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10 Effective Ways to Ask for a Discount on Almost Anything

10 Effective Ways to Ask for a Discount on Almost Anything

Attempting to ask for a discount can end up saving you a lot, especially when buying both expensive and affordable products. Knowing how to ask discount determines whether or not you receive a chance to pay only a part of the original price.

You can use these examples of how to ask discount to ensure you snag savings and put money back into your account.


Key points to remember before asking for a discount


01Set your tone
Use a polite tone when requesting a discount so that you are able to get the attention of the seller. They listen to you when you communicate clearly and kindly.
It is a way of changing their minds.
When you speak in a soothing way, it makes them reconsider their approach.


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02Know the right time to ask
The best timing for discounts is when business is not booming for the shops. You can benefit at these times by asking for a discount in the process.
They may find it hard to deny you the savings.


03Identify the best person to ask
There are various levels of authority, with the highest bidder having the ability to grant you a reduction in the price.
You can identify these people everywhere you go, and you can approach them with respect while using a calm voice.
You can ask a staff member who is in charge if negotiation is possible.


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04Do your research
Different places sell the same items, and they do it at varying costs so that they make profits. You should carry out research, get the prices offered by these stores, and list them.
You can check for similar items offered by competitors, then you can compare the quality and the prices.
You have higher bargaining power with this knowledge, and it will help you when it comes to getting a good deal.


How to ask discount: When it is your first time.

It can be nerve-racking to ask for a discount, especially for the first time. It can be difficult when you do not know what to expect. You can try using the following examples of how to ask discount for the first time.

01Start the conversation with a compliment
“I decided to pass by and check out this pair of jeans that I saw in an ad. These are some fine products that you have; do you offer any discounts?”
You start the conversation with a compliment. You can do this by expressing appreciation for the products and services.
It makes them happy that you notice the quality of their work; it may motivate them to listen to what you have to say.
You now have an opportunity to ask them for a discount using polite language; the idea is that you convince them to give you the discount. They may not be able to resist offering you a discount on the price after hearing your praise.


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02Excuse yourself before asking
“Pardon me, may I have a discount for this purchase? I would love to buy plenty of them, but the cost will drain my pockets at this price.”
It is crucial to excuse yourself before asking the retailer for a discount because it is a polite gesture that breaks the ice.
The gesture makes the person concentrate more on your request, giving you ample time to negotiate once you have his/her attention.
You need to begin by pardoning yourself; before requesting the discount, you need to think about giving them some time to consider it afterwards.
You can use this approach when the seller is not in a hurry, busy, or giving off negative energy.



03Appreciate the value they bring to you
“You maintain quality offseason items; would you mind discounting it? I love this Polo shirt. No wonder people do not want to buy it now.”
You can begin by appreciating the value that they bring to you by using their products. It is the perfect start to the conversation.
You can keep the spirits high while increasing your chances of success in the negotiation.
Offseason items are often at lower prices, and they do not have customers to buy the items. It makes it the best time to ask for a discount, and you can use polite language to ensure that you get it.


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When you have alternative means of payment

There are different ways to get a discounted price, but you need to strategize on the right way to ask for it. You can use these examples of how to ask discount when you have alternative means of payment.

04Choose to pay in cash
“I prefer to pay in cash. Could I have a discount on the cost price? I promise to make it a habit of spending money here! “
Paying in cash can increase the chances of them offering you a discount. They do not incur additional costs when you pay in cash, which isn’t the case for credit card payments.
They may find it reasonable to give you a discount close or equal to the fees that the retailer would have incurred had you used a credit card.
You will benefit the most if you add some persuasive language to the negotiation.


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05Opt for purchasing at a later moment
“I wish I had enough to buy these amazing sunglasses right now. Could you put them on hold until it’s been discounted for the summer?”
Instead of buying an item now, it may be possible for you to opt for purchasing it later by putting it on hold.
You should book it beforehand; you can do this by informing the retailer earlier before peak season (i.e. when most people buy it at lower costs).
You obtain great discounts at a later time; this can be when the original price is lower than when you last checked it.
If the store decides to change the price, it may mean they would also consider an offer with a discount, especially if you request it politely.


06Inform them of how soon the item expires
“The shelf life isn’t long; it is due for expiration tomorrow. So, do you mind offering a cut on the price of this grocery item? I would love to save this from going to waste by buying half of the stock right now.”
The seller is open to the idea of a discount because he/she will avoid incurring losses; they are aware that most products expire quickly.
Informing them of how soon the item expires can let them know that it’s a good time to give you a discount. The idea is to sell it before the items spoil on the shelves.


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07Let them know you have a better choice
“I would prefer that you let me buy the cereal with a discount. I won’t have to return it because I’ll be able to afford it at no extra cost.”
The statement shows them that a better option would be to choose an item that comes with a reduced price.
Speaking in this way will prompts them to think about offering you the discount because they know that they can benefit.



How to ask discount: When you have the upper hand

You own all the cards to lead you to win the game; it also means that it’s a good time to bargain for a discount. You can use the following examples of how to ask discount when you have the upper hand.

08If it were me, I would slash it by 10%. How far are you willing to go?
“I have been to many executives who are offering the same services at more affordable prices. You would meet this or be close to it if you slashed the price by 10%.”
You can use this idea when you have all of the price details and interested in bargaining for the price. You can ask them their opinion about your discount; it may make them rethink the selling price at that moment.


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09I have been buying this at your store for over two years. Why do I have to pay this much today?
“Why has the price shot up by 50% compared to what you have been offering over the past five years? I would love to receive a discount on account of the loyalty I maintain to your store.”
If you mention that you are a regular customer, it may give them more empathy towards your request for a discount.
They will want to maintain offering their products to you at a low cost because they want to be sure to gain some referrals from you.


10With no special rates, offer me free delivery and installation
“It has been a series of tough bargains that you won, and you can win elsewhere. You can let me have free delivery and installation instead of a discount.”
You can make your stand. If they keep insisting that you cannot have a discount, you can try other options.
A good bargain helps you in the end to gain something free of charge, like delivery and installation.


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Everyone wants to save money through discounts for products and services.
They sometimes fail to inform you of the benefits a product has, discounts being among them; this is especially true when you do not ask about it.
The above examples of how to ask discount can help you negotiate tactfully and benefit from lower prices.