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25+ of the Best Instagram Captions to Sweep Away the Monday Blues

25+ of the Best Instagram Captions to Sweep Away the Monday Blues

Our mood can be very different on Monday with the thought of going to work after a crazy weekend out. To many, Mondays are adversaries when you do not want to read Instagram captions for the Monday blues.

Motivate yourself with the following Monday Instagram captions to help start your week with good vibes.


Monday Instagram captions for lazy Mondays

Focusing on work is hard when your weekend was hectic, and you may end up daydreaming. These Instagram captions make you yearn for the week to end so you can rest over the weekend.

01I might look awake, but I am present without a clue of what is going on around me on this Monday #CluelessMonday


gray cat lying on bed feeling lazy
Image from Pixabay – under CCO License


02I’m beat! Can’t we have a Monday to ourselves to rest, eat, drink, and be happy! Monday is so exhaa..usting it makes me hate work.


03Do not mind me today…I am high on selective participation. Don’t you dare judge me and call me lazy this #hecticMonday.


04In my head, thoughts run fast, my nerves make my emotions high. I am just not up to anything serious this cold Monday morning.


05I am sitting down to think of how I am going to run this Monday. That is, run out of money if I do not focus and finish this work on time.


06If only I had one last wish… I would make Monday another Sunday.


lazy sundaze lying on floater

Photo by Mathieu Bruneau on reshot


07Never have I ever had a fruitful day at work on Monday. In my opinion, it is the most useless day of the week.


08I keep wondering why my mind wanders through my extravagant Friday night, fabulous Saturday, and relaxing Sunday on this boring Monday.


09I think Tuesday is the day to switch off my energy-saving mode.


10No energy to pick up files, let alone work on them. Instead, I will daydream about how I will make this weekend the best one ever.



Monday Instagram captions for Monday Blues

Take a picture of how sad, bored, grumpy, or short-tempered you are on Mondays.
Post it using some of these Monday Instagram captions to thrill your followers.

11When the week throws you a #SadMonday grab it, crush it, and mold a better Tuesday. #Maketomorrowbetterthantoday.  


12If Monday were a delivery, I would bin it right away. Taking the time to return it to sender would demand too much from me.


person giving a brown box package delivery woman and man
Photo by RoseBox on unsplash


13You can tell the weekend is over from the bad vibes around the office on a Monday morning.


14Is there a way to start the week without a blue Monday ruining my mood?


15The week should be like a course with elective subjects so that we choose Monday as an optional day to work or go to school.  


boy concentration young kids student studying students indonesian school uniform in class

Photo by Nevi Egwandini on Reshot


16I hate that Monday appears in my life with such regularity. Can it not leave me alone, just this once? 


17Monday is a never-ending week on its own. Trusting in the process is all I have left to keep up and wait for it to end.


white and black weekly planner on gray surface

Photo by Bich Tran under pexels license



Monday Instagram captions for a tired Monday

Weekend vacations are fun, but recovering from them on a Monday is a hard thing to do.
These Instagram captions help you to commemorate the great adventure over the weekend while succumbing to tiredness on Monday.

18Is it me or is coffee tasteless on Mondays? #weekendhangover


a cup of coffee in hand
Photo by Zied Mnif on reshot


19Who knows what Monday could hold… I bet there will be a bunch of nasty surprises I am ill-equipped to face


20I wish I could relive the weekend and everything that happened. But no, here I am living the nightmare of Monday instead.


21The alarm on Monday morning made me miss the sound of ocean waves that woke us up last weekend even more than I already did.


foreign woman waking up sigh bed alarm clock yellow

Photo by acworks under PhotoAC


22Winning baseball was my favorite part of the game this weekend. The games Monday plays will drive me insane.


23What a party! The club was on fire on Saturday night, with tequila flowing and great vibes everywhere. But along came Monday with a fire extinguisher to dampen my mood. 


24Play, have fun and enjoy the game, was all they said when we left on Thursday for the match. Well, Monday spent the whole weekend preparing tasks for us to handle today.


01 woman working girl sitting

Photo by Alexander Dummer under pexels license


25Why does a blue Monday have to ruin the fun we were having this weekend? Wish the weekend could continue for a day more.


26Why Monday is always longer than any other day of the week?



Monday heaps a lot of stress on people, making the thought of waking up displeasing.
Share with your Instagram followers your experiences of how you spent your first working day of the week.
Use the above Monday Instagram captions to help you have an idea of what to write so you can thrill them.