nice welcome mat will speak volumes and make guests feel more comfortable entering their home. A well-designed mat will also help to keep the inside of the house clean and dirt free.
Welcome mats can help to reduce moisture and prevent slips and falls on a tile or wood floor. They are also attributed to better indoor air quality.
You can find a welcome mat anywhere, but if you want one that will be memorable, you can always customize it.
For example, if the couple is Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, you can have it custom made to say “Welcome to the Johnsons'” or “The Johnsons welcome you.”
Here are two sample notes which could go along with this gift:


hello goodbye doormat foot

Photo by Jon Tyson on unsplash


“Congratulations on your new home. May your guests always feel welcomed.”


“I don‘t need an invite to come over! The welcome is for all your other friends! Congrats again.”


06Custom throw pillows
Throw pillows serve mainly a decorative purpose and can help to bring interior decor to life with a pop of color here and there.
Throw pillows can also act as back, neck, or leg support depending on where they are placed.
Throw pillows can be placed on a bed, a sofa, armchair, or even on a carpet. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can even be customized with the couple‘s picture, a nice quote, their initials, or a combination of all three.
A great pillow can help to make the atmosphere homier and can serve as a constant reminder of the love shared between the couple.
When gifting throw pillows, add a little note which says:


woman holding pillow

Photo by Teri on unsplash


“Note to self: Relax sometimes, even for a little while. It is your home, after all.”


“To the best couple I know: Don‘t throw away the love you share. It is as one-of-a-kind as these pillows.”


07Couple’s Portrait
Nothing says home like family pictures, but nothing says class and elegance like portraits.
Hand-drawn and painted portraits have a way of not only improving home decor, but they also serve as a constant reminder of the happiness shared between the couple.
You can arrange for a portraitist or even a caricaturist to come to the couple’s home and create the portrait, or have them meet the artist in a beautiful location such as a garden or park, by the beach, or in a studio with a created backdrop.
Then, have the artwork framed and present it formally as a gift. When you do, you can attach a note which says:


couple looking at each other love

Photo by Jared Sluyter on unsplash


“A picture says a thousand words, but a portrait is the start of a series. Fill the pages with the memories you make in this house!”


“Every time you look at this portrait, remember all the excitement and happiness you felt moving into this new house. Congratulations, you deserve it!”



08Personalized nameplate
While their name may be on the lease or deed, many people have no clue who lives at 1562 Clover Drive. A great way to make their presence in the neighborhood known is by getting them a nameplate for their front door or gate.
If they are married, it would ideally be something like “Johnsons’ House,” “The Richards,” or “Casa Clinton.” If they are unmarried, you could simply purchase one that says “home” or “this house is a home.”
This is a great gift because it allows them to show ownership and make the house feel homier. A great nameplate will last a lifetime.
If you pick this item from our list of housewarming gift ideas for a couple, your note can say:


rua da conceicao da gloria signage
Photo by Alice Butenko on unsplash


“Now this house is a home. Congrats!”


“This officially marks the beginning of the rest of your life together. I‘m rooting for you guys!”


09Custom Tea Towels
A tea towel is primarily a decorative piece and does not actually have to be used during tea time. It can be used purely to make your kitchen look more attractive.
And what says home more than custom tea towels? These tea towels can include embroidery of the couple‘s initials, their wedding date, or even the flowers used in their wedding. Choose something that is something special or unique to the couple.
Here are two note ideas you can attach to a housewarming gift like this:


brown wooden spoon laddle

Photo by Debby Hudson on unsplash


“You are lucky to share a home. Be thankful for this blessing.”


“When life hands you lemons, make homemade lemonade to share with your partner.”


Housewarming Gift Ideas for a Couple: Tools and Utensils

Every house needs tools and utensils to keep it running. Why not use this opportunity to help equip your friends? Tools and kitchen utensils are great housewarming gift ideas for couples.
Haven‘t thought of any yet? Here are four of our favorites.

10Electric corkscrew (and a bottle of wine)
Having a bottle of wine after a stressful day can mean the difference between unwinding or a complete breakdown, and who wants to tussle with a corkscrew on a bad day? This is where an electric corkscrew can come in handy.
Imagine a spontaneous or romantic evening together being ruined because that darn manual corkscrew is just no good, a piece of the cork broke off, and he cut his hand while using a knife to try to get it out? Sounds pretty annoying, doesn‘t it?
Help your friends avoid late-night trips to the ER by giving them an electric corkscrew. All they have to do is pop it onto the top of the bottle and let it work!
And when the battery is dead after 20 or more uses, just recharge it, and it is ready to use again!
With this gift, you can also pick up a bottle of wine that they can choose to open at any time, or you could suggest they open it at a milestone or during a celebration. You could even attach a note which says:


uncorking the bottle of wine

Photo by leigh darilek on reshot


“For when you want to wine together at home.”


“Wine improves with age, and so will the love that you share under this roof.”



11His & her coffee mugs
You can find his and her coffee mugs anywhere, and there are many designs and styles to choose from. You can have them custom made for the couple with their names or initials.
You can never go wrong with gifting coffee mugs because everyone uses them. And, if they don‘t, they can serve as decorative pieces.
Should you choose this item from our list of housewarming gift ideas for couple, you can always attach a heartfelt note that says:


follow your heart mug printed
Photo by Cassandra McD. on reshot


“Start every day in your new house right, with a cup of coffee.”


“Well done on the new house, guys! You‘ll need the extra energy, but don‘t keep up the neighbors when you‘re breaking it in!”


12Custom coasters
If you have a glass or wooden table, then you know that cup and ring marks can be a real headache. They can ruin furniture and destroy decor. Save your friends this trouble by getting them some coasters.
But not just any coasters will do, you should get them customized/personalized posters. Some examples of these include their last name, initials, anniversary, or any funny thing you can remember that they have in common.
This is on the list of good housewarming gift ideas for couples since good coasters will be used often and will be highly appreciated when they need them.
Some great sample notes that will go well with this gift are:


brown coffee cup and saucer

Photo by Luke Porter on unsplash


“Congratulations on getting married and on the new house! The only rings you guys need are the ones around your fingers.”


“Have fun watching TV in your living room and drinking cold beers. Just remember to use coasters—like grown-ups!”


13Custom cutlery
Why let them buy plain, boring cutlery when you can gift them personalized cutlery to last a lifetime! How impressed do you think guests will be when they see the couple’s initials on their fork and spoon?
Custom cutlery is not hard to come by, and it won‘t cost you an arm and a leg to gift them a set. The set can include engraved handles or engravings on the stainless steel itself.
These engravings can be their initials, anniversary, cute love-related quotes, or even an inside joke you guys share.
Silverware is a great gift, and engravings will make the set one-of-a-kind. A good set will last for several years.
Here are two ways you can phrase your accompanying note:


table napkin on top of plate

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on unsplash


“I hope you guys have a knife life in this house, and I hope to see it spoon!”


“May your new house be your own slice of paradise!”



With all these unique and budget-friendly housewarming gifts ideas for couples, you should have no problem finding the perfect thing for your friends. Just make sure you choose the right one!