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How to Ask for Rehire and Get Your Old Job Back + Examples

How to Ask for Rehire and Get Your Old Job Back + Examples

The process of finding a new job that meets your demands can be hard. If you want to get your job back, you need to use the right words to make the request for your job back.

Here are some easy ways on how to ask for your job back that will help you get rehired.


Key points to bear in mind before asking


01You should lay out the reasons that led you to leave the job in the first place.
If you left the job due to minor issues that could have easily been resolved, you could request a rehire. However, if your job never satisfied your needs, then it is better not to make this request.


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02You should state the terms on which you left your old job. If you acted professionally when you left, you are likely going to still be in good terms with the company.
If this is not the case, then your chances of getting rehired are probably low. 


03You should find out if your old position is still available or if any other new roles could be suitable for you.
You can inquire from the HR department about it. You can do research on the jobs posted online. This might make a strong case for rehire, especially if you had results during your previous stint at this job.


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04You should ask yourself what made you reconsider your decision. You can come up with a list of reasons why you need your old job back.
It helps to have a clear understanding of whether to proceed or not.


05If you still connect with people at work, then they can act as your support system by helping you get rehired.
Following them and the company on social media can assure the company that you are enthusiastic about working for the company. Professional networking always helps in this day and age.


How to ask for your job back: After quitting the job

You quit your old job due to various reasons, and now, you want to get it back. You can use the following examples of how to ask for your job back after quitting.

01An email for getting rehired: a week after you quit
Dear Mr. Cornel,
I was your company’s Chief Editor, working in the international news department. I was working for this company for the last 8 years. I lead my team of editors to write about the tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011.
This was until last week. Then, I quit the job because I lacked good communication with the manager over the trending news in the country. I am deeply sorry for this moment of misunderstanding and overreaction. It portrays a bad image, and it was wrong of me to leave the company.
I sincerely regret my decision. I believe that communication could have been improved with some efforts from both sides.
I was impulsive at that time, and if I were to get rehired, I assure you that I would offer a long-term commitment – longer than 8 years. I would also work out these interpersonal issues more strategically and calmly.
If the company considers rehiring me but my position is filled, would there be any other open positions that I could fill?
I am kindly requesting that you reconsider my resignation. If you can spare some time so that we can discuss this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. If this is possible, please reach out to me at [email protected].
I look forward to hearing from you.


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02An email for getting rehired: two months after you quit
Dear Ms. Earns,
I worked for you for the last 10 years at your wine bar as the wine PR person. I organized many events, like the Caliber wine festival. It was the most fascinating and exciting event hosted around wine in Los Angeles last year.
It was not until two months ago that I quit the job; this happened because I was going through a very stressful time in my personal life, and I lacked the support system needed to get through it. I understand that my move led to a few problems in the workplace, but I sincerely apologize for these issues.
My decision was hasty, and I would like to apologize once again for it. I hope that you can look past this event and forgive me. I will never make this mistake again. I am requesting a chance to be a member of your team once again. I promise to work extra hard for you and the team.
If you are free next week, I would like to request that you allow me some time to clear the air. You can contact me via email: [email protected].
I am looking forward to getting your feedback.


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03An email for getting rehired: one to two years after you quit
Dear Mr. Cain,
I worked at your electronic store from 2010-2018 as the financial manager. My files show that I was honest in my dealings, and during my time at your establishment, there were foul dealings.
I felt that there was poor management at the store, and I quit my job two years ago as a result of this. I recently came to regret my decision. I realized that I was wrong, and times were changing. The management system and team changed as well.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience that I caused your business. I know that my resignation was abrupt and during peak season. Now, I understand that it was hard for you to accept. However, I promise to take precautions next time, especially before jumping to conclusions.
If you do not mind, I would like to request my old job back. If it is not available, it would also be great if you could let me work for you in another department. You can contact me at [email protected].
I look forward to your response.



How to ask for your job back: An email for getting rehired after being laid off by your company

You lost your job after the company laid you off, and maybe, it was due to some factors that you couldn’t control. Regardless, you would like to get it back. You can use the following ways of how to ask for your job back to be sure that you get rehired.

04Dear Ms. Chloe,
I used to work as a web designer for your company. I worked there for the last 12 years. A team of professionals and I created your company’s webpage. We made it the beautiful and fast website that it is today.
After the company was bought out, my position was eliminated, and I ended up being laid off. I am a hardworking individual with a diverse skillset. I’m ready to work in any position that allows me to deal with the web.
I would like to request that you rehire me to work in my previous position. I understand that someone else might be in my position, and I am open to the idea of working in any department for which I would be a good fit.
Based on my qualifications and past experience, I am sure that I will be able to provide an excellent performance once again.
I have completed some online certifications issued by [Name of organization] and attended coding bootcamps to upgrade my skills.
I assure you that I am skilled at coding. I can provide all of the help needed when it comes to operating systems as well as dealing with online hackers.
Please consider my request. You can send me your response via email: [email protected].
I look forward to hearing from you.


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How to ask for your job back: An email for getting rehired after you submitted a resignation letter

Too much pressure at work can push you to resign from your job. However, if you realized that you made a mistake, you can use this letter to ask for your old job back.

05Dear Ms. Rollins,
I am writing to apologize for resigning as a medical assistant from your hospital. This decision was wrong. I am very sorry. I know we should not mix work and emotions, but I failed. I am now asking for your forgiveness.
I know that my move caused serious problems for the management team of the hospital, and I deeply regret this. I feel as though I should have done more, and I feel guilty about it.
I am requesting that you give me a second chance. I promise to act professionally next time. I will never let my feelings control me at work. I promise to work extra hard in delivering good services to the people of this establishment.
I hope you can forgive me and give me another chance to be a member of your team. I look forward to hearing from you.


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An email for getting rehired after your request for rehire was denied


06Dear Mr. Baker,
I am writing to appeal your decision for not rehiring me as a project manager. I feel that I am up to the task, having worked with you for the last 10 years. I have been with your company through all of its difficulties.
I led the sales campaigns and trained the team of employees over the years. This was the reason behind the tremendous rise in sales that the company experienced.
My leadership skills kept the team motivated to come to work each and every day. I helped my team make the best out of difficult situations.
I understand that the company was forced to lay off workers, and I fell victim to that cost-cutting step. I know that it was brought on by the pandemic.
However, I would like you to please reconsider my skillset and the achievements I have made in my role as project manager. I brought many strengths to the table and helped build your company.
I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this letter. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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Simple thank you note after denial of a reconsideration request


07Dear Ms. Morris,
I am glad to hear that you were able to hire someone else for the position. Despite the fact that I applied to be reconsidered for rehire, I am happy for the company.
I am so thankful for your decision to look into my request for the second time, and I understand things do not always work out the way we want.
I still believe that I can work diligently and team up with some of your employees to ensure the success of the company.
I will re-apply after a gap of six months as per company policy, and I hope that you will take my application into serious consideration. If it can be seen as a priority at that time, I would greatly appreciate it.
I appreciate that you took your time to discuss this issue with me. It was generous of you, and I am glad that I had you as my boss.
I will act professionally this time when attempting to quit, and I will seek out advice before making an abrupt decision like I had previously done. I hope to work with you again in the future.
Thank you once again.


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You need your old job back, but the lack of right words to explain yourself can hurt your chances of being successful. In this case, you can use some help from the examples listed above.
They can help you with ways on how to ask for your job back. You can be sure to get rehired to either your old position or a new position in the desired company.