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25 Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Dad in Heaven

25 Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Dad in Heaven

What is the best way to wish your dad a happy birthday if he has passed away? A simple ‘happy birthday, Dad in Heaven’ is the classic way, but it’s not the only way if you want something a little more special.

For a personal touch, we have created 20+ inspiring examples of birthday wishes for any dad in Heaven.


Happy Birthday, Dad in Heaven: Wishes for Dad That Has Recently Passed Away


01Dear Dad, this is to say, ‘happy birthday to you.’ You would have been 81 years old today! I know you are gone, up in Heaven now, and smiling down on us.
But, I also believe that you’re here with me always, and that gives me immense comfort.


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02Dear Dad, I may still feel empty and saddened by your sudden passing, but today I just wanted to say ‘happy birthday’ to you.
Today reminds me so much of all the love you gave me, and I feel so lucky.


03To my late father, the most loving, caring, and thoughtful man I’ve ever met, happy birthday today.
I would do anything to get just one last opportunity to say this to your face, but even wishes have limits. So, happy birthday, my dad in Heaven, I will love you always.


04Happy 90th birthday, Dad. You might not be here in person anymore, but I celebrate you all the same. I am still so very proud of you and always will be.


05Hey Daddy, I couldn’t get through today without acknowledging your birthday. I am still raw over your death.
So, happy birthday, Daddy. Have fun with the angels. Sing and dance—if they also do that kind of thing there—and show them what you’re made of. 


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06Dear Dad, I know I was never a believer, but these days, I imagine you’re in Heaven now, looking over me, protecting me as you always did.
On your birthday today, that gives me so much hope and happiness. Thanks, Dad. And, happy birthday.



07Dear Dad, I can’t pretend to be okay these days, ever since you left me here. My wounds are still fresh.
But, your birthday today has cheered me up a little and made me feel hopeful. So, happy birthday, Dad. Thank you.


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08Dear Daddy, today would have been your 78th birthday. Happy birthday to you.
I am greatly cheered up by the image of you singing with the angels in Heaven’s choir, because how could they not want your marvelous voice?


Happy Birthday, Dad in Heaven: Wishes for Dad That Passed Away But You Miss Everyday


09Hey Dad, Sandie here. Happy birthday wishes to you. It’s been weeks since you left for Heaven’s cooler climate, and I still miss you terribly.
I wish we could have had more birthday dates like the ones we used to.


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10Dear Daddy, days like today remind me so much of all the time together we skipped in favor of ‘more important’ stuff.
I know you’re in Heaven now, and that the past is the past, so happy 61st birthday, Dad. I miss you.


11Dear Father, did I ever tell you what a good example you were for me? Or, what a terrific influence you’ve been for me? Probably not.
But, you really were, Dad, and I am grateful. Today, on your birthday, I feel lonely and miss you from the core of my heart. I’ll always love you, Daddy.



12Happy Birthday in your absence, Dad.
I’ve always wanted to tell you while you were still here that you made for such a remarkable example of what a real man should be. I love you and will miss you always, Pops.


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13Hey Dad, I can’t help wishing we had forever. Because today, on your birthday, we would have been one big happy family, like always.
But, you were always a realist, and you would hate all this wishful thinking. So, I’ll just say happy birthday, Dad.


14Hey Pops, happy birthday today! I’ve found a way to move on, mostly by appreciating the time I got to share with you.
But, I have to say, I still miss you terribly, you and your loud laugh. Have a great one!


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15Dear Dad, I read somewhere that the best way to deal with grief is by seeking out the sunnier side of things.
Thinking of you is one sunny side I‘ll always have. So, happy birthday, my dad in Heaven, and please don’t stop looking out for me.


Happy Birthday, Dad in Heaven: Wishes for a Dad That Passed Away, But With Whom You Want to Share an Achievement


16Dear Dad, today is the 27th of September, so happy birthday once again.
I wish you were here so I could hug you and introduce you to my fiancé, Hugh. You would have loved him. He’s the charming type.


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17Hey Dad, I woke up today and realized it was your birthday, the third for me and my kids without you around. Happy birthday.
Of course, I still feel sad after all these years; the kids too. They’ve grown so much, and they miss you.


18Hey Dad, I finally got this major promotion, and my wife gave birth to triplets. I so wish you were here to see everything yourself.
But, today is your day, so happy birthday, Dad in Heaven, and have fun.



19Dear Dad, I can’t find a better day than today, your birthday, to tell you about my one-year-old baby, Samuel.
You happen to share the same birthday, so happy birthday to you both. You would have loved Sam. He looks just like you, too!


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20Dear Dad, last weekend was my high school graduation. A year ago, you would have been there, cheering me on.
It just felt empty without you. Still, happy birthday, Dad. I know you’re still here with me.


21Hey Pops, happy birthday! I also want you to know that I am getting married to this beautiful young lady that you would have loved.
She’s British, too—your favorite accent. I can’t help but wish you were here to see my wedding, Dad. 


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22I feel quite sad as I write this to you, but happy birthday, my dad in Heaven, or wherever you might be.
I am sad because you can’t make it to my upcoming wedding or my son’s bar mitzvah. I am sad because you’ll miss all the events that matter to me. Only my memories of you cheer me up.


23Dear Dad, I am writing to send you my best birthday wishes. I won’t stop sending them, ever.
I also want to tell you that I was accepted into Smith College recently, and we are all so excited. Thank you for watching over me.


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24Happy birthday, my Dad in Heaven—or wherever you are in the sky.
I want you to know that I still miss you and that I wish you were here to meet my new wife. You would definitely approve. Happy birthday again.


25Dear Dad, I still miss you, especially today, on your birthday.
Happy birthday, Dad. I love you. Graham—my new boyfriend—says, ‘hi.’ He is a true gentleman and has very artistic sensibilities. You’d love him.



The best way to say happy birthday, dad in Heaven is by being unique, simple, and straight to the point.
Your dad in Heaven will appreciate you when you skip the worn phrases and try newer, more personalized birthday messages. Try any of the 20+ messages above to get started.