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15 Foolproof Excuses for Not Drinking Alcohol

15 Foolproof Excuses for Not Drinking Alcohol

What excuses not to drink do you come up with if you’re a recovering alcoholic or you’re pregnant and you don’t want to tell anyone yet?

If you’ve decided not to drink, it will help to work out some excuses in advance.

The following excuses are foolproof if you want to justify your decision not to drink.


Excuses used by pregnant women

Many women prefer not to divulge the fact that they’re pregnant in the first trimester of pregnancy.
If you’re not ready to tell everyone that you’re pregnant, you will need to give some good reasons why you’re choosing to drink water instead of alcohol.
Make sure your partner knows what you’re going to say or he could be taken by surprise. Here are some excuses not to drink for pregnant women.

01“I’ve made a bet with my partner.”
Explain that you and your partner made a bet about who could quit drinking for the longest period of time.
This excuse works best if friends know that you and your partner are very competitive and enjoy challenging one another.


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02“I’m on a cleansing diet.”
You can talk about your low energy levels and how this links back to eating the wrong food.
Explain that you’re cutting out certain food and drink to reduce inflammation and restore your energy levels.
The only drink you’re consuming on your cleansing diet is water with cayenne pepper and lemon.
The only problem with this excuse is that it affects what you can eat and drink in front of friends who you feed with this excuse.


03“My stomach has been feeling unsettled all day.”
If you’re suffering from morning sickness, you can probably pull this one off quite well.
You may not even have to act at all because you may be looking a little peaky due to your nausea.


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Excuses used by alcoholics

If you are a recovering alcoholic, you have to overcome the temptation to start drinking again.
You also have the fear of being judged or facing pressure when you don’t want to drink at a social event.
It can be exhausting to have to explain your choices.
You can decide to be completely honest but if you don’t want to tell everyone your story, it will help if you use one of the following excuses not to drink.

04“My decision-making when I’m sober is bad enough, thanks.”
Using some humor lightens the mood and is often a good way to deflect any further questions. It can turn an awkward moment around, make people laugh and put everyone at ease.
Another self-deprecating and light response is, “No thanks, I have enough drinks in my system to last me the rest of my life.”
Even a really corny joke like “I can’t drink. I have to perform brain surgery in the morning” can serve its purpose.


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Diet and exercise-related excuses

People who are dieting will usually turn down drinks as alcohol slows weight loss.
When athletes have to play in a big match the next day or take part in a sporting event, even moderate drinking can affect their performance.
Here are some diet and exercise-related excuses not to drink.

05“Not drinking helps me to lose weight”
Tell people your way to shed pounds is not to drink.
When people are dieting, they often restrict their drinking due to the calories and carbohydrates drinks contain.
Say you would rather use the calories you’re allowed on your diet for eating than for drinking.


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06“I am training for a marathon.”
Everyone knows you’re unlikely to have the endurance to compete in a marathon if you have a hangover from drinking the night before.
People respect others who have long-term goals and are up for a physical challenge.
Half-marathons and marathons are very popular right now so this can be a good excuse that people are unlikely to challenge.



07“I am planning on doing a three-day hike and I need to make sure I’m in peak physical condition.”
It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to do the hike in a few years’ time. As long as you can explain some of the details if you’re asked, this excuse will work.
Say that you need to make sure you’re well-hydrated before the hike. Alcohol is known to have a dehydrating effect so people will swallow this excuse.


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Health-related excuses not to drink

Many people are unable to drink for health reasons so saying you’re not drinking for health reasons is plausible.
Here are some health-related excuses not to drink.

08“My doctor says alcohol will interfere with my medication.”
This is a good reason because it is well-known that alcohol does interfere with many medications.
For example, people should not drink alcohol while they are taking antibiotics, some allergy medications or anti-depressants.


09“No, thanks! I can’t drink because it aggravates my allergies.”
Allergies are often aggravated by alcohol.
The histamines in red wine, gluten in beer and the grapes, wheat, barley or hops in alcoholic beverages can sometimes cause allergic reactions.
Some people have an alcohol intolerance that causes hot flushes, headaches and more.


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10“I experience sleep apnea when I drink alcohol so I can’t risk drinking it.”
Using some medical terms or phrases, such as “sleep apnea” or “neurotransmitters slowing down my executive functioning” can be a deterrent to those who don’t respond to other reasons.


11“I suffer from gout and the hops in beer make it worse.”
As this excuse is a rather specific one, people are likely to believe it. Many men suffer from gout and it is well known that beer can aggravate it.
Anyone who has suffered from gout knows what pain it can cause and will be sympathetic when someone does not want to drink beer for this reason.
Although beer may be the worst drink for someone with gout, virtually any alcoholic beverage can trigger symptoms of gout so you can use this excuse when offered other alcoholic drinks too.


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12“After my last physical exam, my doctor advised me to give up drinking.”
When you say your doctor advised you to do something, people are inclined to accept your excuse without question.
Doctors will often give people the advice to give up drinking if they’re suffering from issues like cardiac problems.


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Work-related excuses not to drink

Work-related excuses are ones that most people understand.
If you blame it on work and start explaining what you need to do the next day, they will often zone out and are unlikely to question you.

13“I have to make a presentation at work tomorrow and I want a clear head.”
If people know that you have a challenging day ahead of you at work, they will usually back off when you say you don’t want to drink.



14“I am having an evaluation tomorrow and if it goes well, I could get a salary increase.”
Everybody will understand that you don’t want to jeopardize a salary increase. They will probably wish you well for your evaluation and accept the fact that you’re not drinking because of it.


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15“I am meeting with an important client first thing tomorrow morning and I can’t afford to have a hangover.”
Explain that you have already had a drink or two and you’re trying to pace yourself because you don’t want to have a hangover the next day.
Your meeting with a client the next day is a crucial one for your company and you don’t want to blow it.



If you prepare some excuses not to drink, you will be more confident when turning down that drink at your next social occasion.
Believe it or not, most people don’t really care that much if you don’t drink. Being relaxed about refusing a drink is often the best way to react.