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10+ of the Best Responses When a Guy Calls You Crazy

10+ of the Best Responses When a Guy Calls You Crazy

What is up with guys calling girls crazy? More importantly, what is the best way to respond when a guy calls you crazy?

The following article discusses this and why your responses will work, so keep reading to find out!

When a guy calls you crazy, the first thing you need to find out is how the guy intended it. Was he joking around, or did he say it as an insult?

Once you establish this, think about the type of relationship you have. Is it someone you like or love, or is it a friend?
Do your feelings change when it is a guy you aren’t interested in?

Once you have these answers, you can move on to select any of these 15 responses for when a guy calls you crazy:


Responses when someone you like or love calls you crazy

If a guy you like or love calls you crazy- for example, a crush or a lover- you have the option of making your comebacks fun and flirty. This way, he knows that you are a good sport and you can take a joke.
Pick any of these 5 options on how to respond when a guy calls you crazy when you like or love him:

01“Baby, I’m crazy about you!”
This is a simple, flirty response that you should only use when you are sure the guy has a thing for you. It is the perfect balance of flirty and cheesy that will give you two a big laugh.
Just be careful when using this if you haven’t expressed your feelings to the person because it has the potential to come off as weird. It can even ruin your chances of being taken seriously by him.


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02“Well, I guess you should’ve read the fine print!”
You can use this witty response when your lover calls you crazy.
It basically means that it is part of the package and you’ve been crazy since the day he met you, so he shouldn’t really be surprised.


03“I can get even crazier *wink wink*”
Do this while winking to make the response flirty. This is good to use when you want to allude to doing something sexual.
Just don’t be weird about it or else he’ll bust out laughing. But even if he does, we can count that as a win too!


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04“I guess that’s another thing we have in common!”
Use this to say “right back at ya!”
In other words, you are saying he is just as crazy as you and maybe that’s why you two make or would make the perfect couple!


05“You’re the one who made me this way!”
Use this jokingly when you want to say he’s driving you crazy with the things he does, so he should blame himself for anything that comes next.


Best responses when a guy who you are not interested in calls you crazy

If you are not interested in the guy who called you crazy or if you take offense to it, you might not be so inclined to joke around with them.
It just isn’t appropriate and your response should hint at the fact that you don’t like it, so he should back off.
Or, you could use your response to scare him off. This way, he won’t try to pursue you and will lose interest.
Here are 3 ways to respond when a guy calls you crazy and you’re not feeling him:

06“Exactly, so imagine what I’d do to you in your sleep.”
Just imagine how you’d feel if someone said this to you. Creepy, right?
That’s exactly why it’s the perfect response to scare any unwanted guys off. The only drawback is that he might actually go around telling others you’re actually crazy but a win is a win, right?


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07“Yeah, well being crazy is better than being a tool!”
A tool in this sense refers to a guy who is overly cocky or has a huge ego that makes him seem like a total douchebag to others.
Plus, he thinks he’s way smarter, hotter, or more likable than he really is. Telling him off like that will certainly bruise his ego and will hopefully make him take it down a couple of notches.
It is a great idea since humbling him will likely be embarrassing for him and he won’t want to speak to you again.



08“And you are?
Say this in a feisty tone.
It is good to say when you want to make it clear that he isn’t important enough for you to know his name and you aren’t interested in him.
He’ll go running in the other direction with his tail between his legs. Good riddance!


How to respond when a guy calls you crazy when they are a friend

When a guy friend calls you crazy, often he’s just fooling around, and based on your response you two can have a good laugh.
You’ve got to find something witty that works well in the situation and of course won’t make him feel offended.
What about these ways of how to respond when a guy calls you crazy? If you use these, he’s going down for sure!

09“Awesome! I was doing a cosplay of you- I guess it worked.”
In simpler terms, you were just mimicking him, so that means he’s actually the crazy one!
Use this if you guys are into anime or else he probably won’t get what it means.


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10“Hey, you’ve got to be odd to be number one!”
This is a really big-brain, high-IQ response, so prepared for him to be amazed and to burst into laughter!
Remember that the numeral one is an odd number and that “crazy people” are seen as off members of society.
When he catches on, the two of you will have a hearty laugh and he probably won’t be able to come up with anything to top that.



11“It’s a side effect of being awesome. You wouldn’t get it.” *shrug*
When you use this, you are basically saying you are awesome and he is not, so he couldn’t possibly relate.
It’s good to use when you want to be positive about what he said and want to show that you didn’t take offense to it since people are super sensitive these days.


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12“Yeah, but at least I’m not you…”
This response will definitely make him pause for a second and try to process what just happened.
He’ll start to wonder what’s wrong with him and you can use that time to laugh at your dumbstruck friend.


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13“Your mom didn’t seem to think that last night!”
This is a classic ‘your momma’ joke but only use this if you guys are close and have joked like this in the past.
We wouldn’t want him to take it the wrong way. You two will likely end up laughing about it and he might hit you with one of his best ‘your momma’ jokes as well.



Now you know how to respond when a guy calls you crazy, you won’t be stuck there awkwardly giggling or confused as to how to respond.
If the guy is using “you’re crazy” as an insult, you can still use these responses to show him you’re unfazed without resorting to anger.
Either way, you’ll get a laugh out of it and it won’t destroy your mood.