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15 Best Other Ways To Wish Someone Good Luck

15 Best Other Ways To Wish Someone Good Luck

Various formal and informal expressions are used to indicate a positive attitude to other people. Luck is something that we rarely have control over, so it becomes a show of kindness and goodwill to wish someone good luck when they need a little extra support.

While it’s acceptable to use the phrase ‘good luck’ in most contexts, you might feel that it has become monotonous. Here you will find some of the best other ways to say ‘good luck’ to someone you care about.


Other ways to say ‘good luck’ to your child


01“Break a leg”
Example: ‘Little one, there is an important audition tomorrow. Go and break a leg! I have so much confidence in your abilities, and I just know the judges are going to be impressed.’
The expression ‘break a leg’ is usually used in the entertainment industry as a phrase intended to wish good fortune. ‘Good luck,’ on the other hand, is associated with superstitious beliefs. Use ‘break a leg’ to wish the best to your little performer.


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02“Knock them dead”
Example: ‘You have a big game tomorrow, and it’s normal to be nervous. Don’t worry about what is going to happen. Just get out there and knock ‘em dead.’
‘Knock them dead’ is another expression which is used in the same way as ‘break a leg’. The only difference here is the fact that ‘knock them dead’ means the person playing should impress spectators who have an interest in the game.



03“Fingers crossed”
Example: My son is in hospital, and things are not going well for me. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that he will get better soon.’
‘Fingers crossed’ is a turn of phrase usually used as a form of encouragement. If you’re holding out hope for a positive outcome from a particular situation, this is a good way of communicating your wish for the best results.


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04“May the force be with you”
Example: ‘You have a long flight today, and I will miss your company. No matter what happens, may the force be with you as you travel.’
‘May the force be with you’ is another very informal way of wishing someone good luck. It’s most often used when someone is preparing to embark on a challenging trip. Use this phrasing to wish them a safe journey.


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05“Blow them away”
Example: ‘My daughter is participating in a singing competition next week. She has the talent for it and a great voice. I hope she will blow them away with her performance.’
‘Blow them away’ is generally used in the same way as ‘knock them dead’. It’s an alternative way of suggesting the person is going to impress the audience with their performance.


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06“Best of luck”
Example: ‘You had excellent results with your project, and the management liked what you accomplished. I wish you the best of luck as you begin the next one.’
If you don’t want to use the simple phrase ‘good luck’ to wish someone the best in their endeavors, one of the many other ways to say ‘good luck’ is by saying ‘best of luck.’ This variation has the same meaning as ‘good luck,’ but with a slightly more formal air.


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07“You will do great things”
Example: ‘It’s hard to believe that you will be moving far away from me. My son, I have confidence that you will do great things and achieve all your dreams.’
Here, ‘you will do great things,’ replaces the phrase ‘good luck.’ This configuration has the same meaning of positivity and serves to encourage another person to believe in themselves.



08“Bring home the trophy’”
Example: ‘The school’s team has done well throughout the year, and I have confidence that it will do marvelously in this last game. Boys, don’t worry about the match tomorrow. I know that you’re going to bring home the trophy.’
‘Bring home the trophy’ is a way of encouraging someone participating in a competition to take home the ultimate prize, the trophy. You can encourage a sports team or an individual competitor by simply saying, ‘bring home the trophy.’


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Other ways to say ‘good luck’ to your friends


09“Everything will work out just fine”
Example: ‘I have every confidence the procedure will work out just fine for you. I am sure of it.’
Sometimes, an individual is facing a tricky situation, and they are concerned about the outcome. One of the other ways to say ‘good luck’ is by telling your friend that ‘everything will work out just fine.’


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10“Do yourself justice”
Example: ‘There is every reason to believe that you will land this position. You’re so qualified, it just makes sense. Do yourself justice and explain your educational background and your experience to the interviewers.’
When a person has every opportunity to achieve their wishes because they deserve it, use the phrase ‘do yourself justice.’ This comment encourages and motivates individuals to succeed.


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11“You’ve got this”
Example: ‘My friend, you’ve been searching for the right job, and you have finally been invited to submit an application. I have no doubts that you’ve got this.’
‘You’ve got this’ is a simple way to suggest that luck is on your friend’s side, especially when they’ve got a great opportunity laid out before them. Instead of using ‘good luck,’ just tell your buddy, ‘you’ve got this.’


12“Fortune favors the bold”
Example: ‘I know you have a hard time asking for a raise, but you should know that fortune favors the bold. If you don’t ask, it definitely won’t happen.’
‘Fortune favors the bold’ is another excellent way of telling someone to have courage in pursuing their wishes. This is a phrase which emboldens someone to take the initiative.


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13“Here’s hoping that everything will turn out alright”
Example: ‘I know you’ve have been waiting to find out what happened to your lost wallet. Here‘s hoping that everything will turn out alright.’
‘Here’s hoping that everything will turn out alright’ is an excellent way of wishing someone luck. People most often use this phrasing when they want to express sympathy and compassion over a difficult situation.



14“May God bless you”
Example: ‘Now that you are getting married, and will have your own family, it’s time to plan for the future. May God bless you in the next stage of your life.’
‘May God bless you’ is commonly used by people who have a religious background. It means ‘good luck’ and suggests that the well-wisher is asking a favor from God to someone with positivity in their life.


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15“The ace”
Example: ‘This year has been difficult for everyone, and the management is not pleased with the results. You are the ace of the team, and they are relying on you to end the year with strong numbers.’
An ‘ace’ in a card game is a highly valuable symbol. When you tell someone that they are an ‘ace,’ it means they are the best at what they do.


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Concluding thoughts

You can use these other ways to say ‘good luck’ to someone when the more straightforward phrase just isn’t strong enough.
Get creative and use these other unique sentiments to deepen the meaning of ‘good luck.’ Your individuality will likely be appreciated by the person on the receiving end of your well-wishes.