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70 Encouraging Get Well Soon Messages for Families and Friends

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70 Encouraging Get Well Soon Messages for Families and Friends

One of the best ways to speed up the recovery of people who are sick or recovering from a recent surgery is to send them encouraging get well soon messages. The positive effect of words and the impact of encouraging get well soon messages are things that should not be downplayed – they have a positive effect on the mindset and outlook of a recovering person.

Having said that, what should you say to someone who is sick, injured or recovering in order to lift his spirits up? To help you with that, we listed the best encouraging get well soon messages that you can use as reference – now let’s lift some positive spirits up!


Encouraging Get Well Soon Messages For People Who Are Sick


01“(Name) I wish that you’d get well soon, we are all excited to play cards with you again!”


02“Hi (Name) I wish you well – we miss your cooking back here at home so get well soon.”


fish grilled on bbq net
Photo by Christiann Koepke on Unsplash


03“I wish you a fast and speedy recovery (Name) – get well soon!”


04“Hi (Name), fever has nothing on you! I know your recovery will be quick so please get well soon”


05“(Name), I wish that these flowers could speed up your recovery. Get well soon my friend!”


06“Get will soon (Name), I wish I could see you in class next week!”


aerobic class at gym
Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


07“(Name) our house feels so empty without you, I wish you a fast recovery”


08“I wish you all the best and please have a speedy recovery (Name)”


09“Hi (Name) don’t forget our beach trip next week! I wish you a quick recovery so please get well soon!”


woman relaxing on the beach blue ocean
Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


10“Get well soon (Name) I know you can easily recover from (sickness)”


11“Hi (Name) I wish and pray that you get well soon from your sickness – we are waiting for you at the office!”


12“I wish you a recovery that is as speedy as 1-2-3! Get well soon and let us play cards again!”


13“(Name) I don’t have a drinking buddy anymore as soon as you got sick! Please get well soon and come back my friend, a speedy recovery for you!”


drinking cafe with friends red bull pad
Photo by Isabella Mendes from Pexels


14“We all miss you out here, please fight your (sickness) and I wish to see you as soon as possible”


15“(Name) I wish I was a magician so I could use my powers to give you an instant recovery! We miss you here at school – please get well soon!”


16“(Name) I wish this bouquet and small token could speed up your recovery – we miss you out here at home”


17“Hi (Name), your absence is creating some sort of a void in our heart. Please get well soon – I wish you were here”


18“Get well soon (Name) and I wish you feel better now – we all miss your jokes around here!”


19“Hi (Name) the world seems so blue without you – please get well soon and recover from your (sickness)”


cloudy rainny day woman holding umbrella
Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


20“Please kick (sickness) and recover as swiftly as possible – no one blabbers about corny jokes when you are not around. Please get well soon!”


Encouraging Get Well Soon Messages For People Who Are Injuried


21“No one seems to light up a place as bright as you do my friend, please get well soon and I wish you a speedy recovery from your injury”


22“(Name) we really miss you. The workplace is not as fun and bubbly when you are not around. Can you please recover swiftly? Here, take our energy and get well soon!”


23“I feel so lazy whenever you are not around – you are the only one who makes me feel energized! I wish you can recover fast and get well soon (Name)”


cat yawning lazy
Photo by Martina Misar-Tummeltshammer on Unsplash


24“Sending you this positive energy to help you heal and recover from your injury – get well soon (Name)”


25“Hi (Name) no one bakes a cake as delicious as yours – please get well soon from your injury and bake us some more goodies!”


26“Hi (Name) it broke my heart when I learned that you broke your ankles… well not literally, but you know what I mean! Please get well soon J”


27“Recovery from your injury might be long and arduous, but I am sure you will achieve recovery in no time at all! We miss you (Name) and get well soon please!”


28“As you heal from your injury, I wish you a fast recovery and a stronger health when you return my friend – (Name) get well soon!”


29“Sending all my positive energy so you can have a speedy recovery, get well soon (Name) – we miss you!”


30“Hey (Name), please get well soon. All our friends are looking forward to seeing your recovery. We want to see you running as fast as the wind again!”


guy running across the road
Photo by Finn Gross Maurer on Unsplash


31“I wish that these flowers can lift your spirits up and make you feel better, (Name). Please get well soon!”


32“While you rest and undergo recovery, we are all here waiting for you to come back. Get well soon so we can play some basketball again!”


33“Hi (Name) I sent you some books to read – I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope that you heal well!”


34“A day without you is like a night without a moon – it feels so empty. That is why I wish you a speedy recovery – please (Name) get well soon!”


35“Hi (Name), we don’t have a travel photographer when you are not around – please have a speedy recovery so you can shoot us some nice photos again!”


photographer shooting
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


36“I wish you all the positive healing energy in this message my friend – please get well soon and hope you undergo a swift recovery from your injury.”


37“We know that your injury can’t stop you from running as fast as lightning again – I wish you a fast recovery (Name) and get well soon!”


38“Hi (Name) don’t forget to eat your fruits and drink your medicine – they will certainly speed up your recovery from your injury! Wishing you’d get well soon!”


39“Hope you feel better out there – injuries can be a pain but I wish you a speedy recovery so that we can hang out again (Name) – please get well soon”


40“Dear (Name), I wish you would get well soon because our little brother is already invading your room! Just kidding! I made sure he can’t touch your Playstation, so heal faster now please!”


brothers throwing pillows at each other
Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash


Encouraging Get Well Soon Messages For People Who Recovered From Injury


41“Hi (Name) congratulations on your speedy recovery from your injury! We all missed your funny jokes!”


42“(Name) the house was not the same without your shining presence – we also missed your cooking a lot! I wish you can make us some nice dinner now that you are back!”


43“Congratulations on your recovery, (Name). Take it slowly, one step at a time, and I know you will get back your strides soon!”


44“Dear (Name) we are all happy now that you are back from your injury! We definitely missed you and your uplifting presence – I wish you can get your groove back swiftly!”


45“Thank you for coming back to us in a healthy state! We missed you here are home – you really did well on your recovery! Take it one day at a time!”


46“To my dearest friend, (Name), you really fought hard and your recovery is beyond amazing. I am looking forward to traveling with you again soon!”


47“Your recovery is something that amazed all of us – please continue to get better so we can go and do some activities together again. Wishing you well (Name)”


amercian football teams playing
Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


48“Hi (Name), the family is so happy to see your recovery – we are planning to have a massive party this weekend! Congratulations on the recovery!”


49“The house was really dull and empty without you around – we are so happy that you are back and well! We missed you (Name)!”


empty wardrobes
Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


50“You know what? It felt like a starless night when you are not around here – I am so happy that you have recovered fast from your injury. Looking forward to hanging out with you again (Name)”


51“Hi (Name) the whole family is so happy for your recovery! Welcome back and please don’t overstrain yourself too much!”


52“Welcome back, (Name)! This place was never really vibrant without your positive energy around. Congratulations on the recovery!”


53“We missed you so much (Name) – and I never thought I would miss your naughty jokes on me when you’re not around! Congratulation on your recovery from injury!”


54“Take it one day at a time – don’t strain yourself too much now that you just got out from your recovery, okay? Looking forward to hanging out with you again (Name)”


55“Hi (Name), our pets really seemed restless when you were not around. We are all glad that you made a solid recovery from your injuries – congratulations and welcome back!”


pug looking like crying
Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


56“Dear (Name), I never thought I would say this but your naughty jokes were really missed! Congratulations on your recovery and please don’t strain yourself too much!”


57“The sun is smiling today because you are back! Congratulations on your swift and successful recovery – we were all rooting for you! Welcome back my friend (Name)”


58“We all knew that you would kick it! Congratulations (Name), just don’t injure yourself again, okay?”


59“Hi (Name), our positive energy and well-wishes really did its job! Congratulations on your swift recovery from your injury and we welcome you back into the office!”


60“Stay vibrant, strong and positive in the aftermath of your recovery – we wish you all the best and don’t forget to take it slowly!”


61“Your presence was sorely missed! It was so gloomy here without you to brighten up the day – welcome back (Name)!”


62“Congratulations on the swift, successful and speedy recovery from your injury. We welcome you back with arms wide open, (Name)!”


girl arms wide opened facing sunset
Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels


63“I never doubted your swift and successful recovery, (Name). Congratulations and welcome back to the team!”


64“It was never really easy when you are not around – and now we are so happy that you are back! Welcome back (Name)!”


65“This recovery that you made is nothing short of impressive – and we welcome you back into our loving arms again.”


66“Congratulation on the recovery (Name) – we never doubted your strength and perseverance!”


patient practising walking with walkers
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


67“We love to see you run as fast as lightning again, (Name). Congratulations on your recovery!”


68“Welcome back (Name), the office was dull and empty when you are not around!”


69“You are an inspiration to all of us here at the office – we are so happy to see you recover from your injury! Welcome back!”


70“We all know that your injury can’t beat you! Congratulations on your recovery, (Name)!”


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