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12 of the Best Ways to Ask Someone If They Are Single and Available

12 of the Best Ways to Ask Someone If They Are Single and Available

Just imagine how awkward it would be if you ask your crush out and it turns out he/she is not single! Before you chicken out, take a few minutes to find out how to ask someone if they are single.

The key to finding out if he/she is single is knowing how to ask someone properly. Being straightforward can work in some cases, but for many, being discreet is the best way of how to ask someone if they are single or available.

Here are 12 of the best ways to ask if someone is single that will save you the awkwardness and embarrassment:


4 ways to ask someone that you met on a dating app if they are single

If someone is on a dating app, perhaps you would assume they are single, but you never really know these days.
Sure, it’s a valid question to ask, but some people might look at you funny if you ask such a thing.
So, what do you do? Talk and talk until you find out?
How about not wasting your time? Here are 4 ways of how to ask someone if they are single on a dating app:

01“So, what brings you to [insert name of dating app]?”
There are a ton of dating apps out there for different people with different needs and interests, so you can ask this question on any app.
This is a good question to ask someone when you want to know if they are single because this is usually the reason people join dating apps in the first place. It will also reveal more about what the person is looking for, in terms of love, a fling, or merely someone to talk to.
This will help you determine whether you should continue talking to the person or not.
While there is the possibility of a person pretending to be single, you did your due diligence and sought the truth.


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02“Are you crazy? There’s no way you’re single!”
Weirdly, this can be a compliment. It’s almost as if you are saying the person is too beautiful/handsome to be single.
This question is humorous, and it will give the person a chance to explain what’s going wrong in their dating life.
Perhaps they are actually crazy or toxic and not ready for a relationship, so asking this can save you time and energy!
It is also genius because it gives the person a clear shot to express whether they are single or not.


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03“How’s the search been going?”
In this context, “the search” refers to finding a partner on the dating app. It lets you know before you go any further if the person is dating anyone else, or if they are interested in another member of the app.
It’s usually better to avoid these situations unless you find that you and the person really click.
It makes no sense to pursue someone who has their interests spread out and will not be focusing all their attention on dating you.


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04“You must be a catfish! Where did you get that photo? From a magazine? I know all the cute ones are already taken!”
This works well as a way of how to ask someone if they are single, and as a compliment.
It’s basically saying that the person is very handsome/beautiful, and there’s no way he/she could possibly be single.
The person will also refer to the fact that he/she is not taken, which is why he/she is on the dating app.


4 ways of how to ask someone from school or work if they are single

Are you digging someone at work or school? Well, if you’ve never seen their boyfriend/girlfriend before, or have seen them with someone but aren’t quite sure, there are several different ways to ask the question to spare yourself the awkwardness of avoiding the person in the future.
Here are 4 ways of how to ask someone from your school or workplace if they are single:

05“How did you spend the holidays?”
You can ask this question after any major holiday like Christmas, New Years’, or Thanksgiving. It works even better after Valentine’s Day.
It is good to ask this because generally when a person is in a serious relationship, they tend to spend holidays with their loved ones or partner.
Your crush is likely to mention a boyfriend/girlfriend in their story if he/she spent it with him/her.


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06“Are you busy this weekend? I’m going to a black-tie event and I’ve got an invite for a plus one.”
This is a good question to ask when you actually have an event coming up and need a plus one.
Since it is a formal occasion, you are expected to dress up, and people will assume whoever you bring is your date.
If your crush has a boyfriend/girlfriend, he/she will feel like it is inappropriate to attend such an event with someone they are not intimately involved with.
If he/she declines, chances are he/she will mention that he/she is in a relationship.
And, if the person does not mention they are in a relationship, then perhaps he/she just isn’t into you, and you just saved yourself some time.


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07“I saw you the other day with your friend at [insert place] while I was out with my friends.”
This is something you should bring up randomly in a casual conversation if you saw your crush with someone else and feel unsure about their relationship.
When you mention it, your crush will confirm whether it was his/her partner or not.
If he/she does not clarify his/her relationship with the other person, he/she may clarify who his/her partner is, if they have one.



08“How did you and your partner celebrate your new promotion?”
A promotion is a big deal to most people and therefore a celebration is likely to follow.
This is good to ask when you are someone who was there when he/she found out the good news or had congratulated him/her before. This is just some “Monday morning back at the office talk” to pass the time.
The answers can range from detailing the celebration to saying he/she didn’t do anything, or saying he/she has no boyfriend/girlfriend.


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4 ways to ask someone you met at an event

Events you are volunteering at, conferences and seminars are great places to meet like-minded individuals.
If you see someone you like, it’s a great excuse to spark up a conversation to see if you have the same interests.
So, here are 4 ways of how to ask someone if they are single when you’ve just met at an event and don’t want to seem too forward:

09“Your partner and family must be so proud of you.”
It is good to use this when the person you meet is being awarded or congratulated for something, or is helping out the community.
You can use that as an opportunity to acknowledge his/her efforts and sneak the question in there.
It is good to use because generally award ceremonies include supporters, and it is not an uncommon thing to say.


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10“There’s no way your partner left you here all alone.”
It is good to use this at an event where people normally bring a date, and you see your crush sitting alone.
You can use this to find out if the person is indeed alone, or if the person has a significant other.
It is also a great segue into a compliment about how beautiful he/she is.



11“I hope I’m not stealing your partner’s seat.”
This is good to use when you sit down beside your crush who is seemingly alone and you want to make a move.
It is a good way to find out if they have a partner beforehand because it can seem pretty innocent.
Who would want to go to the bathroom and find another girl/guy in their seat when they get back?
If it turns out he/she has a boyfriend/girlfriend, it will just seem like you are trying to be respectful. If he/she doesn’t, then you can make your move.


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12“What do you do when you’re not helping to make the world a better place?”
This is a great conversation starter when you want to make small talk with someone you like.
Chances are, he/she will notice the pick-up line and clarify that he/she is in a relationship, or he/she may mention an activity he/she does with his/her partner.
For example, a person in a relationship would say something like going out with friends, staying home and watching movies with my boyfriend/girlfriend, and playing video games.


There you have it: 12 ways of how to ask someone if they are single without making things too awkward. Hopefully they are single, but if not, there are plenty of fish in the sea!