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30+ Different Friendly Ways to Say Hello

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30+ Different Friendly Ways to Say Hello

People say hello for different reasons. ‘Hello’ can be used to start a conversation, or to announce your arrival. It can also be used to get someone’s attention or to let them know you are present and listening.

‘Hello’ can be used in face to face conversations, in letters or greeting cards, and in text messages and emails. Plus, there are countless different ways to say hello without actually saying the word ‘hello’.

In this article, we will share with you 30 different ways to say hello, which work for every occasion.


Different ways to say hello when writing a card

When writing a greeting card, it might feel a bit weird to say ‘hello’ since it feels like something you would say in an actual, face-to-face conversation.

Saying ‘hello’ is a greeting in and of its self, but using this makes the opening to any note more formal and refined.


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02“Good day.”
‘Good day’ can be used to say ‘hi’ or ‘goodbye,’ depending on when you say it.


03“Happy holidays/ [insert day of the week].”
When sending a greeting card on a special day or holiday such as Easter or Christmas, you can use Happy Holidays to mean ‘hello.’ If you are sending it, for example, on a Monday, you can say ‘Happy Monday’ instead.


This is a pretty old-fashioned way of greeting someone and harks back to Charlotte’s Web, but it works every time, especially in formal situations.


05“How long has it been?”
If you haven’t heard from that person in a while, this is a good way to say in a greeting card.


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06“Pleasant morning/afternoon/evening.”
If you know the time of day your greeting card will get dropped off, you can say ‘hello’ this way.


07“Dear [insert name].”
This is also old-fashioned and is best used with a colleague or acquaintance due to its more formal nature.


08“I hope this card finds you well.”
This is an alternative to ‘hello’ since it essentially means ‘Hi, I hope you are doing okay when you get this.


09“It’s me again.”
If you and the person you are sending the greeting card to are in constant communication, this is a funny way of saying ‘hello.’


10“I hope you enjoyed your [insert event].”
Instead of simply saying hello, you can say this to show that you were paying attention during your last correspondence.


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Different ways to say hello when texting

When you’re texting, you are free to use more casual and friendly ways to say ‘hello.’

This is a slang, upbeat variation of ‘hi,’ which is used when texting friends.


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‘Hi’ and ‘hello’ can be used interchangeably since they both mean the same thing.


13“Hey you.”
This text is more intimate and is best used on a crush or someone you are already in a relationship with. It’s somewhat flirty.


14“Hey there.”
While this may seem similar to ‘hey you’ or ‘hey,’ it actually has a totally different meaning. Use ‘hey there’ when you have ghosted this person or just hadn’t had the time to reply to their message promptly.


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15“What’s up? or what’s new?”
This is actually a better way of saying ‘hello’ since it gets a conversation started right away.


16“You alright?”
This is slang for ‘are you okay,‘ but it’s still a way of saying ‘hello’ in a text. It is just another way of greeting someone.


17“Missed me?”
If you haven’t texted that person for a while, you can send this message. It means ‘hi. We haven’t spoken for a while. Do you miss me?’ You can even say, ‘missed you,’ and it will suggest the same thing.


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18“What’s cookin’, good lookin’?”
This is just another way of saying ‘hi, what’s up’ to someone you think is attractive.


19“What’s shakin’, bacon?”
This is another way to say ‘hey, what’s up.’


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20 🙋🏼
You can use this emoji or a smiley face to say hi if you don’t feel like typing words just yet.


Different ways to say hello when speaking face-to-face

When speaking face-to-face with someone, you can say ‘hello’ in so many different ways, from funny to professional.

21“Ahoy, matey.”
This is a funny way to say ‘hi’. Pirates and sailors were thought to use this phrase in place of ‘hello,’ and also to get the attention of their shipmates.


‘Hola’ is the Spanish word for ‘hello.’ This is a good way to say when the word ‘hello’ feels boring. It can also show the other person that you are in an upbeat mood.


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23“‘Howdy’ or ‘howdy partner.’”
This phrase is most commonly seen being used in old western or cowboy movies where they use it to say ‘hello’ to other ranchers. When you use it, say it with a heavy cowboy-like accent to make it funny.


‘Aloha’ is the Hawaiian word for ‘hello.’


‘Ciao’ is the informal Italian word for both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye.’ The good thing about this word is, you can use it for both.


‘Bonjour’ is the French word for ‘hello.’ It is used mainly in friendly settings.


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If you are a fan of anime, you should already know what this means. If not, ‘konnichiwa’ is a Japanese greeting that means ‘good day.’


When you see a friend across the street or some distance away from you, you can use this to get their attention. You can also use it in passing to mean ‘hello.’


29‘Good morning,’ ‘good evening,’ or ‘good afternoon.’
This is best used in professional settings. It is a formal way of saying, ‘hello.’


30“Nice to see you.”
This phrase simply means, ‘hey, I am happy to see you.’


31“Look what the cat dragged in.”
When you haven’t seen someone in a very long time, or see the person unexpectedly, this phrase is a funny way to say ‘hello’ to them.


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32“Top of the morning to ya!”
This phrase is more common in the United Kingdom, so its best if you use a British/Irish/Scottish accent to make it funny.



Now that you know 30 different ways to say hello, your conversations will no longer be boring, and you can spice it up depending on who you’re talking to. You can even use face-to-face options to say ‘hello’ in texts and vice versa!

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