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5 Must-Know Points on How to Convince Your Husband to Have a Baby

5 Must-Know Points on How to Convince Your Husband to Have a Baby

This topic is one of those very delicate subjects a lot of people don’t really like to talk about, except of course during personal, friendly gossip. Be that as it may, just like we humans have our own distinct thumbprint and features, so does each different relationships.

I know a lot of people believe all men are the same, but a relationship is comprised of two different individuals. Therefore, no two relationships will ever be the exact same.

As women, it is customary for you to take on the responsibility of preparing for and having the baby. But sometimes, you may find that while you are ready to start having children, your better half may not yet to be ready or just needs a bit of convincing:


01Convince your husband to have a baby without ever using force


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The decision to have a baby is supposed to be mutual between the parents to-be. After all, children are to be born out of love and not the other way around. It is highly demeaning for any woman to resort to threats or the use of force as a means to convince her husband to have a baby.

If used at the first stage of convincing and by some stroke of luck it works out, there will most definitely be a negative consequence later. The key to this is understanding why men need to be on board with the idea.

You should know that naturally men hate being threatened, they see it as a sort of challenge to their manliness. While you have your feminine power, it is softer and intended for this purpose, so treat him as you would want him to treat you.

Use of force or violence to make him succumb to your request will backfire and if you persist your relationship might end for the wrong reasons. No child deserves to be born in to such a condition.


02Going through your financial stability


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As funny as it may sound, it is quite easy for you to overlook this factor when the natural feeling to have a baby is overwhelming you. You should be able to determine if your present financial status is buoyant enough to cater to the needs of a baby.

Simple questions like: would we need to get a bigger place? Can we afford the medical bills? How do we set up the nursery? How strenuous would it be on us to dig into our pockets even more, should the need arise? How about the child’s education? When you ask these questions, take out time to reflect and answer yourself in all honesty.

Prepare your facts before approaching your husband about it. Make sure he sees you have considered both of your incomes and what the future looks like – reassure him you need and want him to be an active part of this.


03Breaking down earlier issues to convince your husband to have a baby


Not a lot of men like to face this fact, but women generally have the strength and heart to withstand emotional crisis better than men.

Yes, you heard right. Men most times just look for a way out, an escape route to avoid any form of emotional heartaches. Conversely, women seem to outwardly embrace it and express themselves either through words or actions.

If you have had previous problems regarding the conception of a baby, for example a miscarriage or loss of an infant, then you should tread softly.

When tragedies like these happen, it sometimes takes the men a long time for them to feel strong enough to try again. And while some men are completely the opposite, some kind of need their whole system to ‘re-boot’ before they are mentally and emotionally prepared to take another shot.

You taking out the time to notice if your husband is still having problems with past issues, that is a good step. The best way around this is to talk about it, over and over again if needed.

If you are the stronger one you need to give him time to catch up. And if you find it is beyond you, there is nothing wrong with you both seeking help, for example, professional counseling.


04Without begging or using emotional blackmail


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There are some women who know how to open the floodgates of the sky and cry out a river when they want to. And when all else fails they just resort to the good old-fashioned begging.

That is not a plan; nothing can be solved through these means. Doing this to anyone no matter the relationship is emotional blackmail. You have every right to ask your husband for a baby and to work things out with him until you achieve your aim, but begging compromises the integrity of it.

Don’t beg, don’t use tears. You might get some misguided positive reactions or results the first few times but eventually, it gets irritating.

If you find yourself moved to tears when on this subject with your husband there is nothing wrong with that. Most likely he already knows, and you know too, that you are not using it as a weapon.


05Ticking off your pre-baby bucket list together


This is important for both of you, but especially for the men. If you know of things previously spoken about that you hope to accomplish (think back to your pillow talk times) or to do before having a baby then now is a good time to revisit them.

This is called the pre-baby bucket list. If for some reason you and your husband haven’t yet shared these with each other you can ask him about them now. Sometimes men already have a list of things they want to achieve or carry out before they start having kids.

It could just be that they are worried you would have divided or not enough attention or they don’t want anything interrupting your intimacy together. Constant discussion and re-assurance should easily settle this, and with time they come around.



As a woman, you might feel that your biological time is ticking, and all your thoughts and body are just aching to become a mother. Remember though that you need your spouse to go along with you on this journey. After going through this read you hopefully now have some points on how to convince your husband to have a baby.